Top 10 Largest Stadiums In Africa By Capacity


There are big stadiums with safe and beautiful structure for fans to see their favorite sporting events in Africa. The stadium is one of the necessities when it comes to sporting events. Stadiums are needed for different purposes, most especially for sports games, festivals, Crusade, etc.

With the development ongoing in Africa, stadium is considered one unique place to bring people together for different activities.

The architectural structure of stadiums encourages spectators, irrespective of their location in the tiers, to see this area publicly.

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A sport Center is like a park with areas for the spectators, modern stadiums include major sporting structures, apparatus and equipment.

They also grown in development and design to provide amenities such as security, vestibules, showers, air conditioning and luxurious suites.

Stadium is a broad fields with a tiered layout where the crowd can view athletics, concerts and other activities underway.

Building and constructing stadiums require fans to look out at the field, irrespective of the stadium location.

They have developed to include features like lighting, changing rooms, laundry facilities, air conditioning and luxury suites.

Many African countries have built large foreign stadiums. Some African countries have established large stadiums which fulfill international standards.

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Here is the list of top 10 Largest Stadiums In Africa and their Capacity:

  1. Ellis Park Stadium (62,567 Capacity)

Ellis Park Stadium With a capacity of 62.567. Mr. J. D. Ellis was named after it. Ellis Park Stadium is a football association stadium situated in the South African town of Johannesburg.

Emirates Airline Park is now regarded as the arena where both football and rugby matches will be conducted with a capacity close to 62,567.

  1. FNB Stadium (94,736 Capacity)

The FNB stadium is the largest stadium in Africa with 94,736 fans capacity. It is structured in the city of Johannesburg, South Africa.

It was structured in 1989. In readiness for the FIFA World Cup 2010, it was redesigned and extended in 2009.

Top games have been played on the soil of the stadium since the creation in 1989. Two Africa Cup of Nations in 1996 and 2013 were played in FNB in that Order.

The stadium is managed by the Government of South Africa. The venue hosted the match between the Orlando Pirates and the Cape Town of Ajax on 17 May 2017, the Absa Premiership Season.

  1. Cairo International Stadium (74,100 Capacity)

This is one of the best stadium in Egypt. President Gamal Abd El Nasser opened this large stadium in 1960. It was built in the city of Cairo in Egypt.

The stadium was use in the year 2006 during the African Cup of Nations. It is majorly referred to as Stad El Khira el Dawly, stadium.

It underwent major renovation in the year 2005, upgrading all the existing interesting multi-game Olympic amenities to international standard requirements. Cairo stadium capacity is about 74,100.

  1. Borg El Arab Stadium (86,000 capacity)

Based in Alexandria, Borg El Arab Stadium is Egypt’s largest and Africa’s second-biggest stadium with a capacity of 86,000. This is the 4th best stadium in the world.

It was completed in the year 2006 and ended in 2007, is set to host the 2010 FIFA World Cup. It is a multi-purpose facility with tracks in the athletic field.


Due to its location in the desert the stadium is shielded from the heat and has air conditioning. The FIFA Under-20 World Cup in 2009 is part of the games held at the ground.

  1. Stade Olympique De Rades with 65,000 capacity

Rade Olympic Stade is one of the most popular stadiums in Africa, and it is a multi-function stadium in Rades, Tunisia.

Rade is one of the finest Olympic stadiums in Africa. The Mediterranean Games were created in 2001 and have a total of 65,000. It is the venue for both soccer and athletics matches.

  1. CAIRO INTERNATIONAL STADIUM with 74,100 capacity

The wide stadium was built by President Gamal Abd El Nasser in 1960. The stadium has a capacity of 74,100 people. It is situated in Egypt, Cairo.

In readiness for the 2006 African Cup of Nations competition, often referred to as Stad El Khira el Dawly, the stadium underwent major renovation in 2005, upgrading all the existing interesting multi-game Olympic amenities to international requirements. This was the venue of the 1991 Games in Africa.

  1. JUILLET 1962 with 85,000 capacity Algeria

The stadium was one of the two sites of the 1990 African Cup of Nations. Juillet 1962 has a capacity of 85,000 seats. African Championships in Athletics were held here in 2000.

With a capacity of 85,000, it is the third-largest stadium in Africa. President Houari Boumediene opened it in 1972.

On the day that the nation declared its independence from France, Algeria’s designation is Stade 5 Jul 1962. It is based in Algiers, Algeria, sometimes named El Djezair Stadium.

  1. Akwa Ibom International Stadium 30,000 Capacity

I’m sure we’ve all seen photos of this Stadium Online.  No Argument, it’s the best we’ve had in a long time, but without putting it at the top I can say it’s not.

The Julius Berger Constructions Company designed the Akwa Ibom International Stadium in 2012 during the Godswill Akpabio administration and completed it in 2014.

The Allianz arena in Germany was designed like this venue. This is a stadium with 30,000 seats and is used for different events of the competition, entertainment, and community.

The sum was projected at about $250 million to build the Akwa Ibom International Stadium.

  1. Abuja National Stadium 60,491 capacity

Abuja National Stadium is also named the Nigerian National Stadium, which is situated in the Federal Capital Region of Nigeria, with over  60,491 capacity.

The Nigerian National Football Team is based at here. It is currently Nigeria’s largest stadium. The 8th All Africa Games were played in the stadium in 2003.

The sum $360 million was used to construct the Abuja National Stadium, rendering it the most costly stadium in Nigeria.

Best Football Stadiums in Nigeria

  1. Stade des Martyrs 100,000 capacity

Stade des Martyrs is the third-largest in Africa with the largest in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The stadium of the Martyrs has a capacity of 100.000.

The stadium in Kinshasa will hold up to 100,000 spectators. The stadium held many football matches, sporting events, and concerts after its completion in 1994.

Following FIFA guidelines, engineered grass introduced in the 2008 upgrades already fills the field.


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