Top 10 E-commerce Sites In Nigeria in 2021


It’s no longer news that we presently live in an era of e-commerce not only in this country but globally.
Therefore it is reasonable for particularly small business owners to find a way of showcasing their business online so they can reach a bigger audience.

Although as a small business owner you may want to start appearing online with your own e-commerce website, but ask yourself a simple question, ” how do you gather enough customers or clients for your business?
It is highly advisable that you take advantage of the famous e-commerce brands that are already in existence. As soon as you get the attention of a large audience, you can then start using your own website.

However, there are countless e-commerce websites in the country,  but we have prepared a list of the top 10 giants in the Nigerian e-commerce industry.

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1. Jumia

Speaking of e-commerce, Jumia is regarded as one of the most famous websites in Nigeria. This platform  was created in May 2012 and is widely considered as the replica of Amazon in Nigeria.
Jumia is not only famous here in Nigeria but is well recognized and visited by people all around the world.

Interestingly, you can showcase all your products on Jumia.
If you desire to start now,
Simply check out Jumia Marketplace Website.

2.  Konga

konga store has several warehouses stored up with goods for sale at strategic locations in major cities like Port Harcourt, Lagos, Ibadan, Abuja etc to enable fast and easy delivery of goods to customers.

Konga also assists small businesses with varieties of goods to showcase and sell on their website.

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With Konga’s online megastore, you can be sure that your needs and wants will be delivered at your doorstep.

3. Kara

This is a top online store in Nigeria that has gathered a huge traffic of people on daily basis.
Here, you can make purchase of your major needs and wants at good prices.

As a small business owner, you can showcase your platform on Kara through it’s marketplace.

4. Jiji

This site began operation in 2014 and since then, it has been offering a very simple trouble-free strategy of buying and selling products.

So as a small business owner, you should consider putting your business on this platform for quick and good sales.

Interestingly, you can also put up classified Ads of your goods on the site for free.


5. VConnect

Famously known as top business listing website in Nigeria, Vconnect has a marketplace where products are showcased for sales.

Like other Nigerian e-commerce websites, users are offered several services like payment solutions, logistics etc

6. Printivo Store

Speaking of printing of all sorts, printivo is a major online print shop in Nigeria.
Here, users are offered various templates made by creative designers and artists across Nigeria.

The main difference between this platform and other platforms in Nigeria is that printivo deals with print designs only.

Designers and printers can make good money by selling their services on this platform so it’s called a marketplace for prints.

7. Payporte

This platform was launched in 2014 and has since succeeded in catering for a large number of youths and young entrepreneurs.
Often referred to as the most preferred online retail store in Nigeria, Payporte also helps to showcase the products and services of small businesses so that they can be known to potential customers.

8. Obiwezy

This online platform was launched in 2010 with the main intention of being an online market place for previously owned gadgets like ipads, computers, smartwatches and phone accessories etc.
Users of this platform are usually offered the privilege of buying good quality used phones with warranty.
Also, users of this platform are allowed to swap their used phones for new ones.

This platform further offer advisory, aftersales service, repairs etc in order to meet the need of it’s users.

9. Ajebo Market

Speaking of fashion in Nigeria, this platform is one of the foremost online fashion stores as far as men apparel, bags, shoes watches etc are concerned.

Ajebo also has the intention of being one of the top online stores in the African continent.

Here, you will find clothing for both adults and teenagers.

10. Pointek Online

This online marketplace is considered to be the free online platform of the next generation. It’s system of operation seems different from the other platforms, because it gives both purchasers and sellers a friendly platform to connect and trade.

On this platform, sellers are permitted to design, view, and post advertisements in the specified categories (for example, sellers may place notices on a car in the group: Automobiles). The classification of ads provides a structured design for the online market, which makes it quicker to locate products of interest.


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  1. Sam says

    Frankly speaking this list is impressive. However, online shopping in Nigeria is growing bigger and bigger and also comes with safe and secure ecommerce experience. eCommerce sites in Nigeria have been doing pretty well, and they will continue to do better in the coming years. However, you can also check out to Buy, Sell & Auction.

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