Top 20 Fastest Internet Providers In Nigeria


This article features a list of Nigeria’s top 20 Internet service companies with the most Internet speed.

Here are some fascinating details about Internet Service Providers here in Nigeria and how they match up against one another.

The Nigerian telecommunications companies ars similar to what we deem the Web to be “superpowers” compared to advance country like the United State of America or Europe. The network service is faster in most of this advance countries.

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But today, this article can benefit you by providing you vivid details of some Nigeria network providers. If you choose to subscribe and do not know the Nigerian Internet service provider you can pick from we are ready to provide you with a guide.

If you try to access a web page and the Internet speed is as sluggish as snail, it can be annoying. So this article will also direct you if you actually change your Internet service provider as the top 20 fastest Internet and boradband service providers in Nigeria.

Internet in Nigeria is also not yet up to the standard of connectivity of developing countries.

However, each year, numerous providers of Internet infrastructure continue to enhance their offerings and offer specific approaches to render the Internet more available and affordable to Nigerians.

Many Internet services companies are in Nigeria, but some of them definitely lead in the industry when it comes to the highest and fastest rate of data.

Here are the top 20 internet providers in Nigeria together with the fastest internet providers in Nigeria here.

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1. MTN Nigeria

MTN Nigeria was Nigeria’s first GSM network in Nigeria, they offer fast mobile internet in the country.

Mtn 4G Internet connection will make you experience extremely quick updates, HD Web Sharing, high-resolution voice calls, decent quality video viewing, playing online gaming and many more.

MTN Broadband services are still fairly cost-effective. You should visit their website at and you can also find more about their different Internet access offerings and data plans by visit their nearest outlets.

2. Globacom Telecommunications Limited

Globacom Telecommunications Limited is one of Nigeria’s finest mobile network providers. The internet access is really cheap.

Although Glo Internet speed is not as good as the other companies mentioned in this article, they do offer services for one of the best rates.

Across virtually any region of Nigeria Globacom provides GPRS, 3G & 4G networks.

Glo 4G LTE coverage is only available in Lagos, but will be accessible shortly in other parts of the country.

To know more about Glo data policies you can visit their website @ or visit any Glo outlet close to you.

3. 9Mobile

9Mobile once known as Etisalat, is one of Nigerians ‘most common network providers for fast and inexpensive internet access.

Thanks to its broad reach, reliable and cost effective Internet services, they are listed among Nigeria’s top 20 Internet providers.

To know more about their service plans and rates, visit your website at or visit any 9Mobile outlet close to you.

4. Smile Communications Nigeria

Smile Communications Nigeria is one of Nigeria and Africa’s biggest Internet service providers in the country.

Smile is situated In several African countries, they provide fast, stable and high-quality 4G mobile broadband.

For now, Ibadan, Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt are part of the states that are enjoying the network. Their website at to learn more about Smile Communications Internet services or visit any their outlet close to you.

5. Swift

Swift is one of Nigeria’s main and most successful providers of Internet service. Even if Swift is sold in Lagos only, it remains one of the biggest suppliers. The business was founded in 2002.

They deliver high-tech broadband Internet access with easy and secure connectivity. Swift was one of the first in Nigeria to bring 4G LTE operation.


Their customer service system is very active and supportive. For further details, check their @ website or visit any of their outlet close to you.

6. Spectranet

Spectranet is also among the fastest Internet providers in Nigeria, Spectranet Nigeria has introduced its 4G LTE Broadband Service with very fast internet speed.

You enjoy cheap, easy and secure broadband Internet access with Spectranet. They are just present in Abuja, Ibadan, Lagos and Port Harcourt at the moment.

For more details please visit or visit any of their outlet close to you.

7. IPNX Nigeria

IPNX is one of Nigeria’s leading IT companies offering fast, unrestricted Internet connectivity in Nigeria.

Telephone and cable television networks are also available. In Lagos, Abuja and Port-Harcourt, IPNX Nigeria services are currently open.

For more details access their web at http:/ or visit any of their outlet close to you.

8. Netcom Africa

Without naming Netcom Africa, we won’t list 10 of Nigeria’s top 10 Internet providers.

They deliver the Internet very easily. While they are a little pricey on the website, they are very accurate.

Visit their website at HTTP:/ to find out more about Netcom or visit any of their outlet close to you.

9. Cyberspace

Cyberspace is a Private corporation that has been based in Nigeria since 1995. Cyberspace cyberspace Nigeria The 4G LTE network technology first launched in 2014.

They are among Nigeria’s largest internet service companies which offer a wide variety of Internet services. They also sell to people and associate organizations numerous other network solutions.

If you need more info visit the website at or visit any of their outlet close to you.

10. Cobranet Nigeria

Cobranet is one of Nigeria’s main providers of information and Internet connectivity. It started in 2003.

At present they provide Internet solutions for the Abuja, Lagos and Port Harcourt private, medium-sized business and organization.

On the web site you can read more about Cobranet Nigeria and its goods and services or visit any of their outlet close to you.

11. Ipnxng

12. Coollink

13. Airtel Nigeria

14. Hyperia Ltd

15. Mainone Cable Company

16. Vodacom Business Nigeria

17. Internet Solutions Nigeria Limited

17. Ugo

18. Cobranet Limited

19. Gateway Telecoms Integrated Services

20. Netcom Africa Limited


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