Top 10 Online Payment Gateway in Nigeria in 2022


In Nigeria, buyers who used to pay through the conventional mode of payment have switched to electronic payments. Why is that? Online payment is secure, easy, and relaxed.

Online payment platforms have really tried to fulfilling these criteria.

That is why it is easy to use a broad variety of payment passes as a broker. However, due care must be made before you make your decision. You must be informed of each payment platform’s approach, the rates, the modes of payment. Also, find out if the company Is local or global and above all, Is it safe?
In fact, before you use any of these, you can go online and find out what people think about every payment portal.

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In this article, we intend to share with you top payment portals in Nigeria.

1. Paystack

This is currently one of the most common payment doors. It helps retailers to recognize the electronic payment of their customers via credit card and debit. This is a simple and secure way to receive purchases over various platforms, using payment sites and manage promotional promotions for the goods and services without writing a file.
If you are a Paystack dealer, you will be allowed to pay money directly to any bank account in your country through your Paystack dashboard.

2. FlutterWave

This platform is aimed at making payment transactions across Africa simpler for banks and companies. Flutterwave is taking care that banks and payments service providers are integrated into its platform so that companies don’t have to bear costs and burdens. The service enables consumers to pay for local currencies.

Rave is a Flutterwave utility that enables website owners of consumers in +154 countries to recognize debit/credit payments. Help is given for Visa, MasterCard, Verve.
Interestingly, the customers you have in foreign countries like the USA, S.A and even within Nigeria can make direct payments from their bank accounts.

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3. GTPay

This is one of the highly utilized products of GTbank. GTPay is a secure internet payment platform for electronic payments. This links to established consumer websites and functions as a connection between the customer’s website and financial institutions. This also recognizes tickets, including Interswitch, Mastercard, and VISA, distributed both domestically and abroad.

Traders get money for local transactions and 48 working hours for international transactions the next business day after transactions take effect.
It allows traders to monitor their transactions.

4. InterSwitch

This is an integrated Africa payment and trading platform that offers timely and reliable help for electronic money distribution as well as value exchange between individuals and organizations.

A single incorporation fee is paid for N150,000; a cost of 1.5% of the amount of the contract subject to a limit of N2000 is paid with each subsequently productive contract.


5. Etransact

This is an effective multi-application and dual-channel platform for payment processing and allows transaction switching.

This platform is now used by many people in several countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Cote d’Ivoire, and the UK.
Their offers include all modes of ATM, Cloud, POS, and Phone e-payment.
transact also recognizes all cards e.g. Visa and Master cards provided locally by Nigerian banks.

6. VoguePay

Through VoguePay the creator of the website would be eligible to collect payment on the website without any installation fee. The worldwide reach of VoguePay enables customers and corporations, irrespective of their venue, to send and accept purchases conveniently in all major currencies.
It provides dealer solutions for internet trading, wallet transactions, electronic purchases, and premium pricing on Bitcoin. It allows companies and corporations to pay directly to their clients.

7. SimplePay

As the name says, SimplePay provides you with secure online payments by e-mail address and bank account.
SimplePay was specifically formulated for merchants as well as small companies and individuals.
Note: SimplePay no longer allows new dealers

8. CashEnvoy

CashEnvoy in Nigeria is a payment service that enables businesses to collect electronic payment.
CashEnvoy websites may accept payments from all major debit cards from Nigeria and from the CashEnvoy wallet as well.

With the Web application and personal e-mail addresses, CashEnvoy allows the movement of money from the individual to the merchant.

With CashEnvoy you can send money by using your banking accounts and debit cards without sharing your financial information and also have the flexibility to make payments. Registration and payment through CashEnvoy are free.

9. FirstPayLink

FirstPayLink is an electronic payment system for retailers and eCommerce websites. This is an online multi- transfer platform.

It offers the use of InterSwitch, eTranzact, Visa, and MasterCard for Internet payment.

10. GlobalPAY enables retailers to accept payment from everywhere in the world via MasterCard, Visa, and Verve cards in a one-time activation.

GlobalPAY also supports the platform with cell phone recognition and tracking features.
All purchases can be accessed on the website via an electronic username.
Tap on MasterCard, Visa, and transact Cards from GlobalPay. This platform is owned by Zenith Bank Nigeria Plc.


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