Top 10 most handsome men in the world



Today’s write we would be looking at the 10 most handsome men in the world, they come from different works of life from acting, singing and so many other noble professions.  Let’s get into it by identifying the 10 most handsome men in the world.


The term “handsome” is used to describe someone who has a pleasing physical appearance. It can also be used as an adjective to describe something that is attractive or pleasing, such as a handsome man. This list of the top 10 most handsome men in the world will prove that there are many different types of handsomeness out there!


Zac Efron

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Zac Efron is a talented actor, musician and singer. His most widely known role was as Troy Bolton in the High School Musical film series which he reprised in an episode of The Hocus Pocus Show. He also played serial killer Ted Bundy alongside Lily Collins for his first major dramatic lead performance in Extremely Wicked Shockingly Evil and Vile (2019).

Zac has been honoured with many awards including: MTV Movie Award for Best Actor – Male 2010; Teen Choice Awards Choice Movie Breakout Star 2008; People’s choice award for Favorite Young TV Performer 2002 to present day


Harry Styles’

Harry Styles musical talent shines through on stage at One Direction concerts! Fans love singing along to all their songs. Apart from his musical talents he is also regarded to be among the most handsome men in the world. Harry Styles has won many awards for his performance including MTV’s Artist of The Year 2014 and Top Pop Artist of 2015.


Idris Elba

Idris Elba who is a famous British actor and DJ is also regarded to be among the most handsome men in the world. He has starred in many movies such as The Wire, Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom and The Mountain between Us. Apart from his acting career, his music skills have been appreciated by many people all over the world for which he won a Grammy Award for Best Traditional R&B Performance of 2010.


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Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves also falls among the list of Top ten most handsome men in the world. He is an actor who has starred and still stars in many movies such as Point Break, The Matrix trilogy, John Wick series, A Scanner Darkly, Hamlet etc. Apart from acting he also plays music with his band called Dogstar.

The bands last album was released back in 2001 titled Love which consisted of 14 songs including their hit single “Down” but they are currently working on new material to be released late this year or early next year according to recent reports by Rolling Stone Magazine

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Tom Cruise


The famous actor  Tom Cruise is also a musician who has been playing guitar for years. Tom, or Thomas Mapother IV as his parents named him was born in 1962 on July 03rd in Syracuse NY and first picked up the instrument at the age of ten when he had to learn how to play it for one of his classes.


He played with different bands over the years such as ‘Smashing Pumpkins’, ‘The Mission’ and many more before starting his own band called ‘Roxy Music’. He released two albums under that name- their self-titled debut album which came out back in 1973 and Avalon from 1990.

Apart from being an actor he started composing music too but despite all these talents, Tom says that what makes him happiest is acting and has been doing that since he was a child.


Brad Pitt

The famous actor who as acted in so many Hollywood movies like the ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’, ‘Fight Club’ or even ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’.

He has been listed as one of People Magazine’s Top 50 Most Beautiful People in the World for years from 1991 to 2005.


Bradley Cooper

An actor who is best known for his work on movies such as The Hangover, Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle. He was born Bradley Charles Cooper on January 05th 1975 in Philadelphia PA but grew up in New Jersey where he attended a historic Quaker school called Friends School Of Swarthmore before going onto Harvard University to study sociology . In 1998 he started competing professionally at archery that brought him much success too- winning three National Championships out of four national competition he competed in.

He first appeared on the big screen in 2002 with a small role in ‘The Mothman Prophecies’.


Ryan Joseph Gosling

A-list American actor who has starred in movies such as Wedding Crashers, The Notebook and Limitless. He was born Ryan Joseph Gosling on November 12th 1980 to Canadian parents which later led him becoming an US citizen at age 19. Before he started acting professionally he worked as a young cereal maker from ages 16-18 for his family’s business called Crazy Richard’s Kid Company that sold healthy cereals like Tofu Crunch and organic products before it closed down

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George Clooney.

Born September 27th 1961 to a local news reporter mother Nina and a local radio personality father Nick Clooney. He is top the list of being among the most handsome men in the world with his model good looks and charming personality.


He is also one of the most successful actors in Hollywood, with an estimated net worth exceeding $200 million


Here you have it a list of the top 10 most handsome men in the world, kindly help share with your social media network and if you have any suggestion drop your comments below


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