Top 10 Investment Platforms in Nigeria


When you think about money, you’re thinking about profit, Yes! The most important step in choosing an investment platform in a country like Nigeria is by choosing a low interest and cost-effective return money plan.

You may invest in many ways, by either acquiring client stock, buying and selling money, etc.

You can now easily save money or invest in any of the platform we showcase here in this article.

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Am sure this write up will benefit you and guide you to know the rightful investment application to dabble at.

These platforms provides you excellent flexibility to save and gain. You are in total charge of these investing applications only by selling online with and earning from your cell phone.

When you decide to purchase stocks in businesses, on any of these platforms or in an insurance firm, you just have to follow the due process online.

We are ready to show you some websites and investment applications that can help an average citizens of Nigeria to make productive investment and even take loans without any collateral.

List of top 10 investment platforms in Nigeria

You can save money comfortably and spend wisely in Nigeria through automating it with many of the applications listed below.

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This medium of savings and investment have allowed many Nigerians to increase their personal finances.

1. Payvest

Payvest internet loan platform is an investing tool that allows customers to earn up to 15% of the interest they pay per year on a quarterly basis.

It also acts like a usual perpetual investment as you can not apply a lock-in on a particular tenor until you are signed in. Users are entitled to lock in their investment for terms varying from 3, 6, 9 or 12 months with a minimum expenditure of N50,000.

2. CowryWise

CowryWise is a financial services rendering firm, that allows you to save and invest through their mobile application.

Cowrywise in Nigeria and around Africa is one of the strongest saving and investing company. More than piggyvest, Cowry has enable many Nigerians to save and invest their money online through their platform.

You can optimize your savings and finances to achieve your financial targets utilizing this amazing application.

Cowrywise provides excellent features that render saving and investing enjoyable. When you save with them, you receive 10 percent interest and rewards.

You can invest or save in small, medium or high using CowryWise.

3. Afrinvest

Afrinvest is one notable investment platform in Nigeria that helps the Securities and Exchange Commission Listed as Fund Manager.

They provides world-class money management services to a wide variety of corporate, mass affluent, institutional and HNI clients and banks.

Afrinvest is an international investment banking company with a emphasis on Western Africa.

They operate four main fields of investment, which are: Banking, Security trading, wealth management and market analysis, helping you save and earn money online.

4. SmartSaver

SmartSaver is a popular online portal in Nigeria that people use to save money. Smartsaver is faster, smarter, simpler and safer.


You make all transfers through Paystack and the funds are deposited at FCMB.

Place your target and manage your investments on a regular, weekly or monthly basis. The withdrawal is four times a quarter and the capital receives even more interest than on a typical savings bank account.

You benefits 30 percent yearly interest when you do superSave plan and they pay 8 percent annually.

5. I-invest

I-invest is a full financial service African Interbroking company that is well known in Nigeria with the Sterling Bank Plc in collaboration.

I-invest is a smartphone application that allows existing and potential buyers to buy shares and treasury-related products without the help of a broker with an interest rate of 8 to 11 percent.

6. KudiMoney

This investment platform is one amazing company that helps you do instant money saving.

You can attach your debit card to your kudi money account and set your spending schedule either day, weekly or monthly.

Kudimoney deducts 10 percent immediately from your bank account and will repay you from your savings account.

Kudi Money Spend Account operates like a current account under which you have no minimum balance and can withdraw at any time. You will receive 3 percent of interest yearly in the balance sheets everyday, unlike the current account.

7. Kolopay

Kolopay is an investment application that common to Yoruba people. Kolopay helps you to save the exact amount you wish.

It is possible to save with your colleagues using this mobile application. With 6 percent monthly charges, you receive returns on your investments.

8. Payday

Payday investor platform is a Nigerian wealth management business, ARM-led online investing site.

Payday application is built to instantly save money, the investments would be saved for better returns in one of their pooled funding.

Such fintech projects are now simpler to individuals searching for easy ways to preserve, save and build money.

It provide users an online investment services and will also enable them select the one that is appropriate to their needs.

Let me say this: my analysis and discussion with other consumers is the foundation for the savings and investing sites addressed here.

9. SmartSaver

Smartsaver is one top investment platform in Nigeria. This online platform helps people save money faster, better and safer.

You can deposit into you application wallet through FCMB Bank and also use Paystack to found your account.

It is possible to Set a goal for savings and meet them everyday, weekly or monthly.

10. Reach

This Is one major investment software that allows you to build a strong financial base with discipline.

It helps you monitor your sales and expenditures. Forbes defines Reach as one of top financial platforms in Nigeria that saves you the major moments of life. Using an algorithm, the software records your SMS messages and utilizes them to provide you with accurate financial reporting statistics.

It also provide you a rundown on where your money goes every week, details about the way you use it and and serve as a medium for budgeting your income.


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