Top 10 Smart TV Brands in the World



There are a lot of TV brands out there trying to get your attention. But with so many options, it can be difficult to know which is best for you! Our goal is not just to tell you what we think. We are going to show you the data behind some of the most popular smart TVs in today’s market and let our readers decide for themselves which they like best.


Do you need a large screen? If so, LG has the largest TV in this list with their 77 inch OLED model. This is great for those who have room to spare and want to experience a bigger display than just your phone or tablet screen. It’s also an excellent choice if you are looking for something that will easily take center stage in your home theatre setup. One thing buyers should be aware of is that these screens are expensive! They can range from $2500-$4000 depending on size and features.

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Samsung is one the brands when it comes to smart TV, they have a wide variety of options and sizes to choose from. One TV that is a favorite among buyers are their SUHD TVs with Quantum Dot Technology. This model supports up to 125%.

They have a wide array of smart TV models including the QLED, which is also one of my favorites. They also focus on quality and offer more sizes than Sony to choose from – 50″ to 75″. One problem with Samsung TVs are that they are not always easy to find at stores like Best Buy or Walmart so you will most likely need to order them online or visit their showroom.



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Sony has the most highly-rated smart TV on this list when it comes to QUALITY, but that doesn’t mean you will have an easier time finding what you are looking for in terms of features or size since they only offer one style: Sony W850B. It’s also important to note that these models are more expensive than other brands because the quality is much higher as well – costing around $4000-$5000 dollars depending on screen size and resolution. For those who want something simple without all the bells and whistles, then this brand is your best pick.



Hisense is another top smart TV brand with a wide variety of models to choose from. They are one of the most affordable brands on this list, which makes them great for those who want more bang for their buck – costing around $1200-$3000 dollars depending on screen size and resolution.

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TCL is a Chinese telecommunication company, they have been in the TV industry since 1986. They offer a wide variety of models and screen sizes, they also have great customer service if you need help troubleshooting your TV or connecting it to Wi-Fi. The downside for TCL is that their TVs are not yet very well-known so finding them at stores like Best Buy might be challenging



One of my favorite brands when looking for smart TVs, Panasonic has been making televisions since 2008 with an excellent range that includes from low-end sets to higher end ones – all with outstanding quality! Some drawbacks? It can take up to one day before these are delivered after ordering online but once received I have found they are worth the wait as they are always easy to set up without any problems of connection .


Also happens to be a Chinese company but has been making TVs since 1996 when they were founded. They are one of the leading manufacturers in China and have a range that includes televisions with screens from 32″ to 48″. It’s worth noting though, that people who are looking for Smart TV sets should be careful because not all their models come equipped with this feature



One of the world’s largest electronics companies, Toshiba is also known for its high-quality video products including HDTVs which happen to be some of the best in the market. They are also known for their advanced technologies such as Qdeo processing which optimizes the TV’s brightness and color.

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This is a Japanese company that has been making TVs since the 1970s. They are well-known for their high quality screen and low prices which make them a popular choice among shoppers looking for great value purchases.



The vivo brand of smart TV is being produced in the United States  by a company called Haier. They are known for their high-end processing technology and beautiful screens that make them one of the most attractive options on the market today.


Here you have them the top 10 when it comes to picking the best smart TV brands in the world, you can help share this write up with your social media network and if you have any suggestions drop your comments below.


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