Top 10 Best universities to study medicine in Nigeria


Nigeria’s top universities the best when it comes to learning medicine and surgery are what we’ll look at in this article today. We will be giving you a vivid article on top 10 best medical schools today and the difference they make from the rest.

Not only medical and surgical universities, but also other approved professional courses that science-inclined university students would have to pursue if they do not choose to establish a profession as a doctor.

This means that most science students at our high schools want to become first and foremost medical physicians. This may take a while before they realize they are engineers or pharmacists, but that doesn’t mean that these courses are in any case lower than medicine. That’s just the wired way in this part of the world for science students.

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The pleasure of wearing a white wardrobe with a stethoscope that hangs around the neck and is known as a life-saver motivates science students even in their formative years to expect medical school.

Nonetheless, the vision of being a medical doctor will never come true if such visions end up as thoughts without taking him to a good medical university in Nigeria.

If you are a great student in Nigeria and are looking for a good medical school in Nigeria, this post will vividly list out all the top 10 teaching hospitals in Nigeria. These institutions are where you can receive quality training in medicine and surgery and other medical courses, such as dentistry of interest to you.

Medicine research also introduces you to excellent work after school with a guarantee of a respectable monthly salary.

List of Best Medical Universities & Teaching Hospitals In Nigeria

If you’re interested in medicine, check out Nigeria’s top ten best colleges, which offer pharmacy and operations and other related medical courses.

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Now, these are Nigeria’s best medical universities:

1. University Teaching Hospital, Ibadan – UCH

This is currently one of the best universities in Nigeria for medical research, operations and other associated academic courses. This is also one of Nigeria’s top universities and a leading institution in apprenticeships in Africa.

University of Ibadan is owned and controlled by the well-known University College Hospital UCH Ibadan, Nigeria’s leading educative hospital and it trains highly qualified medical practitioners whose job and human life is respected.

The school boasts some of Nigeria’s finest medical facilities, and its medical college sits on a huge expanse of land to handle the rising number of medical students it admits each year.

It should be remembered that medicine and surgery are extremely competitive and prospective students must practice hard and earn very high marks at UTME and post-UTME to stand in good stead to be granted temporary admission to pursue medicine at Ibadan University.

2. University Of Lagos College Of Medicin – UNILAG

Unilag College of Medicine, University of Lagos is now another major medical school in Nigeria, situated in Idi-Araba, Surulere, farther from the main campus in Akoka, Yaba.

The school sits side by side with Lagos University Teaching Hospital, LUTH, and delivers some of the finest instruction of being successful medical practitioners.

3. University Of Ilorin College Of Health Sciences – UNILORIN

The University of Ilorin is a school renowned for its academic excellence. It is among the best universities in the south-western part of Nigeria, and because they never go on strike, they are rated as one of the best schools in the country.

The school is renowned for highly proficent medical students, and is considered one of Nigeria’s most successful medicine schools.

To be accepted here, every prospective medical student must be academically sound and strongly oriented.


4. Obafemi Awolowo University – OAU

Their College Of Health Science institution is one of the country’s best teaching hospital.

The school is renowned for highly employable medical students, and is considered one of Nigeria’s most successful medicine schools.

To be accepted here, every prospective medical student must be academically acceptable and strongly oriented.

5. Ahmadu Bello University – ABU

One of Nigeria’s oldest universities as well as one of the best medical and surgical schools and other associated educational courses, ABU, Zaria is well positioned to have the finest medical education out there.

The school has some of Nigeria’s best-in-class medical facilities and is the country’s most-funded public tertiary institution.

The school-owned Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital is one of the country’s busiest hospitals.

6. Nigeria OPEN UNIVERSITY NIGERIA College Of Medicine – NOUN

You can’t talk about the best medical schools in the country without considering the school that bears the country’s name, Nsukka University.

The University of Nigeria Medical College teaches students to study really hard to be well-founded in the medical profession.

The University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, Enugu remains one of of the finest and simply the best in the country.

UNN also offers veterinary medicine, and has a Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Nigeria for pets and other species.

7. Lagos State University College Of Medicine – LASUCOM

Lagos State University College of Medicine (LASUCOM) is currently one of Nigeria’s top medical colleges. Based in Ikeja, Lagos, the college has great medical facilities and a good climate for teaching medicine and related courses.

The school also has a teaching hospital with state-of-the-art medical facilities to be physicians to better care for patients.

8. University Of Benin College Of Medicine (Uniben)

UNIBEN College of Medicine, features some of the most modern medical services with world-class medical experts working round the clock to save patient lives.

9. Delta State University College Of Health Sciences – DELSU

Delta state university College of Health Sciences is rightly the finest teaching hospital in Delta.

It has a teaching facility specialized in medicine and surgery and other associated classes such as radiology, general wellness, urology, psychology, to name a handful.

10. Ambrose Alli University College Of Medicine – AAU

Ambrose Alli University College of Medicine, Univoma, Edo State.

The school has very nice equipment and a very friendly working atmosphere for medical students just like Ilorin University, AAU, Ekpoma and others, One of the most impressive thing about the school is that they’ve never gone on strike.


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