Top 10 Most Beautiful Newscasters in the World


Newscasters add life and glamour to our TV screen with the way they carry themselves on the screen and the way they deliver their reportage news.

We have seen quite a number of beautiful newscasters on our screen who have handled various TV programs from anchoring news reporting and various shows on TV.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Newscasters

They just not possess beautiful faces, they also have intelligent with good shapes and curves.

They can be found in several media outfits all around the world anchoring programs. For the purpose of this write up we be profiling the top 10 beautiful and finest Newscasters all around the world.

Mélissa Theuriau

Melissa Theuriau is arguable one of the finest and beautiful newscasters we have in the world. She is a French Journalist. Melissa was born on 18 July 1978 in Echilores in France.

Melissa attended Technical University from where she obtained DUT in News Communication, After obtaining a degree she proceeded to the institute of communication and media for her master’s program in Audiovisual Journalism.

She started her career at Match TV in 2002 as a reporter, her breakthrough came when she became a newscaster and travel show host for LCI.

Being a successful media personality she has been able to balance that with her family life as she is married to French-Moroccan comedian and actor Jamel Debbouze, and they both have two children a son and a girl.

Maria Menounos

Maria Menounos is also one of the top newscasters and also one of the finest newscasters in the world, she is one of the top Entertainment reporters in America. Maria was born on June 8, 1978, in Medford Massachusetts in the US.

Maria was born to immigrant parents from Greece, She attended the Medford High School, after graduating from Medford high school she proceeded to the Emerson college where she graduated in 2000.

Before her advent to the media world, she had previously competed in beauty pageants, where she won the Miss Massachusetts Teen USA.

She has been a big media figure in America where she worked for E-news, Access Hollywood, she is a delight to watch on the TV screen, she combines both beauty and brain in delivering her programs.

Robin Michelle Meade

Robbin Michelle Meade was born on April 21, 1969, in New London, Ohio in the US. she is the lead news anchor for HLN morning show, prior to joining HLN she started her broadcasting career with a local station.

Robin attended New London High School before heading to Malone University and Ashland University where she studied radio and television production. She is a beautiful face to behold on the screen.

Lynda Kinkade

Beautiful Lynda Kinkade was born on 10 January 1983 in Sydney Australia. She is an Australian journalist and worked at CNN as a news anchor.

She started her part in journalism early as she became a political researcher with Seven Network even while she was still at the university.

She attended the University of Technology in Sydney where she graduated with a distinction average.

Courtney Friel

Courtney Friel is also one of the top TV newscasters in the world, not only is she good at what she those, she is arguable one of the most beautiful program anchor we have in the world. Courtney Friel was born on April 22, 1980, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania US.

She is the top presenter and program anchor with Fox sister station KTTV and also Fox station.

She started her education at the Methacton High School in Pennsylvania, after graduating from Methacton High School she proceeded to San Diego State University where she earned a degree in Political Science.

Julie Banderas

Julie Banderas is a popular figure in the world of journalism, she was born on 25 September 1973 in Hartford, Connecticut. She is an award-winning TV Anchor, she has an Emmy award to her name for winning the best news anchor, she presently works for fox News Channel in New York.

Megyn Marie Kelly

Megyn Marie Kelly is also making the list of the topmost beautiful personality on the screen. She is born on November 18, 1970, in Illinois in the US. She is an American journalist per excellence, she as hosted a lot of shows on the TV making one of the beautiful popular faces across the screen.

She as anchored program on several TV stations such as NBC News, Fox News, she attended the state university of New York in Albany.

She is married to Douglas Brunt who was the president and CEO of cybersecurity firm Authentium and became a full- time writer and novelist, they have three children.

Jill Marie Nicolini

Jill Marie Nicolini is one of the screen goddesses, she is one of the beautiful delectable faces we have on our TV shows. Jill was born on January 10, 1978, in Farmingville, New York, US.

She attended Sachem North High School and later proceeded to Stony Brook University for one year, from there she proceeded to the New York Institute of Technology where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Communication Arts at the New York Institute of Technology.

Jennifer Anne“Jenna” Lee

Jennifer Anne falls among the top 10 ten most beautiful newscaster in the world, she as the brains and the looks. Jennifer was born on May 30, 1980, in San Francisco in the US. She is a reporter with Fox and one of the beautiful faces on screen.

For her education she attended the University of Columbia, she is married to Leif Babin and they are blessed with two children.

Shannon Bream

Shannon Bream is also one of the most beautiful faces we have on-screen, she was born on December 23, 1970, in the US. She attended the Florida State University College of Law, where she studied law and graduated with a law degree.

Shannon is married to Sheldon Bream, they met at the Liberty state university.

Here you have them the list of the top 10 most beautiful newscasters in the world, kindly help share with your social media network and if you have any suggestion please drop your comments below.


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