Top 10 Best shipping companies in Nigeria


Transportation by sea is the shipping of products and exporting of trades including the shipment of commodities to another country where these products are in demand.

Mostly, commodities and materials, from the United States of America are now manufactured in China.

Shipping is one popular chain of transportation commodities in the water ways.

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Nigeria citizens prefer to participate in the large-scale shipping of products by using ships for shipping inside and outside the region.

Goods such as farm goods, automobile spare parts, fuel oil, minerals and raw materials are shipped to countries like China and even the United States by sea. This is supplemented by capital that has strengthened Nigeria’s economy.

There are thousands of freight shipping companies from China to Nigeria and every other region. there are many. These shipping firms have checked and are assured the products can be shipped securely by 98 percent in order to proceed the shipment.

Nigeria manufactured and finished goods are the major items that are transported on a regular basis to foreign countries.

List of Top Shopping Companies in Nigeria

Most Nigerians like to import goods rather than patronizing locally manufactured goods. Goods mostly imported are corn, sugar, gas cookers, sardines, etc.

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Shipping industry is one of the most important organization that is identified to facilitate the transportation of the products of the country.

1. Fortune Global Shipping & Logistics Limited

The Fortune multinational shipping & distribution firm is a foreign forwarder, which handles shipments from one destination to a specific destination.

Operational quality for feasible solutions is given by more than 100 committed citizens around the world, and most of their customers consider them as one of Nigeria’s top shipping and logistics firms.

Their Office is situated at 15, Fatai Irawo Street, Ajao Estate, Lagos State.

For more details, visit the website at or visit any of their outlet at the Seaport close to you.

2. Admiral Marine Shipping Nigeria Limited

They are the country’s leading shipping company, transporting freight, consulting, clearing and exchanging, etc.

They are the best in the sector whether you have merchandise or items, vehicle parts that you want to submit abroad.

Its location is at 29, Nasco House Burma Road 2nd Fl, Apapa, Lagos.

Visit any of their outlet at the Seaport close to you.

3. Maersk Nigeria Limited

Maersk Nigeria Limited is one of Nigeria’s most successful shipping firms. This container shipping companyg is one of the world’s biggest, and was established in 1928.

Their headquarters is in Copenhagen, Denmark, and they all round the globe. You can Visit any of their outlet at the Seaport close to you.

Their Shipping and freight services is assisting small and large businesses in the production of freight and distribution of goods, regardless of their business, sector or materials.

Their Supply Chain is Design to address from end to end. The supply chain requirements and increasing the uncertainty from the distribution of the product.

They are specialist in delivery of products and services by ship, air and inland rail.

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4. Cloverleaf Shipping Limited

The shipping firms of Cloverleaf Shipping Limited Cloverleaf deliver products and services from Nigeria to the United Kingdom.


They are associated with foreign shipping firms and for several years have been in the maritime business.

Cloverleaf Shipping Limited is at No 1, Factory, Apapa, Lagos or Visit any of their outlet at the Seaport close to you.

5. Fortune Global

Fortune Global are operating in Nigeria and they offers facilities such as distribution, transportation and storage, freight distribution, business storage, management and operation.

Fortune Global is one amazing shipping company with good reputation in the world.

They’ve expanded across close to 100 countries and operates since 2006. It represents 72 major clients worldwide and has five offices worldwide.

Fortune Global are basically into the shipment of oil and Gas.

They are one Marine Logistics company operating in Nigeria, their forward system Enterprise logistics Protocol warehousing facilities and delivery systems at the Apapa port, Lagos, Nigeria.

You can also Visit any of their outlet at the Seaport close to you.

6. Safmarine Nigeria

Safmarine is another Nigerian private shipping firm that carries products and freight from Nigeria to the US.

Their facilities are not limited to clearing and storage with quality cost effectiveness than any other shipping firms.

Their head office is at Kazuma Plaza 6th Floor 2 -4 Ede Lane, Apapa, or Visit any of their outlet at the Seaport close to you.

7. AdeLove Shipping

This logistics service delivers transportation and freight options to Nigerians and has been able to receive a ton of positive feedback from past pleased clients.

AdeLove Shipping is another major logistics firm transporting and supplying Nigerians freight facilities.

They have strong shipping and freight transportation expertise from the USA to Nigeria.

Visit any of their outlet at the Seaport close to you.

8. Mediterranean Shipping Company Nigeria

The Mediterranean Shipping Company was established in the year 1970 and has headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

They have over 480 office rooms in Apapa Lagos alone, with each of their departments.

The business offers both small and large businesses worldwide secure, fast and effective shipping services.

You can also visit any of their outlet at the Seaport close to you.

9. Ocean Glory Commodities Limited (Oceanglocom)

Ocean Glory Commodities Limited is one of Nigeria’s biggest top ten transportation firms. The logistics company offers outstanding transportation options on door-to-door freight distribution, storage, chartering, freight processing, clearing and forwarding etc.

Ocean Glory Commodities Limited
Head office is at No 25, Rabdle Road, Apapa, Lagos Nigeria. You can Visit any of their outlet at the Seaport close to you.

10. Golden Shipping Company Nigeria Limited

The Nigerian transport firm even ships cargoes to other African nations, Europe and also Asia based in Apapa, Lagos.

Golden Shipping company is one notable logistics company in Nigeria. Golden shipping is a trustworthy marine business rendering service limited.

Golden Shipping company Nigeria limited is located at 7th Floor No2 Apapa, Cement building on Old Dock Lane, Apapa, Lagos.

You can also visit any of their outlet at the Seaport close to you.


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