Top 10 DJs In The World in 2022

In this article, we will be sharing with you the top 10 deejays in the world.
Although as it is, it is a bit difficult to choose among them because they all seem to be unique in their own way. But still, we have compiled the names of the best  10 deejays on this article.
As we all know that good music is sweet to the hearing and pleasing to the soul. And we have seen all kinds of trends in the Music Industry in recent times especially.
The first on our list today is:-


his full name is Tijs Michiel Veteran and is known to have performed together with so many song artists like Kamaya painters, Armin Van Buuren, and Gouryella to mention a few.
DJ Tiesto is the “godfather” of EDM. His first performance was at the Olympic Games in Athens in 2004 which brought him to the limelight. He is also a song remixer.


Martin Gerrard Garristsen is his full name but known as Martin Garrix which is his stage name. He began his music profession at the age of eight and one of the youngest to perform at the Ultra music festival and Tomorrowland.
Martin has released many albums, won awards was performed with other star deejay artists in the music industry.


Armin Jozeef Jacobus Daniel Van Buuren is a Dutch DJ. A record producer and a song remixer. He won an award in 2014 for his song “This is what it feels like”
He also hosts a radio program called the State of Trance, every week on an FM station which over 84 countries listen to, and has made him recognized by people all over the world.


Dimitri Thivaios and Michale Thivaios are brothers and have been together for many years. They both work as DJ and record producers.
They have partnered with other top best music artists like Steve Aoki, Martin Garrix, Tiesto, Afrojack, and many others.
They earned their fame across the world after their participation in Tomorrowland. The brothers are still together and performing excellently.


Nick Van De Wall is a French DJ, popularly known as Afrojack. He’s a music producer, songwriter, etc.
He started his music career at age 14 and then released a song. Afrojack, became really famous when he later released “Take over control” featuring Eva Simons.
He is known for his best hit song and also features some other top best DJs and music icons.


Steve Hiroyuki Aoki is an American DJ, EDM artist, band music producer. Popularly known as the deejay who throws birthday cake at fans on stage.
One of his songs “wonderland” was selected as the best album for the Grammy Award in 2012.
He has featured in songs with many artists and has not stopped giving his best to his fans.


David Guetta Pierre is a French DJ, remixer, record producer, and songwriter. He has been making songs since the 1990s. One of his best songs is “when love takes over”, partnered with Kelly Rowland. The song brought him to fame and he has not stopped giving his fans the best.


His name is Christopher Comstock but is also known as Mashmello from the United States of America.
He began his music profession in the year 2015 and became recognized all over the world. He has a YouTube subscriber base of over a 43million people and his YouTube channel name is “Marshmallow”.


Robert Van de Corput better known as hard well is a Dutch Disc Jockey, a record producer, and known as one of the famous DJs in the world.
Also known for his genres as hardstyle, electro House, etc. He began his record production in 2010 and became recognized all over the world after he produced his album “United We Are”. He has partnered with other top artists all over the world.


His complete name is Sonny John Moore, he is a producer, songwriter, musician, record producer, etc.
Many top magazines considers him as one of the best DJs.
He has won many Grammy Awards and produced many hit songs. He’s still performing excellently well.


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