Top 10 Most Popular Video Games 2021


One cannot deny the fact that games can be really interesting, addictive and famous amongst several activities of man.

We have made a list of the top 10 most popular video games, so if you’re prepared to play really hard, read on so you can choose your best option.

  1. Minecraft

Presently Occupying the first position on fun-filled of the top 10 most popular video games is Minecraft.

This sandbox game which was released in the year 2011 is produced by Markus Persson.

This fun-filled game is about using different 3D building accessories for exploring, gathering materials and constructing things while engaging in combat.

This widely accepted video game has sold more than 176 million copies on several platforms.

As of now, this is the most popular and best-selling video game.

2. Fortnite

This video game is a shooter survival game made available online by Epic in the year 2017.

In this unique Fortnite game, you will be presented with the opportunity of choosing from three different aspects.

First: Save the World
Second: Battle the Royale
Third: Creative.

Most Fortnite players play the Save the world aspect and battle royale.
As a matter of fact, within a year, actually not up to a year, Battle Royale already recorded over 124 million players. How huge!

At the 2019 Webby Awards, The video game Fortnite won the award of the Best Multiplayer Game.

3. Grand Theft Auto V

Taking the third position on this list is Grand Theft Auto V which was released by Rockstar in the year 2013.

This video game is about action and adventure.

Most people already know how GTA games works, I don’t think this game brand needs much introduction.

This video game permits you to commit criminal activities like stealing, then you will have to sta art running from government authorities and police officials.

Alfastest-selling, you are the determiner of your choice of mobility, you can decide to use a vehicle or simply use your feet.

Presently, GTA V stands as the fastest-selling product in the history of the entertainment industry and that is one of the major reasons why this game occupies the third position on this list.

Already, from the first day, this game recorded a huge sales of $800 million and within three days, it earned $1billion.

This game is so interesting that you may get addicted to it easily.

4. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Seige

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Seige is the fourth most popular video game right now

As at the time of writing this post, the fourth most popular video game is Rainbow Six Siege

This is probably because Rainbow Six Siege is one of the few games that is so interesting that you can almost decide not to drop it.

Developed and published by Ubisoft, Rainbow Six is a well known tactical shooter game available online.

The addictive game which was released in the year 2015 can be accessed on Playstation4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.

In this game, you are meant to take charge of a defender or an attacker in the different game ass. For instance, you can be made to defuse a bomb or simply rescue a hostage.

Although there are basically no real campaigns for you to work through you can have access to some brief missions that you will be able to play on your own.

5. Super Smash Bros: Ultimate

Next up, we have Super Smash Bros: Ul, time.

The game standing on the fifth position on this list is Super Smash Bros.

This is a fighting game that includes various characters, music, titles, and stages.

It was made known to the public that amongst other games, the Super Smash Bro: Ultimate action-adventure most pre-ordered game in the SSB series.

6. Red Dead Redemption II

Created and published by Rockstar Gamwestern-style redemption II is an action-adventure game made available in the year 2018.

You can access this game on Xbox One and Playstation 4.

In this western-styled game, you may be required to take on the character of one of the losses of the Van der Linde gang; Authur Morgan.

Following this, you will have to avoid been killed by the rival gang overwatch you are dealing with the loss of the wild est.
Another important set of people you will need to run away from are the government officials.

7. Overwatch

The seventh most popular video game is overwatch.

This game was created and published by Blizzard Entertainment: a body is well known as one of the best video game developers of all time.

As soon as it was made available to the public, Overwatch recorded more than 40 million players within the space of just two years.

In this game, you will be required to pick from a wide range of 30 characters after which you will be divided into six groups.

Following that, you will have to work as a team in your group in order to defend several control points and take the payload across the map at a given time frame.

As you play on, if you will be given victory poses and character skins as Cosmic which.

You can access this game on Xbox One, PlayStation and Microsoft Windows.

8. Rocket League

The whole concept of this game is quite straight and direct.

You just need to use the car you have to hit the ball presented before you into the net of your opponents, as soon as you do this, you will get your scores.

Created and published by macOS Psyonix, Rocket L, the league was first released in the year 2015 on Microsoft Windows and PlayStatihave4 but a while later, it became accessible on Xbox One, macOS, Nintendo Switch, and others.

9. Roblox

This is a bit different for the other games that have been highlighted in this list,
have do I mean?

As an online multiple player game creation forum, Roblox gives users the opportunity of making their own games and playing other games that have earlier been created by other users.

As soon as you log in, you will see a lot of games and virtual works, generated by other users in different sections.

Be it RPGs, racing games, simulations or any other game, you will be permitted to play any one of your choices.

As of the year 2019, Roblox already had more than 100 million monthly users, that are active.

10. Legend of Legends

This is an online combat ground video game which seems to have been motivated by World of Warcraft III

Basically, as a player, your role is to control a champion who has his own personal abilities.

After this, you will be expected to fight other players in the game and try your best in taking down the opposing teams.

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