Top 10 States in NIgeria to Reside in 2022



Lagos is Nigeria’s most prosperous and often excellent territory; little wonder it is regarded as the “Centre of excellence.”  This is one of the most famous states in Nigeria and in the whole of West Africa. According to The HBS Foundation research, Lagos is the world’s seventh fastest-growing region.

Famously called Eko, Lagos State’s economy can be categorized into the manufacturing, transport, construction, banking, wholesale and retail sectors, unlike other states that depend solely on Oil revenue.

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2. Calabar

This State often referred to as the Garden City, is one of the wealthiest states in Nigeria. If you are a socialite, this is a good place for you to enjoy yourself.

Cross River is also one of the most notable naturally beautiful states in Nigeria. Even the state capital Calabar is said to be Nigeria’s most magnificent city, and new developments are ever emerging from there.  The Topography and Landscape of this beautiful state are simply awesome and the security of the state is top-notch.

The resorts and executive hotels in Calabar are perfect.  Lastly, it will be unfair to talk about this beautiful state and not mention it’s unique delicacies, it’s simply mind-blowing.

3. Rivers State

Rivers State is certainly a good place you can consider to live in when next you plan to relocate within Nigeria.  If you are a lover of nature and.

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adventure, in particular, don’t waste time just find your way to Rivers, it is truly a land of glamour and amazement which captivates the attention of tourists in their thousands year by year. In Rivers, you will find good music, delicious food restaurants, bars, gardens, good dancers, etc.

4. Akwa- Ibom

This is another good state to reside in Nigeria.

As a matter of fact, Uyo (Capital of Akwa-Ibom) has the tendency of competing with Calabar as the most elegant city in Nigeria. In a way, this can be justified because Uyo has a good road network(with no potholes), solar street lighting, amazingly built multi-billion contemporary stadium and various 3-5 star hotels.

Lastly, the landscape of this city is quite attractive and beautiful, without a doubt, this is a good place to consort for residence.

5. Abuja

Lagos’s multiplicity and hustling lifestyle can be said to reflect in this region.  As Federal Capital Territory, Abuja town has a well-designed layout.


And since the town is home to the President of the Federal Republic (Aso Villa), federal senators, representatives and ministers, several national security agencies, the security system of Abuja town is well structured.

Moreover, basic human facilities and amenities like water, housing, health system, good roads, and recreational centers are made available to fit the class of people living in this society.

6. Delta State

This is a Southern State in Nigeria also known as one of the Niger Delta States and one of the wealthiest states in Nigeria. Delta is a well-known oil-producing state that has a high output in Nigeria. A major city in Delta State is Warri, and this is a good place for residence especially if you are someone who naturally loves noise.

It is quite surprising to know that Warri city is often given more attention in matters of development than the State capital which is Asaba. The roads are very good and you need not worry about potholes in the middle of the road.

7. Kaduna State

This is another city of the North that shares a name with its State and a notable aspect of this location is the beautiful culture of the people. Another major state in the North is Kano- a location more commercial than Kaduna. Kaduna State is simply a highly populated region and a home to several Nigerian indigenes.

Other highlights of this state are its large markets, display various cultures and traditions, elegant buildings and structures. Lastly, this State is also known as the “Centre Of Learning” in Nigeria.

8. Oyo State

In the whole of Nigeria’s Southwest, this state is the biggest. Also, this state’s capital- Ibadan is the largest city in Nigeria going by geographical area. Interestingly, if you are searching for a location with affordable house rent, Oyo State is a perfect place for you.

Often referred to as the Pace Setter State, Oyo State has some major towns where you can reside at cheap prices. Some of those towns are Iseyin, Lalupon, Saki, Awe, Igbo Ora, Otu, Ilora, Fiditi, Kisi, Igboho, Ibadan, Eruwa, Igbeti, Ogbomosho.

Some of the beautiful places to visit for fun in this state are:  Agodi Zoological Garden, Egungun Ode Festival, Ibadan University Zoo. Meanwhile, Oyo State capital-Ibadan is a low populated area with several tourists coming into the state every year. Lastly, Ibadan is also home to the first University Teaching Hospital- UCH.

9. Imo State

As one of the southeastern states in Nigeria, Imo State is one of the best settlements areas in the nation. The beautiful landscape and elegant buildings of this State cannot go unnoticed.

In this state, you will find several tourist attractions, some of which are: Ada Palm Grove, Lake Oguta and cultural and art center Mbari.  Lastly, if you are a lover of pleasure, the nightlife of this city may be your highlight.

10. Enugu State

Also known as the “coal city”, Enugu is a very beautiful city with pleasant landscapes and topographies with appreciative building designs. When compared to other states, it is safe to conclude that the development process of this state is interestingly fast.

So you can be sure this is a good place to reside. The capital which shares the same name with its State is home to a top-ranked university in Nigeria – The University Of Nigeria, NS


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