Top 10 Baby Cereal Foods in Nigeria


At six months, your baby may just be capable of eating his first solid food. Speaking from a nutritional point of view, some experts in the medical field will likely advise mothers against introducing any other thing to their children asides breastmilk and formula until their first birthday.

However, over the years parents have prefered cereals as a good option of meal for their little ones and even now, there is still a huge support for cereals.

Although it is very true that formula and breast milk are capable of giving your child the appropriate nutritional need they may have before 1 year, adding baby cereal can also be very helpful as it satisfies those little ones who have appetite for more tasty meals than breastmilk and formulas.

So rather than feeding your baby with extra milk bottles, you can simply give a small bowl of baby cereal and everything will be fine because cereal contains a higher level of calories than breastmilk. Moreover, it is easier to satisfy your baby’s growing appetite with cereals than with milk and when a child’s belly is full, it will reduce the tendency of him waking up in the night to eat.

Be aware of some things Just before you serve your child his foremost solid meal.

Firstly, be sure that your child is well prepared to commence taking cereals, this is more than just clocking six months, you should be able to look out for common signals that will indicate if your child is ready or not.

Some of these signals are:

  • Does your child chew or simply thrust his tongue forward
  • Can your child grasp small objects like toys
  • Lastly, does your child exhibit any form of excitement when eating?

Best Baby Cereal Foods in Nigeria

Also, in order to choose the appropriate baby cereal for your child, check for brands whose products has a good combination of grains and not only rice.

Below is a list of the top 10 best baby cereals that will both satisfy the appetite of your growing child and also help in his development process.

1. The Gerber organic single grain oatmeal cereal

As soon as your infants begin to venture into taking whole foods, it is very important that you help them start with simple choices of food to avoid complications.

This particular baby cereal is plain oatmeal that is made with iron in order to help the development process of your child.

Also, this cereal has no additives or flavors so you don’t have to worry about your child having allergies to this.

2. Happy Baby Oatmeal

This baby food is interestingly made with just three ingredients, and this is surely a good way for your child to start taking solids.

This cereal can be blended with formulas, water, or even breastmilk so as to have a smooth and tasty meal for your dearie.

In case you are bothered about your baby has allergies, you need not fret because there are only three ingredients in this cereal.

3. Earth’s Best Organic Whole Grain Oatmeal

This cereal was planted and harvested without the use of pesticides or herbicides which can be quite harmful to your growing child and that is why this particular cereal is highly advisable for your child.

Also, it has no added sugar or salt and it has several vitamins and iron that are vital to the growth process of your child.

4. Beech-Nut Stage 1 Organic Oatmeal Cereal

This is another baby cereal that contains only one ingredient and this is why it is considered a very good way for your child to start taking solids.

This cereal which is very rich in the vitamin can be added to your child’s meal. Even when your child starts taking foods with more flavor like fruits and vegetables, you can still use this cereal as a base for your child.

5. Gerber Baby Cereal Probiotic Oatmeal & Banana Baby Cereal

This baby cereal is made with probiotics and iron that are meant to encourage the healthy development of your child’s gut and brain and it is a good way of introducing your child into the world of solid meals.

Although, most babies usually are fine with eating solids without flavor for some time there are some babies who just need that extra push so that they can taste the food at least and that is why the natural banana flakes were made to satisfy the special little ones who want more than usual.

6. NurturMe Organic Power Blend Ancient Grains

For some time, Quinoa has been one of the most sought after grains in the market and the good news is that it has now ventured into the production of baby food.

This particular product is a mixture of nourishing fruits and grains that your baby’s tummy will appreciate.

Also, this Nurture Organic power blend is a perfect choice for your child at stage two.
You can be so sure that your child will enjoy this lovely blend of fruits and cereals meal.

7. Gerber Single Grain Rice Cereal With DHA & Probiotic

This is a soft single grained rice cereal which is made with vital nutrients in order to help your child get a good balance of nourishment.

Also, this cereal contains DHA, an element that enhances the healthy development of the eyes and brain.
This is a nutritious meal to fill your child’s tummy and help his growth process.

8. Kabrita Organic Goat Milk Porridge

This is a multi-grain porridge meal made basically from goat milk.

It has no sugar or extra flavors and it contains fats and vitamins that are quite healthy for your growing child.

For this meal, you only need to add a little amount of amount and your baby is good to go.

9. Happy Tot Organic Stage 4 Super Morning Pouch

This meal is a combination of warm cinnamon, yummy organic apples, whole grain oat, creamy yoghurt, and omega 3 chia bowls of cereal.

This baby meal tastes so good that even adults can eat from it.

However, it is made fit into your child’s physical development as he grows older. As for the stage 4 super morning pouch, it is meant for the child who’s able to hold onto something and squeeze on his own.

10. Earth’s Best Organic Whole Grain Multi-Grain Cereal

As soon as you feel your child is prepared to test an advanced meal blend, this multi-grain cereal is a perfect point to start.

It basically contains oats and barley. Also, this meal is completely organic that is, it does not have pesticides at all.

Moreover, this meal contains 45% of the iron your child needs on a daily basis and more interestingly, it is a gentle meal that will most likely not trouble the tender belly of your dearie.


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