Top 10 most popular states in Nigeria (2021)


There are several States in Nigeria which is in a Total of 36 States. Before you get to know more about some of the most popular states it is very crucial that you understand that this most populous black country in the world has a population of over 200 million.

The States in Nigeria differs from themselves due to resources and leadership in position. From the level of the inhabitants of the States, you get to find out most of these States different from the economic value, the standard of living, and different levels of industrialization.

While this level of wealth in this state convert to their popularity some others have nothing or less to boast of.

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In this post today I’ll be giving you the top 10 most popular States in Nigeria.

Lagos State

This is stating the obvious Lagos State remains the megacity of Africa it is the most popular State in Nigeria till date Lagos State has been featured in several foreign movies due to its popularity and is home to the Nigerian movie industry – Nollywood.

Lagos State is known to be the most popular state in Nigeria with a population of over 20 million. It is the commercial capital of West Africa because of the seaport and other resources it possesses.

It is very obvious that there are more people in Lagos than in different States in Nigeria this is because many people come to Lagos State to hustle and make money. There are lots of opportunities available in Lagos State and this is a contributing factor to why it is using the top 10 most popular States in Nigeria.

Lagos State is divided into two Lagos mainland and Lagos island for the economic activities and the state is spread out between the two. Lagos island is known to be the home to the rich and highest-earning individuals in the States. It houses celebrities and politicians why Lagos mainland is mainly for lower and middle-class people.

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Following Lagos State is another state which has the capability of matching in terms of luxurious properties, good road networks, wealthy populace, and hustling lifestyle though Abuja style is saner.

Abuja is the federal capital territory in Nigeria but what makes it stand out from other states that it is a planned area, unlike Lagos State that has flooding issues till date. Abuja is divided into phases and districts and experts raise the level of planning put in place to make the state of organized.
This part of the country is very secured as it is the capital of Nigeria and it houses politicians and top government officials.

Cross River

We are taking a look at Cross River being the third most popular State in Nigeria. The state is known for its beauty and it’s recommended for tourists visiting Nigeria.
Calabar is known to be one of the most beautiful Nigerian City and we didn’t it resides the best hotels you can ever have been to in Nigeria. The beautiful nightlife in this state makes it one of the best places you could ever visit in the country.

one thing the state is also known for is its rich variety of dishes and delicacies. Anybody that has eaten the food made in this state who will testify of how good it is. So if you’re looking for the most secure and serene environment where you could easily enjoy your life and live a luxurious lifestyle you should be in Calabar.



Oyo state remains one of the biggest southwestern states in Nigeria. Ibadan is said to be the largest city in Africa by mass do this city cannot be compared to Lagos and Abuja or even Port Harcourt in terms of high standard of living. Oyo state remains one of the best and most popular States in Nigeria.

Oyo State geography is very crucial in terms of traveling and this is because it’s road connection serves as a link road for people going to different parts of the country.
Oyo state is home to top universities in Nigeria known as the University of Ibadan, the Polytechnic Ibadan, and Lead City University.

There are some popular cities in Oyo state which include Ogbomosho, Okeho, Lalupon, Iseyin, and Eruwa.

Akwa Ibom

Akwa Ibom is known to be one of the most beautiful states in Nigeria and its capital is Uyo. It is one of the neatest cities you would ever be to and the organization there is very nice. It is one state you should consider paying a visit.


Uyo is one of the best places that is known for tourist attraction in Nigeria and it recently upgraded its portfolio by adding the best stadium in Nigeria to it. Most international football matches playing in Nigeria have been played in Uyo international stadium.

This state boasts of a good road network and food is very cheap there.

Delta state

This is one of the best states in Nigeria due to the fact that it is in the oil-producing region. It has one of the best road networks and boasts of beautiful landscapes.

Rivers State

There is no way I will mention the most populous States in Nigeria without listing Rivers State this is because it has the heart of the Nigerian economy in it which is crude oil. People of Port Harcourt a lot.

Kaduna state

This is one of the best northern states in Nigeria that has a diverse population. One thing about people in Kaduna state is they are very hospitable and accommodating. If you’d love to go sightseeing this is the best place for you.

Imo state

This is one of the most popular States in Nigeria especially after the era of building statues by former governor Rochas Okorocha.
Owerri is one place that has a whole lot of potatoes which makes the nightlife there adorable.

Enugu state

This is known to be one of the best southeastern states that has large quantities of coal.
whenever you are thinking about South-Eastern part of Nigeria and you don’t talk about Enugu state then you are not going to the east. There are lots of festivals and nightlife present in the state.


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