Top 20 scholarships in Nigeria to study abroad (2021)


Many Nigerian students wish they can get a scholarship to study abroad. Often time scholarship does not come in its full package.

Be rest assured that you will get the finest information here. If you want to receive current Nigerian students scholarships in 2019, use these bursaries for 2019.

This opportunity comes up every year, COVID 19 really affects the chances of getting a scholarship as Nigeria students in 2020 but we are sure that there will still be some opportunities to explore later in the year.

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The application opens annually to the Nigerian Tertiary Institutions’ Federal Government Scholarship Award.

Given studies in the UK, France, and developing colleges around the world, the PTDF bursary is awarded. However, only for studies in Nigeria will the undergraduate level be awarded.

The purpose of the program is to promote academic excellence and enhance young Nigerians’ skills.

Students can study abroad to think about the attractiveness and history of a new country in a foreign country. A list of 10 very important and compelling benefits of abroad study is accessible here.

As the best academic bursary in the country, the World Stipends Forum is dedicated to upgrading the best Overseas Bursary for Nigerian students in 2020.

Any Nigerian students in 2020, who will like to study abroad would earn such Overseas / Abroad scholarships.

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Study abroad may be one of the most lucrative opportunities at any point for a student.

Students will travel abroad to think about the attractiveness to the history of a new nation in a foreign world.

A voracious collection of 10 very important and compelling benefits of abroad research is accessible here.

* Exposure

* Standard Education

* Foreign Jobs

* New Society Taking

* Your skills in language are Hone

* Opportunities for career

* Discover New Desires

* Make friends for a lifetime

* Social growth Individual life

* Applications to Graduate School

Experience of Life

In contrast to any other African country, Nigeria as a nation has the greatest investment potential.

This is why most international governments, foundations, universities, and colleges give citizens of the country scholarship opportunities.

Here Is A List Of 20 Best International Scholarship Programs For Nigerian Students In 2020

1. The Fulbright Nigerian Student / Scholarship plan.

2. University of Sussex (Uk), Postgraduate Fellowship in Economics for African Students.

3. Nigerian Undergraduate, Academic & Masters Japanese Government Scholarships.

4. European Master’s Bursar College University of Bradford

5. Sub-Saharan African students DAAD In-Country / In-Regions Bursary,

6. Overseas Postgraduate Bursary for Nigerian Students Nigeria LNG (NLNG)

7. Ghanaian and Nigerian Postgraduate Bursaries in the UK

8. Student Bursaries in Nigeria, Kenya and Egypt University of Brunel

9. Nigerian Students Scholarship University of Dundee Petroleum Technology Creation Fund (PTDF)

10. Nigerian Students Among University of Dundee Postgraduate Studies

11. Ghana, Kenya & Nigeria – International Masters Awards from the University of Stirling in Scotland

12. 12. Undergraduate Scholarship for International Students of the Robert Gordon University Vice-Chancellor.


13. Nigerian Students: Nigeria Birmingham Outstanding Success Scholarships Free International Bursaries

14. British Educational Fellowship University of Lincoln

15. Ethiopian Students Canadian Government Bonds 2020

16. Nigerian students bursaries To foreign study: Nigerian students bursaries Singapore 2020 Singapore

17. Test for China: Nigerian Students 2020 Chinese Government / African Union Bonds

18. Nigerian Students MasterCard Foundation School Plan 2020

19. Nigerian Global Schools Youth Leaders’ Ambassadors Plan

20. Chancellor of Foreign Bursaries, University of Sussex, United Kingdom.

Scholarships in Nigeria to study abroad

1. The Fulbright Nigerian Student / Scholarship Plan

The Fulbright Student Scholars Program offers are available each year.

The scholarship is a competitive US scholarship program for Nigerian students, instructors, practitioners, science men, musicians, and international educational exchange grants.

2. The University of Sussex, Great Britain Postgraduate Studies Fellowship for African Students, 2020.

An annual MA bursary to eligible applicants in Nigeria for the MSc or MSc Growth Economics is accessible in the Department of Economics at the University of Sussex.

3. Japanese Government Bursaries for Nigerian Students 2020 Undergraduates, Studies & Masters.

In order to study as an undergraduate and master are undergraduate in Japanese, the Government (MEXT) scholarship for 2020, the Ministry for Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT) offers Nigerian students bonds to research in Japanese universities.

4. Bradford University Global Student Development Bonds 2020.

The Global Development Bursaries of the University of Bradford are awarded to students in Nigeria who specialize in Masters degrees at Bradford University. This is essentially one of the biggest bursaries for students studying abroad in Nigeria.

5. Sub-Saharan African Students Bursary DAAD In-Country / In-Regions 2020

The German Student Exchange Service (DAAD) calls for applications for the German Federal Ministry for Economic Co-operation and Development (BMZ) In-country / In-Regions Scholarship from interested parties.

This bursary is currently also available to Nigerian applicants interested in studying their master’s degree and doctoral studies in Africa.

6. Nigeria LNG (NLNG) Nigerian Graduates 2020 Overseas Postgraduate Scholarship

Nigeria LNG Limited (NLNG) is delighted, as of September, to invite qualified applicants to join Masters programs in the United Kingdom for NLNG Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme. The bursary is good.

7. Ghana and Nigerian graduates Postgraduate Bursaries in the United Kingdom, 2020.

In the study of science, Business and Geography Nigerians and Ghanaians can study at the University of Portsmouth invites applications for postgraduate scholarships.

8. Students’ Bursaries in Nigeria, Kenya, and Egypt 2020 at the University of Brunel.

International applicants for a Bachelor’s, Postgraduate, or Ph.D. degree starting in September 2020 have access to country-specific scholarships. To Nigerian students to study abroad this is one of the strongest ties.

9. Nigerian Students Scholar 2020 University of Dundee Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF)

The University of Dundee in Scotland invites Nigerian students to apply for a Postgraduate Scholarship from the Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF).

10. Undergraduate Scholarship for Nigerian students from Robert Gordon University.

Robert Gordon University’s Vice Chancellor’s Bursary as offered only in 2020 to international students from non-Uk who complete a full-time undergraduate course. The bursary is available throughout the university’s field of study.

11. Nigerian Students are now offered the opportunity to study in Birmingham Outstanding Performance Bonds 2020 – Uk Free International Stipends.

Birmingham University is pleased to announce four $6,507.66 scholarships granted to Nigerian foreign students applying for a University degree in September 2020.

12. The UK Educational Quality Stipends University of Lincoln.

The university will accept submissions from applicants from all over the world for academic excellence bursaries for programs starting in February and September. Such bonds are valid for applications for students from China, India, Malaysia, Norway, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the U.S.

13. Nigerian Students’ Canadian Government Scholarship

The Government of Canada encourages Nigerian students to apply to the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships Scheme (Vanier CGS). This incentive is intended for doctoral students of world-class who study for research in Canada. The opportunity has changed your lives, most Ethiopians have testified.

14. Nigerian Students Singapore Bursaries

Singapore International Student Bursaries are invited to apply. Earlier, Nigerian students benefited enormously.

15. Nigerian Students 2020 Chinese government & African Union Bursary

Through the African Union, the Chinese government is pleased to encourage young Nigerian students to apply for bursaries to study different courses at Chinese universities.


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