Top 10 laptop Brands in 2022


The laptop market is always evolving, and there are new brands coming out each year. In this blog post, we have compiled a list of top 10 laptop brands that you should consider in 2022. With these laptops on your hands, you will never need to worry about the newest technology or hardware again!

All the laptops highlighted below are top -rated and reviewed laptops.

  1. Dell:

In 2001, Dell introduced its first laptop to the market, which was ground-breaking at that time due to how portable it was. Today, they have a wide variety of products for all needs including gaming systems and workstations.

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This company has been around for many years so it’s no wonder why their XPS line of laptops are always on top of the game when you need something with high end components. This company does just about everything computer related such as manufacturing servers, personal computers, data storage devices plus much more and if we are talking about laptops then there’s no denying that they have got some solid models on offer from their  shops across the world.

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  1. HP:

The Hewlett Packard Company has been in business since 1939 when Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard started their company with two thousand dollars combined from savings. Nowadays HP offers some amazing quality notebooks such as the Spectre x360 15″. They are also one of the few companies currently offering an OLED display on Microsoft’s Surface Book models (introduced July 2017).

HP Inc.: One of the best laptop brands in 2022 is none other than Hewlett Packard or abbreviated as HP, an American multinational technology company headquartered in Palo Alto, California that specializes mainly in personal computers (PCs). Founded by Bill Hewlett and David Packard on September 12th 1939, way back during World War II days before PCs were even imagined let alone made commercially available.


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One thing I like about HP laptops is that there are many different options available from desktop sized models all the way down to ultra-books making them perfect depending on your needs or budget.  Another reason why HP has become so popular over the years is because they offer some great customer service which makes replacing parts easier.

– HP: Known for their printers and desktops, HP started making gaming laptops about 10 years ago and since then have really taken off in popularity among gamers everywhere! They make high quality devices that come at an affordable price point—plus who doesn’t like saving money?


  1. Lenovo:

Lenovo is another brand you can’t go wrong with if you are in need of getting a laptop for yourself. They are the latest addition to Microsoft’s device family and they have a wide variety of options to choose from including their Yoga line, Y series, and G Series laptops.

Plus there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to color so you are sure to find something that suits your style; if not then they also have some in black or silver which might be what you need.


Not only is this a reliable brand but they make high quality laptops that have the latest features from Intel, NVIDIA & AMD graphics cards to Windows 10 and more!

This company also has a really good track record when it comes to laptops and they always try their hardest to develop models which come with the latest features for both consumers as well as business users so if you are looking for something affordable yet reliable then this should be your first stop.


  1. Samsung:

One thing you will notice about Samsung is that they offer some really affordable options so if budget is your main concern then this might be the brand you are looking for, they are very well-known for their Galaxy line of phones.

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  1. Apple:

Another well-known company in the computer industry where quality reigns supreme is Apple Inc. Their MacBook Pro notebooks are always on point with what people want while still maintaining an elegant design at all times. You just can’t go wrong with an Apple laptop, they are usually very expensive but if you are looking to invest in a high quality device then it’s worth the price. They have long been known as one of the top brands when it comes to laptops and this isn’t something that is going change any time soon, so if you have good cash you should consider going for an Apple laptop.

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  1. Asus:

You can’t go wrong with choosing an Asus laptop because it has long been one of leading brands when it comes to computers, most especially laptops if you are a software developer.


  1. Toshiba:

If you are looking for a balance between what your needs might be and affordability then this should be your go to option because they have one that will suit your needs and budget.


Here you have it a list of top 10 laptops brands in 2022 any laptop listed above is going to be a good buy, help share this write up with you social media network and if you have any addition or suggestion drop your comments below.


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