Top 20 torrent download website of 2021


Torrent websites can never they must in terms of getting TV shows, videos, music, movie downloads, books, and games free of charge.

What time the website does that make the owners of these copyright materials furious is that it grants easy access to these accessible files and materials on the internet.

Torrent remains one of the most used online tools to share files and media over the internet. No torrent seems like it is not legal and has suffered some issues relating to piracy report by the owners of copyright materials being uploaded. back in 2018 people had instigated that there will be no more piracy because torrent is dead, yet torrent still found a way around it. It’s just like when a door closes, another opens.

Torrent websites have been facing a lot of war in early 2017, major torrent websites got shut down and they are;, Kick-Ass torrent, and the legendary torrent search engine. some people are not even aware of the new torrent website that are active in 2020.

Just as we are not in support of piracy but at some point in life, most people must have used torrent websites due to the fact that not everyone can afford the subscription for these digital platforms. Getting the best torrent websites it’s not an easy job this is because of most of this website and not on Google search meaning they are not indexed.

So whenever you search for torrent sites on Google the main ones that you can easily find what you are looking for would not appear.

What torrent does that make sure it gets banned in different countries of the world is that it promotes illegal distribution of files and materials online. while these countries prohibit the use of torrent websites the materials on this website are still safe and very legal, the only problem torrent website has is obtaining permission to post these materials.

How torrent websites function

Basically here I’ll walk you through how torrent websites function. You have to understand that Torrent website platforms that aid file sharing.

On normal platforms where you get to download files on materials on the internet, you are downloading a file that is hosted by a server but on the torrent website, it works in a different way. Torrent websites use peer-to-peer technology instead of the server system and this way you are downloading from human beings like you.

Using this system you can download several materials from different people simultaneously, this means you can be downloading a movie from John, Philip, and Nonso at the same time. In the torrenting world, there are two main terms being used and they are the Seeder and the leecher.
Seeder is the term that connotes the uploader of the file. Leecher is the term that connotes the downloader of the file.

Torrent websites had several issues in the year 2019 but now in 2020 there are top torrent websites with much more improved system than older ones and there are websites like Thepiratebay and TorrentZ2. a similar design with that of its predecessor but a much better ranking algorithm for the website that helps provide efficient results.

there are several available proxy and torrent website but not all of them will fit into the list so we are going to list the top 20 where you could easily download files from links on the websites.

Top 20 torrent download website:

Pirate Bay

You can easily say this is the best torrent website of 2020 because it is one of the oldest websites that is operating in a domain name extension of .org.
There are different categories on this website where you could easily search for these different categories and get what you’re looking for.

This website looks exactly like its predecessor with similar features. Do they are not the same but this has more improvement than the older one.

Torrent project

This particular website uses DHT to search and find content in several databases that encompass over 10 million torrents. this website is void of annoying ads and pop-ups that has sexual content.


On this torrent website, you can easily see the search bar for getting what you’re looking for. And on the homepage, you can find categories like television, movies, music, games, applications, documentaries, animes, and others.

Torrent downloads

Torrent downloads is one of the best torrent websites but have gotten blocked by several internet service providers. However, it provides great search engine that covers millions of users monthly and it gives the best results for search queries.


This torrent website is mainly a TV show and video provider. The website got released in 2008 and since then has won over millions of users.

Torrent funk

This torrent website is an improving platform that has increased time-saving and user trust at the same time. This torrent website has a verification and comment section under each torrent.


This website has uniquely created a place on the internet. however, most people are against the brand’s name and want to shut down the site.  This website helps you get the best video quality the minimum possible size.


This torrent website has an expansive database and has the highest number of legitimate files.


This website is the replica of the legendary KickassTorrent website. There are several duplicates of this legendary KickassTorrents but most of them have issues like pop-up ads, slow websites, and others. This torrent website also has an Android app with minimal ads.


This website has verified and assured files in it.


This project is still in beta phase but one thing you love about it is its privacy policy, they do not allow their users to be tracked in any way.

Btscene torrents

One thing you’re going to love about this website is the amazing layout and you can easily find out the most popular uploads on the website.

Kick-Ass torrents

this is basically a duplicate of the legendary KickassTorrent that shook the industry when the site was taken down.

Extra torrent

This is a vast collection of torrent websites and is very sustaining due to its active community.

Yourbit torrent

this is the website that has one of the largest amounts of verified torrents with a nice interface.


if you’re looking for a torrent website with lesser ads display and neat interface, then this is the best platform for you.

Worldwide torrent

You love this website due to lesser ads there are many options you can browse through.


This torrent website has amazing offers for you with lesser pop-up ads.

This website has been neglected due to its security and it has a poor interface.



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