Top 10 bookshops in Lagos, Nigeria


Reading books is very important and there are many types of books to read depending on which one you prefer.

There are many significant reasons why you should be reading books and I will tell you that briefly.

Books improve our lives in ways that we could not tell and not just that it should be one of your top resolutions this year.

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Reason being because it is very good for the brain and according to research he makes one smarter. It is said to be to the mind what an exercise is to the body. Research has shown that reading novels improves the connectivity and blood flow to the brain.

Reading gives you new ideas and helps you in solving problems and the kind of books that do these are mystery books.

When you read detecting patterns and solving problems become very easy for you because your analytical thinking is being improved.

There is no way you can write when you don’t read, it’s reading that makes you a very good writer. Reading mode makes your vocabulary to be at the top-notch and improve your conversational skills with people. You will not have to like what to say because there are a lot of ideas in your brain already.

One thing Nigerians don’t know is that reading would expand your horizon and broaden your perspective. It will make you question some of the things you belief and go in search of truth.

Also recent times due to the era of technology in information and media the attention span of most individuals are very very low, reading a book can help you fix this because it makes you to focus. there is no way you will read a book following a story blood without selling your mind to get what is in there and while you do this your brain practices concentration.

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Most people that read historical books on cultures, intellect and economics tend to have a lot of knowledge because that brain grasp the history it reads.

And another benefit of reading that I love very much is that it makes you to travel out without booking any flight.

You go beyond your country border without checkpoints because the mind moves very far and with that you can understand the cultures of different people all over the world without being there.

Reading books help me dream more and increases my imagination power and this is because why reading it, you try to see me character from your perspective and imagine being in the shoe of the character.

There are different kinds of books but there are ones that when you read them they will inspire you and you aim to live a better life. This books light burning desires in children and adults.

Finally reading books helps relax the body and reduce stress. this is because these books help is your attention and it is the best relaxation technique ever.
Are you feeling stressed? pick up something and read.

Though books are something Nigerians don’t like reading but they prefer seeing movies.
The reading books make you different and significant that’s why a Nigerian reading books cannot play an average Nigerian.

Even during my childhood I grew up reading a lot of books mostly fiction because my home was filled with them. This is because my dad is a lover of books.

My dad had shows in both our bedrooms and sitting rooms which contained stacks of books spanning different subjects. While some are fiction, some others are inspirational books.

Top 10 bookshops in Lagos, Nigeria

However while I grew up I started getting my books myself and here in Lagos there are lots of places you can get nice books but I will recommend the best ones for you on this list of the Top 10 bookshops in Lagos.


CMS Bookshop Lagos State.

This is a bookstore that was launched in 1869 in Lagos State by the church missionary society trust that is why it is named CMS.

It was originally meant to contain only Christian materials and few educational books however a letter expanded to containing classics, and other books you are looking for.

Glendora in Lagos State

This is a wonderful Book store that is located on the Lagos mainland in ikeja city mall. in this location you can get all kind of books that you need ranging from contemporary books to classics.

Laterna Bookshop Ventures Lagos State.

This bookstore is on the Lagos island – Oko Awo close Eti osa in Victoria island. They have every kind of books that you need like business books, children books and Christian books which could be in music and other materials.

Brookville World Port Harcourt.

This is the first book store in Port Harcourt on this list this is because it rates as one of the best in the country. The book store is located at No. 2 Ezimgbu road, Port Harcourt Rivers, Nigeria. You can even find the online store which is one of the best in Nigeria.

Terrakulture in Lagos

This is a very nice place for art lovers because it has books only three shows and you can stay very long because all weekend they’re open till 12 a.m. the location is at plot 1376, Tiamiyu Savage, off Ahmadu Bello way in Victoria Island Lagos.

Florida Bookshop Owerri, Imo state.

This nice and fully stacked Bookshop is located at Ikenegbu layout which is adjacent to Maria supermarket in Owerri.

Zamani books in Kano

This is the first bookstore this list that is located in the northern Nigeria.
It is the pre-colonial bookstore and its pocket friendly.

Jazz hole bookstore in Lagos

if you’re a lover of music and then there’s book store it for you it is located at shop number 168 awolowo road falomo Lagos State.

Readers are leaders bookshop in Abuja

This is a nice bookshop that just like its name offers the best of services in Abuja it’s location is along obafemi awolowo way Jabi fct.

The hub Lagos

This is a book store that is located at palms lekki mall but a lot of books with wide expanse. You should check it out.



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