Top 10 Brands in the World


This list of Top 10 brands in the world includes the top 10 most valuable brands that are worth over $30 billion. These companies have been around for decades, and continue to make a huge impact on their industries.

The Top 10 Brands in the World include:


Apple is one of the biggest when it comes to Top 10 Brands in the World. As of 2016, it has an estimated value of $160 billion and employs 130,000 people worldwide (including retail). Apple as a brand has been going strong since 1976 when they first came out with Apple I which became very successful. They are best known for their iPhones, iPads…and even Mac computers!”

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The Top 10 Brands that’s been around for decades is Nike. It also was founded in 1972 and had a net worth of over $30 billion as of 2016. The company is best known for its athletic shoes like Air Jordans, but they have expanded to selling apparel as well.


This Top 10 Brand started off with two guys working from their garage back in 1998 when Google first came out…and now it has grown into one of the biggest companies on earth! With an estimated net worth of more than $110 billion dollars by 2020, this Top 10 Brand will continue to be relevant  for years to come.

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Microsoft also falls into these category with an estimated net worth of $223 billion. It was founded in 1975 and has become a Top 10 Brand over the years because it produces operating systems for home computers, servers, tablets, smartphones…and even video game consoles!


IBM is a top 10 brand that have grown over the years with an estimated net worth of over $118 billion as of 2016.

It was founded in 1911 and is best known for its hardware, software, services and consulting that Top 10 Brand IBM provide to businesses around the world.”


Amazon is a top 10 Brand with a net worth of just under 200 Billion Dollars! It started off as an online bookstore back in 1994 but now it’s one of the most popular shopping sites on earth.

McDonalds Corporation


McDonalds started off small but it has grown to become one of the Top 10 brands in the food and restaurant industries.

Tencent Holdings Limited

Top Brands from China are very successful as well! In first place is a company known as Tencent Holdings Limited which was established way back in 1998, making them only 23 years old at this point. But they have been growing exponentially over the past years so that now they are worth about $500 Billion Dollars!!! That’s right:

Facebook Inc.

Facebook happens to one of the popular social media app and its being used by millions of users and also business people all over the world, it has a very large community of users with an estimated net worth of $300 billion dollars.

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The electronic giants have been able to establish itself as a company that has been creating and selling a wide range of electronic products for about thirty years, which now they are worth an estimated $200 billion dollars.

Toyota Motor Corporation

The automobile company is one of the best brands in the world with an estimated $284.32 billion dollars as of February 2017, and has been in business since 1937 when they first started making “Japanese cars for the world”.

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Intel Corp.

Have grown in leap and bounds with their success. They first started in 1968, but now they are worth about $152 billion dollars and have become the largest semiconductor company in the world!”

Coca Cola Company

Established by two pharmacists John Pemberton and Asa Candler way back in 1892 as The Coca-Cola Company, this iconic beverage giant is now an international leader.”


Here you have it a list of Top 10 brands in the world. Please help share it with your social media network and if you have any suggestion drop your comments below.


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