Top 10 Geniuses of our time


Josh Billings’s famous saying says that genius is “capable of doing a thing that everyone thought it was impossible to do at all.” According to this definition, among the outstanding people of our time, geniuses can be called such personalities as:

10. Peter Scholze

A mathematician from Germany, who by the age of 30, has received recognition all over the world. He is the youngest professor of his country. In 2018, for his research in several fields of geometry, he received the most prestigious among mathematicians Fields Prize.

9. Nima Arkani-Hamed

Nima Arkani-Hamed

A theoretical physicist who studies time and space. He was one of those who was actively involved in the creation of the Hadron Collider. It is believed that the amplitude discovered by scientists should help solve the contradictions between quantum field theory and gravity.

8. Gregory Perelman

A mathematician from Russia, who became known for proving the Poincare hypothesis, which is one of the seven “Millennium Challenges.” In addition, Perelman owns some more evidence in Alexandre and differential geometry.

7. Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking

A man who doesn’t need a performance. The largest scientist of our time, who managed to popularize science. The main area of his research was cosmology: he devoted his life to the study of black holes, their influence on the emergence and formation of the universe.

6. Elon Musk

elon musk

There is a lot of talk about this person and often. And some believe that he – a brilliant charlatan, and others – that he is no less brilliant inventor. Anyway, it is with the name of Elon Musk associated with the largest innovative technologies, up to the colonization of Mars.

5. Tim Berners-Lee

Tim Berners-Lee

The British scientist is increasingly called the father of the World Wide Web. It is thanks to him that the current generation has received the Internet in the modern sense. Now the scientist is actively working on the creation of a semantic web. If successful, Tim Berners-Lee will write his name into history and as the inventor of the World Artificial Mind.

4. James Dewey Watson

James Dewey Watson

Molecular biologist who discovered the chemical structure of DNA, which many scientists define as the most outstanding discovery of the 20th century. Deciphering DNA contributed not only to the synthesis of the artificial gene and the creation of insulin, but also gave impetus to the development of forensics. Researchers believe that further work with DNA will help defeat many diseases, including cancer.

3. Albert Hoffman

Albert Hoffman

Talented scientist, author of many scientific works. He is known for his research on the chemical structure of chitin and hallucinogenic substances. For most people, however, he was and still is the creator of LSD.

2. Martin Cooper

It was thanks to the engineer of Motorola and was born the world’s first mobile phone. In addition, Martin Cooper is the developer and the first radio pager. Of course, the first cellular device had only 12 keys and no display, but in general, for its time it was a huge breakthrough, which ensured the further development of telecommunications.

1. Hiroshi Ishiguro

Hiroshi Ishiguro

Inventor from Japan, who created several series of humanoid robots. The laboratory, which is headed by robotics, is mainly engaged in the creation of androids that can coexist with humans.

The scientist is sure that it is the future behind the avatars – they can help humanity to become immortal.

Probably, there will be those who will disagree with this list, because each person has his own vision of which of contemporaries can be considered a genius.

For example, in the list of geniuses published in 2007 by the British edition, Osama bin Laden, who can be called as you like, but whether he is still a genius, the question is debatable.


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