Top 10 Speech Learning Apps on Android


Are you looking for the Top 10 speech learning apps on Android? Do you want to improve your English, Spanish, or Chinese while on the go? Then this article is just for you! This list includes a variety of free and paid apps that will help learners improve their language skills.

This is the Top Ten List as follows;

Pimsleur – Free

This is a free android learning app that will help people learn Spanish, French, German or English. This is a Top 10 list of the app for each language.

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This free android learning app can be used to improve pronunciation in any spoken or written languages and there are over 3000 phrases available. It’s designed for both beginners and experienced speakers of Spanish, French, Italian and many other languages around the world!

Rhinospike – $0.99 per month with one week trial period

The Rhinospike App helps you train your ears by comparing how well you know a particular word when spoken aloud compared to what was actually said on video clips from movies or TV shows that have been recorded out and its available on all  Android devices.

TalkJet – $14.99

The Talkjet app is a language learning program that teaches users basic conversation skills for more than 30 languages, including Spanish, French and German in addition to English! The best part is you can always access all of the lessons regardless where you are with your phone or tablet device as long as there’s an Internet connection available at your location.

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Pimsleur Language Programs – Free trial offer

This Top Ten list concludes with Pimsleur Language Programs which offers courses in 12 languages such as Arabic, Mandarin Chinese and Russian along with many other popular European languages. You will be given logical sequences of daily lessons delivered by professional native speakers and it’s also completely free so we recommend it for all android users.

 Duolingo – Free or $49.99/year for Premium

Another very good app is Duolingo which features over 30 different language course options that are available at the touch of a finger without any ads whatsoever; you can download this from your android device and enjoy a free or premium subscription for $49.99 per year.

The first thing to say about Duolingo is that there’s no need for any registration or payment whatsoever, you can just jump in straight away and learn as much as you like which is good because this way you will be able to see if this type of learning app suits your needs before spending money on a one-year subscription at $49.99 per year, however I would recommend checking out their website where they offer more information about how to use the app and other features such as soundtracks, languages courses etc.

Babbel – Free with in-app purchases

Babbel an all-round brilliant option to learn how to speak new languages because it offers courses in 15 different languages including Spanish, German and French among many others so if you are looking for something more specific then we will recommend checking out their website where you can get all the details on how to use the app and what it offers. You will also find prices listed.


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WidgetWriter Pro (Chinese) – $14.99


WidgetWriter Pro  (Italian) – $14.99

Rocco is a good option for beginners wanting to learn Italian because it’s been specifically designed with them in mind, and has an easy-to-use interface that guides you through the basics of the language. It offers courses in both English and Italian, so if your native tongue isn’t one of those languages then we will recommend checking out their website where you can get all the details on how to use the app and what it offers.

Memrise (Spanish)– Free

You might not think Memrise would be much help at learning Spanish but actually this free app provides audio lessons as well as short quizzes throughout which will test just how much you have knowledge about various languages you can get on the app.

I speak from experience because this is one of the apps I use to help me learn Spanish. It’s a free and fun way to study, with little time needs for studying as well since you will need just five minutes per day in order to keep up your knowledge. The best part about Memrise is that it does all the hard work for you by providing different learning modes such as easy or fast so depending what type of learner you are then there will be a mode perfect suited for your needs.

Rocket Languages Basic Japanese Level One Course ($30)

This app will teach and educate you how to speak, read and write Japanese in just an hour a day. What I love about this app is the audio which makes it easy for you to hear how words are pronounced as well as learn different phrases that will be useful when travelling or interacting with locals.

The best way to describe Rocket Languages is that it is like having your own personal tutor who follows along by speaking each word on screen and helps you understand any grammar points at any time during the lesson without interrupting what’s being taught.

There are even accompanying flashcards so you can study vocabulary offline in case Wi-Fi isn’t available where ever you happen to be studying!

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Chinese Mandarin Essentials course ($59)

The Chinese mandarin is another great app you will love if you are into learning Chinese. It’s interactive, easy to use and the audio is clear which makes it a lot easier for beginners who are just starting out with Mandarin.

The interface of this app might be considered simple as there aren’t many distractions but that doesn’t mean it’s not effective! You will find yourself easily memorizing new words each day by going through 40 lessons per level. This course also has accompanying pronunciation videos so you can really improve your pronunciation in mandarin while having fun at the same time!


Here you have it the top 10 speech learning apps on Android kindly help share this with your social media network and if you have any suggestion drop your comments below.


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