Top 10 TED Talks of all Time


1. How Real Leaders Motivate Action By Simon Sinek

Humans don’t just buy your commodity, they buy the reason behind that commodity. Sinek kept repeating this statement in this talk session.
He also used comprehensive examples in describing the way good leaders are expected to motivate their staff to work productively.

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He explained: if the sole purpose why you employ your group of staff is because they are capable of getting your work done, well you should expect them to work just for your cash. But if you employ people who share the same goal with you, they will be willing to go the extra mile for you anytime.

2. Mistakes, Making Attempts and the God complex by Tim Harford

Tim Harford advises those in authorities to let go of the God complex which makes them think that they are right at all times but to choose to apply good strategies and humility in doing things.

Tim stressed that the best method of solving organizational issues is to apply good strategies fit for the situations.

He further stated that leaders should be humble enough to accept their faults whenever they go the wrong way.

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3 “Dare To Motivate A Life Of Immersion” by Jacqueline Novogratz

Novogratz is the brain behind the Acumen Fund; an establishment known for its support for change-driven innovations in the world.

He explained that successful leaders are those who use their resources to positively impact the World and make things change for the better. He further argued that businesses usually spend time on countless essential things.

She concluded by warning that those who are in authorities should be very careful so they don’t end up being controlled by power unnecessarily.

4. A Leader Who Wants To Be Great: A Speech By Roselinde Torres

Roselinde Torres is definitely a speaker one should listen to when it comes to the area of leadership because she has spent 25 years of her life nurturing and developing leadership channels as well as studying factors that help leaders to become great.

She stated that it is important for those who are in leadership positions to always make decisions based on the present and future circumstances of the organisation and not just follow the old time rules.

She emphasized that organisations must put structures in place that will make them fit into the World standard for organisations and be transparent enough.

She concluded by stating that those who are world-class leaders do not follow usual ways but they try as much as possible to be different from others and that they are known by their acts and not by words.

5. “Tribal Leadership” By David Logan

A common definition for Tribe is a community of about 20 to over 100 people living with common ideas and way of life.

David stated that there are 5 different categories of life of which 48% of the working category abide in the third stage. This third stage is for people who believe they are great and other people are not.

He then stressed further that the attitude of these categories of people is a big hindrance to good productivity.


David explained that moving these people from stage 3 to stage four, a stage where the slogan “we are great” rules is an important factor.

Workers In stage four usually work in unity, with team spirit sharing creative values to take the organization to its peak.
In conclusion, he stated that the optimal stage is the “life is great,”.

6. Do the Meeting On A Walk By Nilofer Merchant

Nilofer gave an alternative to the usual long hours of having meetings sitting down which she said is gradually killing people who practice this, she advised that rather than having meetings with staff while sitting, meetings can be done while walking in the premises of the organization.

Concluding she said that the fresh air in the surrounding will help the thought process of the staff.

7. “Before You Cease To Exist, Live! By Steve Job

This is a popular oration given by Steve Job at Stanford University in 2005 explaining the challenges he had from childhood, how he was adopted and several other priceless experiences that have shaped him into a world-famous personality.

Steve advises leaders to believe in themselves and the path they have chosen. He concluded by stating that death is probably the best creation of life as it is a constant change agent.

8. Drivers Of Life By Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins: a famous life coach declares that our feelings, beliefs, sentiments are the major factors that drive us in life.

They explained that only leaders who understand the needs of their humans appreciate their workforce and studies what brings out the best in their staff. He noted that the science behind achievement and success is quite comprehensive but the art of true satisfaction and fulfillment is begging for study.

He concluded by advising that people should make decisions based on a major aspect of concentration, attach meaning to whatever it is one is concentrating on and eventually create a feeling that motivates you and others to act.

9. Inactive Employees? See why by Jason Fried

Jason analyses the reason why people do not work in their workplace, he said work is like sleep that is often interrupted by several factors.

He argued that employees are not productive at work due to distractions by social media, managers, and meetings.

He then advised heads of organizations to find a way to bring down the level of unnecessary distractions at work.

10. Don’t Achieve Average, Do More Than Average By Shawn Anchor

If we seem satisfied with average quality, we will remain at the average level. We ought to take note of what makes the great organizations great and pursue it adequately till we get optimal results.

Shawn emphasized that we all need to change our perception of the business world so we can push our businesses to that high point we really desire because the actual driving force behind any organization is the Outlook.

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