Top 10 Museums in Nigeria


Museums are places and destinations where priceless work of art scientific specimens and probably other objects which have permanent value are kept and displayed for heritage or tourist purposes.

Museums are like the home history of people’s houses and preserved the cultural heritage of generations past for the present and yet unborn to understand and take a full glare at the history of their people.

Which museums people take a look at their past and tend to trace how they came to be, they also understand how people before them lived on Earth and the several historic events that happened and how it played out.

Museums take us back into a time he helps us to have a proper understanding and appreciation of the past the present and anticipation of the future.

This article will be taking a look at the top 10 museums in Nigeria they’re not really coming up in a particular order because they all are valuable.

The origin and history of museums in Nigeria date back to the 1950s when several institutions were created with the purpose of preserving our Nigerian art and culture.

It is also very important to note that prior to the development of these institutions in the 50s they were already made local houses that preserve the artworks and artifacts of each tribe in the country.

These institutions have been responsible for the collection of valuable ancient artifacts and they have preserved them in those houses till they were discovered and this led to the development of museums in Nigeria.

Now we listed 10 museums in Nigeria and where they are located. Yes Nigerians boast of their museums and these are the best the country has, there is no way you would be in Nigeria without paying a visit to one of these museums it will help you to have memory and relation to our cultural heritage.

When you visit these museums you find so many interesting artifacts that will Spike your curiosity in the history of Nigeria. now and take a look at the top 10.

1. National Museum, Onikan Lagos

The Lagos State National Museum is located in Onikan, Lagos Island. It was founded in 1957, and has continued to retain historical artifacts since that time. It is one of Nigeria’s museums that flaunts a wide collection of works of art, archaeological excavations and ethnographic exhibits.

2. Jos Musuem

The Jos Museum was founded in 1952, and is located in Jos, Plateau State’s Capital City. The museum houses so many works of art from prehistoric times in Nigeria, chief of which are the heads and artifacts of Nok terracotta dating from 500 BC to 200 AD.

The Jos Museum also contains the Museum of Traditional Nigerian Architecture that displays life-size replicas of a wide range of buildings varying from Kano’s walls and the Zaria Mosque to a village in Tiv.

3. National War Museum, Umuahia

Established in 1985, this museum has various relics of the Nigerian Civil War between Biafran soldiers and the Nigerian military on display. There are Weapons such as war tanks, guns, aircraft.

The National War Museum, located in Umuahia, Abia State, is seen as a top tourist destination in Nigeria.

4. Benin City National Museum

Benin Museum is one of the country’s best museums and a historic tourist destination hub. Established in 1973, this institution is located in the Edo State city of Benin.

You get a sense of the ancient Benin Empire as there are artifacts on display from the original Benin bronze sculptures, chains and other slave items.

5. Kaduna National Museum

This museum is one of north Nigeria’s most popular museums. It was created in 1975 with its location in the state of Kaduna.

There you can find exhibits and archeological artefacts such as bronze statues, terracotta and other sculpted works.

6. Old Residency Museum, Calabar

This is Nigeria’s other ancient museums which attract visitors and tourists from around the world. History has it that, during the colonial period, this museum was built in 1884. It is located in Calabar, Cross River State capital.

Indeed the museum was the colonial authorities’ former headquarters. Today, it is now a hub displaying well-preserved relics from colonial and pre-colonial times, relics from the Calabar slave trade era, and other important artifacts.

7. Esiẹ Museum

The Esie Museum is considered by many to be one of the functional old museums in Nigeria. Its location is in the state of Kwara, and it opened in 1945. There are some captivating old artefacts on display inside its gallery. The stone figures in this museum are said to date back to 400BC, no wonder the attention of tourists and researchers is drawn to this museum in Nigeria.

Two types of gallery can also be found in the Esie Museum which houses more than two thousand artifacts. It is reported that a festival is held each year by April in honor of the numerous museum monuments.

8. Gidan Makama Museum, Kano

TThe Gidan Makama Museum is considered one of Nigeria’s oldest musicians today. It is set among the monuments that we have in this country and is situated in the state of Kano. Tracing its history back to the 15th century, it was the Emir of Kano’s former palace and it has many important handicrafts, sculptural collections, historical interest items, etc.

9. Badagry Heritage Museum

Because of its link with the slave trade, this is the most visited museum in Nigeria. Badagry was the area from which the British sold or traded slaves. It was founded at Badagry in the state of Lagos in 1863 and is a major museum in Nigeria and also for Africans.

10. Oron Museum

Oron Museum has history in particular regarding the civil war between Nigeria and Biafran. Located in the state of Oron, Akwa Ibom, you can see some old Civil War exhibits and relics on show.

Items such as the Chukwuemeka bunker Odumegwu Ojukwu, the Biafran Republic’s first President, are on display for tourists and other researchers.

Other best museums to visit in Nigeria include:

  • Gidan Makama Museum Kano
  • Kanta Museum
  • National Gallery of Modern Art, Lagos
  • Nigerian National Museum
  • Owo Museum
  • Uli Beier Museum
  • National Museum of Colonial
  • History, Aba
  • War Museum, Umuahia
  • Niger-Delta Museum
  • CRIMMD Museum Nigerian Photo
  • History, Idimu, Lagos


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