Top 20 Health Benefits of Palm Wine


Yes! Palm Wine has some health benefits.  Read on to find out. Palm wine is simply the alcoholic drink toddy. It is known as a local alcoholic drink in Africa. Drinking palm wine is highly medicinal, and most people take alcohol for its intoxicating action.

Let me share with you some safety importance of palm wine before I share with you the top 10 health benefits.

Naturally palm wine help the eye vision, it is a healthy source of eye-conscious vitamins C and B. It’s vitamin C levels helps the growth of connective tissues in the body and eye vessels prevents associated problems in the eye such as cataracts, macular degeneration.

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It supply vitamin B1 and B12 to your body and it help to overcome vascular problems connected to the retina that may lead to persistent inflammation and much more. Vitamins usually tend to maintain the eye safe and raising the chance of feeling sick.

Major Caution on intake of Palm wine that you need to consider:-

Health wise it is not advisable to consume much fermented palm wine because of the excess of it’s fermented.  It can be dangerous to the human health when the intake is too much.

A fermented palm wine that Africans refers to as local hot contains a large quantity of alcohol, possibly more than that present in any of the alcoholic beverages we consume. If not guided by the precautions it can lead to so many destruction such as destroying the lungs, liver, kidney etc.

Excessive intake of palm wine can cause hypertension.

We have different kinds of palm wine production so also the Palm trees. The level at which an African man consumes palm Wine white might might not be fit to do the same because of it’s sap alcoholic content.

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There are different types of Palm trees but to name as fews like Palmyrus, cocoon palm. Palm wine contain Sugar, Protein, Glucose, Amino acid, Vitamin C, Yeast Bacteria, Potassium, Zinc, Magnesium, Iron, Magnesium, B1, B2, B3 and B6.

Let’s us look at the top 10 health benefits of Palm wine:

1. Palm wine improves the eye vision

Palm wine is a natural substance that helps improves the eye vision.

It also helps to hold the skin safe. It includes the antioxidant Vitamin C which is the ascorbic acid.          Palm wine contains thiamine which give your body vitamin B1 and makes your sight brighter.

2. Wine can help prevent cancer.

Palm wine is a substance that can help you prevent your body from cancer. It contains high content of riboflavin and includes Vitamin B2.

Riboflavin is an antioxidant used to combat certain cancer-causing agents known as free radicals.

Vitamin B2, also known as rivoflavin is naturally in palm wine and its is antioxidant tends to counter other sickness in the body known as free radicals that trigger cancer.

The iron and vitamin B complex present in palm wine are required for a healthy skin and hair.

It also helps you to sustain a good face, face and nails. Palm wine growth and functionality of some cells in our body depends very much on Iron.

3. The palm wine’s product helps encourage wound healing by restoring our wounds and stimulating cell development.

4. It cures major skin infection


Palm wine may be used to treat skin disease such as rashes and eczema.

5. It kills Coronary Disease

It Reduced incidence of coronary disease Studies has indicated a reduction in contracting coronary disorders.

Palm wine produces potassium and has demonstrated its value by work aimed at increasing cardiac safety.

Drinking it heavily, though, has harmful implications, such as liver damage.

6. It contains vitamins such as zinc, magnesium etc. that can protect our body from contacting germs.

The existence of nutrients such as vitamins, zinc, magnesium and other vitamins play a very important role in improving the health of the hair and skin.

Palm wine contains nutrients which help feed the skin, the hair and the nails.

It also helps encourage fresh body cells by the elimination and substitution of the dead cells in the body, thereby providing a clean, flexible and healthier appearance of the skin.

7. It helps Breast-milk flow

Intake of Palm wine for a nursing mother can help the flow of her breast.

It’s more or less a local way of treating a  breast-feeding mother who’s breasts is not producing enough milk in African.

8. It helps fight Skin Cancer

Palm wine can help you in fight against Skin Cancer.

It is rich in Antioxidant which is believed to further mitigate the risk of cancer because it inhibits cycles of oxidation in the body that may trigger chemical reactions inside the body that trigger essential organ and cell injury, ulcer, inflammation, etc.

Palm wine is a healthy source of antioxidants to stop free radicals that kill the body’s cells and combat cancer.

9. It decrease cardiovascular risk

According to Studies carried out few years ago, palm wine can help reduce cardiovascular disorders, such as coronary insufficiency, correlated with consuming small volumes of palm wine.

According to Lingberg and Ezra research publication of 2008, noted that Palm wine produces potassium and can help you reduce cardiac arrest and high blood pressure. Anyways drinking it heavily, though, has harmful implications, such as liver damage.

10. It provides you Iron and vitamin B complex.

palm wine is important for the good skin, hair and tooth. Palm wine helps the growth and functionality of some cells in our body which depends on Iron.

It also enables quick healing of wound sustained. That’s while it is regarded for restoring of wounds and stimulating cell development.

Naturally Palm wine helps and support breastfeeding mother when her breast milk supply is reduced.

Researchers from Africa disclosed that palm wine have a lot of health benefits that can help human enjoy live.


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