Top 50 Interesting Facts about Togo


Togo is one of the small countries in West Africa. It appears on the African map as a tiny piece of land having its location in between Benin and Ghana.

Below we have a good number of amazing facts about Togo.
This is a chance for you to get familiar with the Togolese lifestyle, food, culture, and other things.

Interesting Facts about Togo

1. In the Ewe language, The name Togo actually means “House Of Sea”

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2. The major Togolese ethnic faction was formed by the Ewe people who in the fourteenth century left Nigeria.

3. In the year 2006, the Togolese National football team appeared in the FIFA World Cup final.

4. The Portuguese’ initial arrival in Togo was in the 15th Century although they did not settle down.

5. In the Nineteenth Century, slavery was abolished in Togo.

6. According to reports, 20% of Togo’s export revenue comes from cash crops such as Cotton, Cocoa, and Coffee.

7. In the West African Economic And Monetary Union, local and foreign investors are often treated the same way of which Togo is also a member.

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8. Togo has a poor health care structure as a result of inadequate resources to put modern health facilities in place for the high and increasing population.

9. The Togo youths have just little fund allocation for their development programs and that is why the poverty and crime rate is on a high side.

10. In Togo, only 24.7% of the funds needed for education is often by the Government.

11. The quality of education in Togo is really low when compared to other developing countries in Africa, little wonder their graduates usually appear to be unready for the official labor market.

12. Amongst other beautiful markets, Togo has a market known as a Voodoo Market.

13. In 2006, 62% of Togo’s population lived below the poverty line.

14. In Togo, their native food is Fufu made from Yam.


15. The number of national parks in Togo is three while the forest reserves are 84 and the faunal reserves 10.

16. In the globe, Togo is the 4th biggest manufacturer of phosphate.

17. On the Togolese flag, the green lines stand for Agriculture and hope.

18. According to research, in Togo, the Rhinoceros Beetle can be as long as 8cm.

19. In the capital of Togo, Lome close to Lome popular cathedral, a big trading place known as Lome Grand Market is located there.

20. Togo is considered as one of the most undeveloped countries in the globe following it’s ranking as the 44th country out of a total list of 50 undeveloped nations.

21. In the year 2017, on the United Nations Human Development Index, Togo was in the 165th position.

22. Togo is well known for its act of human trafficking, they send female children on trips that can otherwise be called slavery.

23. The longest river in Togo is the famous Mono River, it goes from north to south with a length of about 400km

24. Togo can be regarded as a tiny yet long country in the West African region.

25. Going by its area measurement which is about 56,785 Kilometre square, Togo is almost twice the total size of Maryland which is approximately 32,134-kilometer square.

26. In Togo, the salutation is done by simply saying Bonjour (French) which means hello in English.

27. Togo is one of the African countries that values respect, their children are taught to always assist the elders especially when they are in need of it.

28. Are you aware that the people of Togo use their heads to carry almost everything in as much as they are capable of lifting the object, even lightweight objects that can easily be held in their hands, they still put it on head

29. The Togolese Fazao Mafakassa National Park located somewhere in the middle of the Kara Region and Centrale Region is regarded as the biggest National Park in the whole of Togo. Memorable sights in this park are beautiful waterfalls, rocky hills, and lovely surroundings.

30. The Togolese Abdoulaye Fauna reserve which was founded in the year 1951 as a protected area covers up to 300 km².

31. The National Museum of Togo which was established in the year 1975, and located in Lome: the capital of Togo is known for its lovely cultural and unique artistic display.


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