Top 10 Best Fashion Designers in Nigeria


Welcome, just before I lead you to know the top 10 fashion designers in Nigeria maybe I should put you through some details about fashion design as a profession.

Fashion design is an art of applying natural design aesthetics and beauty to clothing. This designs are majorly influenced by social and cultural attitudes and it’s different through Time and locations.

And the different types of fashion designers you should know are apparels, accessories and shoes this may be further divided into subcategories.

So simply put fashion designers design clothes in such a way that it is functional and aesthetically pleasing. the deal with wide range of colours, materials patterns and styles.

If you want to be a fashion designer these are the qualities you must possess; it is expected that you have a sharp eye for shapes, patterns and colours. You should also know how to sew and cut patterns.

You should also know how to aesthetically please people and stay in trends. They are the basic skills you need to start up your own business because there is no certification required to be a fashion designer.

Best Fashion Designers in Nigeria

Nigerian fashion designers are making waves worldwide just like other industries we have.
Nigerian fashion design is no longer a mediocre playing ground, the competition is tough.
list top designers on the these designers will serve you the latest trends of fashion in Nigeria and Africa.

1. Deola Sageo (House of Deola)

Deola Sageo is a top couture fashion designer and is currently rated as the best in the industry. Sageo is a visionary, she has made remarkable changes in the fashion world, endeared critics, and is a fashion enthusiast for over 25 years.

She uses African hand-woven materials mostly in her works. Deola is s creative from Ondo state that has left her mark in the fashion industry of different countries in the world. With her designs, she has brought several cultures, contemporaries and artistic visions to life.

Deola Sageo has shown she possess an entrepreneurial spirit which led to her success, she is from a very prominent family that owns Elizade Group. She began her career at The University of Miami and she is an alumni of University of Lagos where she began her career in 1989 at her mum’s tailoring outfit called Odua Creations.

2. Ituen Basi

Ituen Basi is an outstanding fashion designer. She started her career when she was still an undergraduate of Theatre Arts in the University of Ife, it was there she designed costumes for school stage plays and campus beauty pageants.

Her passion for fashion made her further her studies at an American College located in London in same field and she later studied at London College of Fashion, where she had majored in the course -Tailoring and Clothing Technology.

Ituen Basi kicked off her brand in 2009 in Lagos and she was widely known for her exemplary skills in print manipulation and fabric treatment. Her Ankara designs took the industry by storm in 2012, because she introduced not just unique wearable art but also Ankara bags and beads.

3. Mai Atafo Inspired

Mai Atafo is a popular Nigerian fashion designer. He is one of the foremost Nigerian fashion designer, he was born and raised in Osun State but later grew up in Lagos. He earned a master’s degree in Information and Technology before he ventured into the fashion industry where he worked in the marketing and branding field.

Mai Atafo gained attention when he began his bespoke label named Mai Atafo Inspired with popular clientele like Banky W, Omawunmi Akinrimifesi and more. He also underwent training as a tailor and ever since has shaken the industry. Mai Atafo can design anything, ranging from wedding dresses to aso oke blazers.

4. Folake Folarin-Coker (Tiffany Amber)

Folarin Folake- Coker was born in Lagos, Nigeria in 1974. She is a well known Nigerian fashion designer and is currently Tiffany Amber ‘s creative director.

Folake Coker had her education in both the UK and Switzerland where she also earned a postgraduate degree after studying petroleum law. She came back to Nigeria to follow her fashion dreams.

She launched her popular fashion brand known as Tiffany Amber in Lagos in the year In 1998. The brand has grown to become an iconic fashion label over the years, she has revealed show-stopping designs through years.

Wikipedia named her as being the brain behind many fashion shows in Europe, Africa, and the United States.

5. Yomi Makun

Yomi Makun clothing brand popularly known as Yomi casual is a fashion brand that specializes in African indigenous designs, mostly it is done using Ankara materials. It is a cut to fit African design. He is followed by over 450k people that patronize him on Instagram.

He is also known not just as a fashion designer but as a brother to the popular Nigeria comedian – Ayo makun. His fashion brand has set standard in the industry which attracts models and celebrities to sample his collections. He is unarguably one of the top fashion designers Nigeria has seen.

His brand specializes in making African traditional wears and these stylish Nigerian outfits that are designed by him are always unique and definitely stand out from the rest.
Yomi Makun has designed glamourous outfits for Nigerian celebrities like his brother (AY), Desmond Elliot, Aki and Pawpaw and other male celebrities.

6. Frank Oshodi

Frank is rated as one of the best Nigerian fashion designers. He gained prominence and took over the fashion design industry in Nigeria when he did makeup, styled and designed Agbani Darego. That is the first Nigerian to ever win the Miss world beauty pageant and it happened back in 2001.

Frank has been active in the Fashion industry for more than 25 years and has both local and international clients.

His fashion brand is called “House of bunor”. Though his success didn’t come off very easy as he began as a model and later worked as a choreographer just before he discovered his interest in fashion designing business.

7. Yemi Osunkoya

Yemi Osunkoya is the founder of Kosibah fashion brand in London since 1991.His brand was named Kosibah in honor of his mother.

8. Soares Anthony

Soares is a fashion designer that says fully set himself apart uniquely in Nigeria fashion industry.

9. Ade Bakare

Ade Bakare is the founder and chief executive officer Ade Bakare Couture, he is a popular Nigerian fashion designer that lives in London.

10. Zizi Cardow

Zizi Cardow is a top-notch Nigerian designer who has won many awards and has captured the attention of foreign and local clients.


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