Top 10 Non-Alcoholic Wines In Nigeria


Nigeria is known for its strong fiesta and fun-loving nature. The demand for wine, therefore, continues to increase, including non-alcoholic wines.

Indeed, you’ll always find persons who don’t drink alcohol for reasons best understood in each party that you attend in Lagos or any part of Nigeria. Such people would always ask for non-alcoholic drinks at a party or event.

In times past, there have been several concerns regarding wines in the country.

Therefore, in this post, we intend to share with you, the best-tasting none alcoholic wine in Nigeria and their prices.

Below we present to you the top 10 best tasting none alcoholic wine in Nigeria

Eva Wine

In the 1990s, Eva was first produced in Spain. This Non-alcoholic grape juice sparkling. Eva wine is considered to be 100% red grape juice free from alcohol without the t addition of sugar or any other sweetening agent. Eva wine is best served chilled and is suitable for all sorts of activities.

A carton of this wine which contains 12 bottles costs 14,000

Pure Heaven

This is a Non-alcoholic sparkling grape wine of high quality made from juicy, green grapes. Pure heaven h a very rich fruity taste and it gives optimum refreshment. This wine can be best enjoyed when it is barely chilled.

A carton contains 12 bottles and it costs 14,000

Toselli Wine

Toselli is first-class wine made by one of Italy’s largest producers of sparkling wine, named Bosca.

Bosca Toselli is a semi-sparkling, delicious, light, and sweet wine, which is a major addition to any event in the country.

A carton of this wine which contains 12 bottles costs 23,500.


Macnelli is a quality grape juice made from carefully picked grapes, with no addition of alcohol. This light and sparkling wine have the right red grape sweetness for a refreshing drink. Simply one of the best non-alcoholic wine to have fun and enjoy parties in Nigeria.

A carton which contains 12 bottles cost 22,500


Chamdor can undoubtedly easily become Nigeria ‘s bestselling non-alcoholic wine. Chamdor is a sweet, smooth, soft, and refreshing alcoholic wine made from top quality grapes, and is perfect for any occasion.

A carton which contains 13 bottles costs 20,500

Don Morris

There is no added sugar in this sparkling red grape juice. Don Morris is one of the best wines in Lagos, Nigeria for the category of non-alcoholic wines.

A carton of this wine has 12 bottles which cost 19500.

J&W Wine

The J&W Mix is perhaps one of Nigeria ‘s longest consumed non-alcoholic drinks. The blue drink, J & W Deluxe, J & Q Classic is the range of J&W wine. Anything you want to go for is just perfect and the taste is fantastic.

J & W Premium carton which contains 12 bottles costs 16,500.

Cocktail J & W costs 13,000 per carton and a carton has 12 bottles.

J&W Classic goes for N13,000 and there are usually 12 bottles in one carton.


Toma non-alcoholic wine has 2 varieties you can pick from, it consists of 100 percent sparkling red grape. The two varieties are Vintage Toma and Premium Toma. They can add fantastic colors to your event and both are refreshingly tasteful.

Toma Classic: A carton of this wine has 12 bottles and it costs 13,000.

Toma Premium: A carton of this wine has 12 bottles and it costs 16,000

Rendezvous Wine

This is another beautiful non-alcoholic drink, perfect for any occasion. It is fruity and rich in taste.
It is best enjoyed when it is slightly chilled, Non-alcoholic Rendezvouz wine has different flavors
A carton contains 12 bottles and it costs 12,000.

Festillant is a wine made for elegance and class without any alcohol. The look is unique and stylish. Non-alcoholic festival wine has various tastes and is highly recommended for guests wishing a trendy, non-alcoholic drink.

A carton of this wine which has 12 bottles costs 23,000


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