Top 10 Hospitals In Lagos State (State-run & Private)


It is true that the health sector in the country still has a long way to go in providing adequate care and medical support to Nigerians who are either in urgent need of medical help or those who prefer to do regular check-ups.

However, there are some renowned hospitals in Lagos State, who are known for their top-notch services in attending to the unique needs of their patients. Most of these hospitals have the relevant equipment, facilities, and qualified workforce that can really help save lives.
Though their services are usually expensive when compared to the government-owned hospitals, the most important thing to their patronizers is their promptness in saving lives and that’s really what matters.

In no particular order, we present go you the top 10 private hospitals in Lagos State.

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1. Eko Hospital

This is a private hospital that is situated in three different places within Lagos.
First is the one in the Ikeja area of Lagos. This branch has over 130 beds prepared for patients.
The second is the Surulere branch. This particular facility has over 35 beds properly prepared for patients.
The third branch known as the location for their ambulatory services is Ikoyi Lagos.
Since 1982 when it was founded, this hospital has been offering a broad range of health services, Some of which includes:
Dialysis unit (meant for the diagnosis and treatment of the human kidney)
Blood Bank ( meant for the storage and preservation of blood that has been donated for emergency cases)
Physiotherapy unit ( meant for the patients in the hospital)
Audiometry unit( a facility where hearing tests are conducted).
Other services are:
Pathology Laboratory
Radiotherapy Equipment
Intensive Care Unit
Prostate Screening etc.

2. Gold Cross Hospital (GCH) Ikoyi

This hospital is situated both on the mainland and on Lagos Island.
Here you will find different facilities dedicated to different departments such as Pediatrics, Surgery, Gynecology, Obstetrics, internal medicine, family medicine, etc. Fair enough, each department of this hospital has its private lounge.

The facilities in this hospital are mostly well furnished with single and shared wards for their patients.
The other facilities and services they offer are:
Spirometry, Delivery Suites with fetal monitors, well-equipped emergency rooms, Hemodialysis unit, Adult intensive care unit, stress test ECG, Neonatal, 24hr Holter monitors, etc.

3. Lagoon Hospital

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This hospital is renowned for its focused and committed crew of specialists who have a high knowledge base in their personal fields of expertise.
At their main branch in Lagos, they have 52 standard beds for inpatients. They are one of the most preferred in Lagos, thanks to their dedication and consistency.
Asides from general medicine, Lagoon Hospital also offer the following services:
Plastic Surgery
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
Thoracic Surgery

Lagoon hospital operates in three different locations within Lagos State: Ikeja, Apapa.


4. Reddington Hospital

This hospital is well recognized for its initial provision of cardiac services in Lagos.
Asides cardiac services, they also render services that relate to radiology, nephrology, trauma care, dialysis, fertility, and general medicine.

They are situated at 12, Idowu Martins Street on Lagos Island.
They also have branches in Ikeja GRA and Lekki Phase 1.

5. St. Nicholas Hospital

Initially, when this hospital was established in 1952, they admitted only pediatric, genealogical, and obstetrical cases but presently, they provide general medical services.

Their consistency, excellence in service, and dependability are the reasons they are one of the top private hospitals in Lagos.
Their staff is highly responsive and reasonable.
Also, they have different facilities and departments put in place to cater for the well being of their patients.

Some of their services include:
General medicine
Wellness Checks
Diagnostic services
Ante-natal care
They are located at 2, Faramobi Ajike Crescent, Anthony Village, Maryland area of Lagos.

They also have a branch in Victoria Island, Lagos.

6. St. Ives

This is a specialist hospital that was established in 1996.
They provide health services for families, organizations, as well as individuals. They have departments for gynecology, pediatric and general medicine. Speaking of top hospitals in Lagos with the best fertility unit, St. Ives is one of them. They even have a department that deals with the treatment of IVF failure.
It will be quite unfair not to mention that this hospital has highly skilled professionals in the area of medicine and other specialties who ensure that patients get the best of care.
Also, their medical report is often detailed and they provide an arrangement for in house consultancy and treatment.

They are situated at 13, Salvation Road, Opebi, Ikeja area of Lagos.

Other Hospitals that are worthy to be mentioned are:
Motayo Hospital, St. Judes Hospital, Vintage Hospital, Jolads Hospital, Olayimika Natural Hospital, family and friends hospital, Adeola Hospital, etc


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