Top 10 Football Academies in Nigeria


If you looking for a football academy start-up from then this is the right post for you. Most Nigerians look for an academy to join as the beginning of their professional football career is it because the professional players you see on TV today have passed through this stage it is very essential that you also gain this experience.

Before going ahead to list the top football academies, here are the things you should know about football academy.

People ask for the required age to join a football academy, well the answer is that a player should be at least nine years old to enter an Academy, but there are many clubs-like Arsenal-that have development programs that cater for younger players only. This is also applicable to the Nigerian academy.

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Also for those that want to know if football academies pay their players, well the answer to that question is is yes, the players at the Academy get paid. Though, it depends on the age of the player, team, skill, and also the interest of other clubs in the player. When the youth players leave school and sign a professional contract, they get a paycheck. This too happens in Nigerian football academies.

Pepsi Football Academy (PFA)

Pepsi Football Academy (PFA) was created in 1992 by Kasimawo Laloko. As a football school, Pepsi came through as a support in 1994, from then the name changed. The Concept of sponsorship was an innovation of Iain Nelson, who was the Pepsi mark’s African Marketing chief in Nigeria.

The Pepsi Football Academy has its primary base in Lagos at the Agege Stadium. It currently is functioning with 54 Coaches, 14 focuses, and has over 3000 understudies.

Its credibility is undeniable as it has raised quite a portion of known Nigerian Players like Mikel Obi, Joseph Akpala, Dominic Chatto, Elderson Echiejile, and Taiwo Awoniyi. They were all groomed by Pepsi Football Academy (PFA).

2. Kwara State Football Academy (KWFA)

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This academy was established by government of Kwara state in 2005. It was during the administration of Bukola Saraki as the Governor of Kwara State, who was also the recent Senate President of Nigeria that KWFA was set up.

The Kwara State Football Academy began its official activities with Clemence Westerhof who was the past Nigeria national group, specialized counsel, though currently it is being run by a Swedish specialized chief named Paul Ashwonth. He was also an ex-Chief of top expert groups that operates in Europe like FC Peterborough and Dynamo Kiev.

3. Abuja Football College (AFC)

AFC was set up by Gabriel Newton in January 2012, who was an originator/FIFA Licensed educator, and this was done in partnership with Haruna Abba.

Abuja Football College (AFC) picked up interest, participated and won the FCT Federations glass. this made them to get selected to contest at the national level in Abuja.

4. Midas Football Academy (MFA )

Midas Football Academy Nigeria was established with the purpose of scouting youthful and skillful Footballers in Nigeria in November 2006. They aimed at improving Africa stars and making them up to par with the general public. The football academy is in partnership with the Nigeria Football Federation.

Midas Football Academy has made collaboration authoritatively with youth clubs and soccer Academies in Portugal, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, and the USA for their soccer Students (players) to have an exchange program and get scouted throughout the year.


5. Papilo Football Academy (PNKFA)

PNKFA was initiated and established in 2001 by the founder and former super eagles player Kanu Nwankwo also known as Papilo. He has been a football diplomat for Nigeria, ex-worldwide player that is notable for playing in Clubs like Inter Milan, Arsenal, Ajax, and Portsmouth.

This particular Football Academy can boast of transferring over 10 players to different Clubs abroad, and notable among them is the Torino based Nigerian player Joel Obithat is presently playing in Italian Serial A and is part of Super Eagles of Nigeria.

6. African Touch Soccer Academy (ATSA)

African Touch Football Academy was created in 2002 by Ash Rahman who is the Director and Coach of the Academy. He is being assisted by a former member of the Iraq national team’s coaching crew named Zahid Hossam.

This Football Academy has also successfully exported some of its products to foreign clubs like Samuel Oji who was transferred to Arsenal youth team, Abdul Koysor was transferred to Charlton Athletics and Leo Fisher to Watford FC.

7. City of David Football Academy (CODA)

City of David Parish of Redeem Christian Church of God (RCCG) set up CODA in 2009 in Lagos just as a reserve team to City of David United Football Club COD main team, that is currently contending in Nigeria National League (NNL).

COD United FC has won the Lagos state Federations Cup and not just that, It has also represented the state in 2013 at the national level.

8. Edo State Academicals (ESA)

Edo Football Academy was established by the Edo State Government in 2007, it was set up as a major football activity that will sustain the extraordinary abilities on behalf of the state.

Kelechi Ihenacho and Isaac Success were among the selected players from the Academical who got into the triumphant Golden Eaglests group where they put up an outstanding performance. The two unique players have since played for Manchester City/Leicester city and Reggiana respectively.

9. Buruj Sports Academy (BSA)

Buruj Sports Academy was established by Rafiu Buruji in 2007, who was an Alternative Medical Doctor and he was Buruj Sports Weekly Magazine executive publisher.

They also claim to have a world-class training facility with every training gear to prepare for matches. The facilities are up-to-date and well-equipped.

10. Pawas Soccer Academy (PSA)

Pawas Soccer Academy was established by Paul Wahab in 2006. He is the owner and the sole proprietor of the Academy and ever since he has been in charge of the football academy operations things have been going.

Wahab is in charge of the Academy in collaboration with International Sports Management Africa (ISMA).

This football academy has successfully trained and graduated over 15 quality players who are currently playing in different Nigerian premier league clubs including the National league.


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