Top 10 Most Liked Videos On YouTube


The most amazing thing about this list of top 10 most liked videos on YouTube is not the huge number of likes or views this video has gotten but it’s the fact that the most liked videos are all music videos.

Despite the fact that there are various categories of videos on YouTube, and different filming styles, purposes and target audiences, yet the set that got the most likes are music videos, isn’t that surprising?

However we have combined an interesting list of the top 10 most liked video, you can be sure, you will be pleased to read through, so enjoy as you read on.

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1. Despacito – Luis Fonsi feat. Daddy Yankee

The rate at which the song became popular is so incredible you can look at the statistics presently it is the most famous video on YouTube with over more than 35 million likes

Although it also has 4 million dislike which is quite higher than that of Rebecca Black Friday video which is widely known as a terrible song. Why did it even become popular in the first place? It’s simply because of how terrible the music video was.

Even as it stands as at the fifth most hated video, still its universal acceptance tends to earn it more likes than others.

The music video for “Despacito” is therefore, in this odd limbo space, where because of how ubiquitous it was, it’s now both good and terrible. Most popular and the fifth most hated.

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Total Number of Likes:

2. See You Again – Wiz Khalifa feat. Charlie Puth

Thisongng titled “See you again” was written for the soundtrack of the famous movies “The Fast and The Furious”.

The song was written as a tribute to one of the top cast members: Paul walker whose last appearance in the movie was made in the seventh installment of Furious 7 as he died in the year 2013…

Asides the huge number of likes this video gathered, it also has more than four billion views on YouTube. How incredible!

Total Number of likes:

3. The shape of You – Ed Sheeran

This video titled shape of you by Ed Sheeran was made available on YouTube onla y few years ago.
The music video which started as a beautiful love story between two fighters, and ended in a different story dimension, actually made more than 21million likes and more than 4 billion views at that time.

Total Number of likes

4. Faded – Alan Walker

This song titled ” faded” was Written by famous Dj and producer Alan Walker and thmusical video was made available on YouTube about four years back.

Since this music video was available on YouTube, it has gathered far more than 17 million likes and more than 2 billion views.

5. Gangnam Style – Psy

You are probably trying to play the beat in your head right now! Accept that you once made these Gangnam style dance steps.


I will be surprised if you didn’t because is there really anyone who can resisthehe bow-legged gallop steps? I’m not sure there is.
At least a good proof of that is the 16million likes this musical video gathered on YouTube.A totalal number of likes:

6. Girls Like You – Maroon 5 feat. Cardi B

Are you wondering why this video “Girls like you” by Maroon 5 has gotten so many likes and views on Youtube, first it’s because this music video is an interesting one that features one of thpresent-dayay best rapper Cardi B.

Also, this music video includes about 24 cameo appearances from celebrated arts like Aly Raisman, Jennifer Lopez, Gal Gadot, Lilly Sin,gh etc.

Total Number of Likes:

7. Hello – Adele (14,859,301 likes)

Like several of her other songs, Adele’s “Hello” is a lovely song. More interestingly, the music video of this song further expressed the beau ofty the song.

Ironically, it’s a sorrowful music video yet it has been viewed by probably you and several others who enjoyed the sepia-tone sadness for more than two billion times.

Going by the huge number of views this music video has gathered I mean whoppingng two billion views and the over 15 million likes it has gotten, one can easily conclude that “Hello” is a universal song highly considered as the perfect song for break up in relationships.

Total Number of likes:

8. Alone – Marshmello

This music video titled “Alone” presently has more than 14 million likes and more than one billion views since 2016 when it was made available on YouTube.

It tells the tale of a lonely teen whseemsem to be different from his school mates but ultimately found his place amongst them when he made his own song.

It won’t be surprising to know that this song may actually appeal most to the present day youths with it’s after school vibe showcasing how one can be accepted by friends without necessarily doinwhat g they are doing but by simply expressing one’s abilities.

Total number of likes

9. Señorita – Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello

It took Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello onla y few months to be ranked as number 9 on this top 10 list of most likevideoseo on YouTube.

This is probably as a result of the fascinating dance steps and the noticeable chemistry between t two lovely musical leads.

Besides this, the rumors that came up after the release of this music video probably also contributed to it’s over 13 million likes on YouTube.The total number of likes:

10. Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars.

The music video which debuted on YouTube five years ago appears to still be gathering views and likes as it presently has more than 3 billion views and 13 million likes.

This music video is quite fascinating, it appeals to both young and old, it has s good beat,and finally, the lyrics are just perfect for it’s kind of song.
Little wonder it got so popular.

Total Number of likes:


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