Top 10 freelance platform to make money in Nigeria


If you’re an online and searching for platform to make money online. This article will expose you to ways you can make or just finding a way to earn additional cash, it is no accident that plenty of freelancing services are open in the modern environment and you are just as frustrated as I was when I first began as a freelancer.

Best 10 Freelance platform to make money in Nigeria

There is a tangible rise in the freelancing market. People have quit employed now to focus on self-employment. The pay is big on almost of the platform we listed below, so it is simple to see why independence has been a gold rush in recent years, as a consequence of the equality so distant environment.

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1. Fiverr

Fiverr is the most popualr gig platform not just across the globe but also in Nigeria. Fiverr is well known among youths, most especially for freelancers in Nigeria. Fiverr; a global marketplace which offers tasks and services, starting at around $5 per job from which it gets its name.

Freelancers mostly utilize this network to provide consumer services worldwide.

Fiverr is an ideal site, as you are only starting to raise money online, to make a few bucks when gaining useful skills. This program definitely functions and brings full value to the users.

2. Upwork

Elance-oDesk, formerly recognized as the global freedom network, offers remote communication between companies as well as autonomous professionals.

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For other unique purposes in 2015, Elance-oDesk was called Upwork. It’s based in San Francisco, California and Mountain View.

Upwork has more than 1.5 million users around the globe, promising nearly everything for all freelancer styles. Short and long term research may also be carried out on jobs, research may also be carried out daily or per mission. Skills and ability you have can be showcase on the platform.

Upwork is certainly a spot to play with your self-employed activities.

3. Toptal

While this is a free-standing forum used by over 100 countries worldwide, in places like Nigeria it is not well recognized.

Toptal gives professional software developers and multimedia artists a freelance website. Our knowledge and experience is not constrained as the client selection phase excludes all but the top 3 percent of talent in many categories.

You can join a group of seasoned professionals as you are admitted. While upholding, you should operate for a fixed wage daily, part-time, or full-time so that you never get embroiled in negotiation.

Toptal is for creative, professional and seasoned freelancer, as already mentioned.

4. Asuqu

Asuqu is a well established company not only for its consumers in Nigeria but also in Africa.

Like other platforms for free or online income, it’s safe and easy to join but take note, 15 percent of the revenue you earn on this platform is what you be charged so you get charged just once the project is completed.

Asuqu was founded to empower Africans and more than 1,000 registered users have been actively working on the platform since it was developed.

It is still very fresh and there are features that will allow money to sell your talents until the market gets too big.


5. Freelancer.Com

In addition to giving you the platform to work on a range of assignments and other individual platforms, Freelancer presents contests and allows you the opportunity to perform with other freelancers and showcase your expertise. Freelancer is an ideal position to work because you are good at what you do.

6. Envato Studio

Envato Studio platform is meant for talented people who wish to use their artistic abilities and skills to make money.

Envato Studio provides a platform that is easy to use to ensure both clients and freelancers connect quickly. This is one of the freelance platform to make money in Nigeria.

That is because of their wide variety of professionals, their cost-effective programs and everything that you will enjoy while you’re an individual participant.

7. Guru

Freelancers of all sizes will consider valuable jobs on Guru with more than 3 million resources on sale.

The website is an incentive program that helps self-employed individuals to send offers in response to consumer employment.

Guru also allows managers to connect seamlessly with freelancers or through a single, interactive interface, which simplifies all of the project management activities, from establishing payment arrangements to exchanging working papers.

Some of the popular services on Guru are Graphics design, web design, Programming, Social media Managers, writing and translators
Virtual assistance, etc.

8. Disigncrowd

DesignCrowd is a digital design platform where businesses and organisations will render crowdsourcing a fact with their designs.

DesignCrowd, from the company identity to graphic designers, is a forum where creators all over the world can create a range of content proposals.

You can earn over 50 prototypes by various artists by launching a concept competition. Project turn around is high, so you can set a deadline of three days, five days or ten days.

Design seekers will list prototypes and provide positive input to get the planned design closer to fruition or request more polishing of the winning design.

9. LinkedIn

Most Professionals in Nigeria today acknowledged this platform.

Linkedin’s network, which contains approximately 500 million members in over 300 countries, is the best place for freelancers to relate to any online work.

Because of Linkedin’s massive archive of user info, linking freelancer and employers becomes simpler based on keywords and interests.

10. Sourcegig

SourceGig is a good, local entrepreneurial website created by Ejeme Otene Aaron to raise money digitally in Nigeria, without an electronic registration fee. Just 10 percent of the project on the platform is paid to you.

Charge to your bank account is rendered directly after the work has been finished. They have a mobile accessible location that facilitates even on the go earning money.

This website is suggested for Nigerians who want to make money by putting their company online. This is also a referral network that will direct you to extremely trained workers should you have any problems.


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