Top 10 companies to work in Nigeria in 2022


There are a lot of offices workplace and companies in Nigeria and this has made the decision of selecting a workplace a little bit hectic.

Now according to research, these are the best companies to work for in Nigeria. There’s a whole lot that makes these firms to be among the best. it could be high salaries could be conducive workspace which would boost the productivity it could also be staff welfare and sustainability.

You don’t just stumble across The best companies to work for in Nigeria, they are difficult to come by a lot of people are searching about these best companies to work in it.
why some people claim that these companies don’t put out job Adverts rather they go for in-house recruiting.

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Well that is not yet verified but the criteria for written these big companies on this blog are at its very best.

This could be a very nice salary package with all the bonuses artist or it could be a good working environment could also be the quality improvement of the standard of living for the employees and it would have job security. Any company that has all these stands a chance to be on the list.

Highest Paying Companies in Nigeria

Now this particular list cuts across multiple sectors of the nation’s economy ranging from oil and gas sector to the health sector to the technological sector and banking sector. so you should expect to see both local and multinational companies on the list.

1. Google

Yes, it is the popular giant tech company you know, it has appeared consistently on the best ranking of businesses. It was listed last year in Nigeria as the 11th best company to work with.

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Google fell to 15th position on the 2019 index though. The Google Nigeria office, that Space Finish built, is among the country’s best workspaces.

2. Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) Oil & Gas Multinational
It’s no wonder that Shell Petroleum Development Company is on Nigeria’s list of best places to work for in.

As one of the oldest in the oil and gas sector in Nigeria, Shell Nigeria provides an interesting and challenging work environment for its employees that offers self-improvement.

3. Chevron

Chevron is an American company that also works in the Oil and Gas sector, as well as one of the nicest companies to work for in Nigeria and even in the world. Chevron, just like total, has a very competitive term of employment, but once you’re in, their remuneration is mind-blowing.


4. Paystack

Paystack ranked as 27th best company in Nigeria to work for, when it made its debuts on the index. The digital payment firm has had its biggest recruitment round earlier last year.

5. Jumia

Jumia is a popular e-commerce platform that employs delivery men, web managers, and several offices. Despite its operational challenges, Nigeria’s leading e-commerce company rose 22 places as the fifth best company to work for in the country.

6. First Bank, Nigeria PLC

First Bank has been working in Nigeria since then, such as the first Bank in Nigeria, and deserves a spot on Nigeria’s list of best banks to work.

This is because FBN was able to ward off competition after the influx of new generation banks, provide great work experience and even the best paying bank in Nigeria when it wrote its article.

7. Nigerian Breweries

NB, as the title suggests, is owned by Nigeria and treats its employees well with salaries and packages that guarantee their jobs are run efficiently

8. Konga Online Shopping Limited

I can personally vouch for Konga Online for what is worth, in terms of the happiness of their workers. Konga is an online shopping mall, owned by Sim Shagaya, a Nigerian.

According to my observations, Konga workers are pleased with the working conditions and atmosphere in which they operate, as the company offers certain benefits such as free health care, free vouchers for employees to freely shop e.t.c

9. Access bank

Access Bank, is a multinational commercial bank in Nigeria, that is owned by Access Bank Group. It is licensed by the financial regulatory body in Nigeria – Central Bank of Nigeria. Access bank is undoubtedly one of the best banks to work within Nigeria and the pay very high and put their employee welfare into consideration.

10. Mobil

Mobil, formerly known as the Socony-Vacuum Oil Company, is a big American oil company that integrated with Exxon in 1999 to form ExxonMobil, a parent firm. Who wouldn’t ant to work in the oil and gas sector?


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