Top 10 Best music schools in Lagos, Nigeria in 2022


In this article, you will be learning about the top 10 best music schools in Lagos you can attend . This music School contains classical music and different kinds of music.

This music school will help you express and communicate your musical ideas in a clear manner that the listener would understand. It doesn’t just stop there the listener appreciates your work because of the professionalism involved.

The importance of music School before delving into the career cannot be overemphasized because it is a crucial aspect that helps make your foundation solid. when we are two third as a music student by your professional it helps you go a long way in producing excellent music.

Currently in Nigeria that are different music schools where you can learn music from professionals in an excellent way. this article will help you pick the best out of the top 10 for prospective music students looking forward to joining the top music schools in Nigeria.

You probably have been going through the stress of knowing the best music school that you can attend here in Nigeria because the truth is our music school is as good as the ones outside the country reason being that these music schools teach the foreign genres of music and doesn’t just stop at that the groom you properly in the local kind of music we have in Nigeria, train you in afrobeat and pop so that you become your best.

by the time you’re done with your music school education in Nigeria ABA difference between you and a foreign-trained musician. this is because you can be able to make music that will appeal to the local people of the country.

Nigerian musicians are the best in Africa and I now making headway in the world this is because of the kind of training they have from Nigeria. Currently, Nigerian musicians like Burna boy and Wizkid are winning the BET international artist award.

Some of our musicians have been nominated for grammy’s award which is the highest musical award in the world.

and you can’t happen this level of greatness by just starting up your music career without being properly trained in the field.

Nigerian musicians are currently shutting down O2 arena in London with concepts and a broken record also in the US. Even in the afro festival in Portugal, most musicians that performed there are from Nigeria.

It is understandable why other African countries in Africa jealous of Nigeria because of the international recognition that Nigeria is getting in the entertainment industry especially music. Nigerian musicians top Forbes list and cover Vogue magazines which is not a small feat.

If you’re looking to attend greatness and the music industry both globally and locally then you have to go through the process that is why we recommend you to go through Nigerian music school. this is because the quality of artist we have produced in the country that alone will convince you that our music is good and so are our music teachers and institutions.

Here are the top 10 music schools:

There are several music schools in Nigeria but where you would want to go which I would recommend to you is where you get the best value for your money. The music schools that I’ll be listing have proven track records in terms of producing quality musical students.

1. Tonality music international

Tonality music School is a top Nigerian music school where the teach students music from scratch using the best teaching methods. And one impressive thing about the lagos-based music academy is the fact their instructors are practical-oriented and are very skillful given their proven track record.
They train you with the best to the extent that you go to the next class with a burning passion to learn more and these professionals and still down to earth with an open mindset that they have a lot to learn.

2. Muson music school

Musical Society of Nigeria which is popularly known as MUSON has Amy school of music that is one of the most popular in Nigeria especially Lagos State. the school of music is situated at Onikan, Lagos Island. It is one of the oldest as it was established in 1989.

When you attend the school of music you gain diploma courses in music and you can easily qualify for this by presenting five credits from your senior secondary school certificate exam (SSCE).

3. Lee Ellie music school

This particular music School is popularly known as LMS and it’s situated in Yaba, Lagos State. Their professional sensation music and they have several grades of learning music which are the preliminary, the beginner, the intermediate, and the advanced training level. This process lasts for three to four months of intensive training programs.

One thing Lee music school does is that it improves the diction of the musical student in order to improve their voice and create quality musicians.

4. Tenstrings music school

One of the biggest music Schools that you could attend is ten strings and they have different branches in Nigeria in places like festac, surulere, ikeja, lekki, ajah, Port Harcourt, and Abuja.
This music school was founded in 2007 and since then has grown to become among the top music schools in Nigeria.

5. Strauss music schools

This is a popular music school that is situated at Maitama Abuja. it doesn’t only focusing music they also coordinated dance and drama schools. In other words, it is a School of performing arts. The major departments in this music school are the music and department of musical theatre.
This two department has a junior and secondary department in them.

6. Lani Stephen music school

This music school which is popularly known as LSMI is situated in Jos and was founded in 1992. This music school also has a center in Abuja.
However, the admission requirements and the process are very tough just like Nigerian University admissions.

This is being done to admit the best of music lovers into the institute.
The courses being offered in this musical institute have a duration of 1 to 2 years and you can major in sound engineering, a keyboard instrument, and musical arts education.

7. Harry Filed Music Academy

Harry Filed Music Academy is a top music school in Nigeria that is based in Lagos and they specialize in offering intensive music programs to their students import foreign music and local.

8. Bola Are Gospel music school

This is a music school that is focused on raising kids from the foundation to train them in the music industry. It helps them improve their vocals and learn how to read music.

9. The apostolic music school

This music school is very popular because he founded in 1963 by the Nigerian apostolic assembly. It trains people in handling several musical instruments.

10. The musician’s institute FESTAC

Steve chord founded this piano music school in Nigeria in order to improve the quality of music using the piano instrument.


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