Top 10 Web Host Providers in Nigeria (2021)


What is the best hosting provider to use? — A pivotal question all wannabe website owner will always ask. It’s also asked by existing website owners looking to move from their current hosting platform to something better.

It turns out this is a golden question needed to be answered for any website expected to be successful in the future. Without a quality host, the list of problems that can hinder a site’s growth is pretty much endless. That’s why web developers, bloggers, and companies owning sites are always on the lookout for excellent website hosting services to push their business online to the next level.

This article will give an honest, quick review of the best web hosting services you can find in Nigeria. For businesses in Nigeria, opting for a hosting web service that allows you to pay in naira makes the whole subscription process more comfortable. You don’t get to suck up all the issues of high-interest rates and substantial bank charges.

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These hosting companies have been closely observed and seen to serve a large sample size of customers without significant complaints, thus making them earn a place in this list.

1.  Mode Web Host

Coming up top is Mode Web Host — a hosting service that has built all its services focusing on a website owners’ core needs; affordable and quality hosting.

Currently the fastest growing web hosting platform in Nigeria, this company offers to host plans you ordinarily won’t get elsewhere. A basic plan as low as ₦300 per month will give you hosting privilege for two websites, five email accounts, unlimited bandwidth, 20GB storage, and many more.

The max plan that costs ₦3500 per month will allow customers to host an unlimited number of sites, daily backup, unlimited storage, bandwidth, etc.

The pricing plans they offer on hosting packages are a bit unreal compared to the others on this list, making it the go-to hosting platform for website owners looking for quality at an affordable price.

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Their customer service setup is also something to praise as well; you don’t get all the stress you would often find with other hosting services.

2.     Qservers

Launched in 2004, QServers has grown to become one of Nigeria’s most trusted web hosting service providers. Veterans in web design often rate it as the cheapest web hosting service in the country.

Although not entirely true, there are some points to take from this as most of their services are cost-effective, even though they charge standard rates for their premium services. Views from veterans often suggest it’s a platform better for e-commerce sites, so keep this in mind before purchasing a plan.

3.     DomainKing

DomainKing is another fast-growing web hosting service in Nigeria; they offer just about the same pricing plans as Mode Web Host, putting them among the TOP 3 in the list. Of course, they also offer all popular domain extensions; including the famous but expensive “.ng.”

4.     WhoGoHost

WhoGoHost is another excellent option for budding website owners looking to get their content or products on the web.

Established b Opeyemi Awoyemi in 2007, the hosting company has grown to be one of the business’s giants. Although experts see it as a web host best for small sites, they’ve got all the standard security facilities, including Cloudflare.

5.     SmartWeb


SmartWeb pitches itself as the most efficient web hosting company in Nigeria. They continuously boast of using the latest equipment and technology for their services.

There’s some truth to this: they’re among the top hosting platforms in Nigeria with minimal downtime. The company offers different web hosting options, including Linux, and a basic plan of ₦4000 a year; they’re one of the best offering top quality affordable for every webmaster.

6.     Garanntor

This web hosting company is among the few with their data servers based in Nigeria. Launched in 2016, the company has grown to host websites for over 20000 customers; indeed one of the most robust hosting platforms in Nigeria. They also offer some fantastic packages like Virtual Server, Colocation, .ng domains, and .za domains.

7.     Web4Africa

One of the oldest web hosting platforms in Nigeria, Web4Africa, was established in 2002 and has expanded its services to over 120 countries worldwide.

It’s a well-respected platform. There are no real flaws compared to the other options above, except for the pricing system, which is significantly higher than others; you pay ₦525 per month for a basic hosting plan with 2GB disc space.

8.     Utiware

Utiware is a Webhosting platform gradually penetrating the hosting business in Nigeria. They operate on the mandate “Improving the Productivity of their customers.”

They own their own data centers and boast of using high-grade equipment to serve customers. Definitely, a company to look at if you’re conservative on the idea of using shared hosting services.

9.     GlobalHosting247

Another reliable Webhosting service in Nigeria, GlobalHosting247, pitches itself as a company focussed on catering for customers.

They’ve got arguably the most affordable plans out there; with ₦2250 per year, one can get a hosting space with 15GB bandwidth and 1GB disc space. Of course, it’s not an advisable plan for website owners who expect large volumes of traffic.

Still, it’s a good start for any wannabe webmaster. All accounts they offer comes with unlimited emails, unlimited MySQL database, 24/7 site monitoring and protection, and free account setup.

10. GigaLayer

HUB8 is one of the emerging Webhosting platforms in Nigeria. They’re also among the few web hosting services worldwide to offer ‘reasonable free hosting plans.’

They’re highly recommended for start-up businesses and blogs due to their affordable quality services. With ₦2500 per year, you can get a free domain, 7GB disc space, unlimited bandwidth, MySQL database, subdomains, and emails. Evidently, their pricing plans are quite unbeatable.



This quick review of Webhosting services in Nigeria has been compiled based on individual experiences and large sample sizes of existing customer reviews. Due to advancements in technology, local Nigerian hosting companies can now compete with their foreign counterparts.

There’s now a relative balance in purchasing power of these new technologies. Typically, most hosting companies in Nigeria today will give you optimal uptime and offer exactly what’s written on the package. However, a critical factor that makes a significant difference is customer service competence when it comes to technical support.


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