Top 5 Best Game reserves in Nigeria


In this post will be taking a look at the game reserves we have in Nigeria. most people are not aware of the game reserves that are currently in Nigeria most especially the citizens who have stayed there for ages.

It is only when one decides to set out on a tourism trip and he discovers how blessed the country is. Nigeria is blessed with a good number of beautiful game reserve parks in addition to outstanding flora and fauna. There are national reserves, rainforests, and even preservation centers that are around the country.

If you would want to witness an unforgettable and breathtaking scenario which will make you have the best fun of your life then you should put Nigeria into consideration due to its natural endowment.

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They are unique species of animals that exist in Nigeria which people would love to see and these are all things you can easily find when you visit the game reserves in Nigeria. one thing you should know is that there are also rare plant species that are in preservation in the game reserves in Nigeria.

If you are in Nigeria or you love to go visiting here and some of these best game reserves you can pay a visit.

1. Folgore game reserve in Kano state

Folgore game reserve was initially known as Kogin Kano Forest reserve and it’s situated at 110 km South of the Jos – Kano road. This game reserve conserves some special animal species and Savannah floral species right there in their natural environment.

One of the Major initiatives behind this game reserve is that it was established with part of a purpose that seeks to regulate the sedimentation that has been a threat to the tiga multipurpose dam which is a solid backbone of the Kano river project. is a particular game reserve in Nigeria has huge potentials especially for tourism and the northern part of Nigeria.

This game reserve contains several unique attractions like rapids of the river Kano and special rocks.

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This game reserve spot is a spectacular place for taking amazing pictures, I’m sure you’d love that.

Tourists in this game reserve in Kano state also observe the unique culture and I allowed to visit the ghost town remains of Falgore which was built in traditional architecture. Another advantage of this game reserve is that camping facilities and accommodation are available in it.

2. Chad Basin National Park

Chad basin national Park is one of the top Nigerian game reserves you can easily find in the North-Eastern part of the country.

It has an area that spans approximately 2250 square kilometers. There are different regions where the Chad basin is divided and this has been classified into the Chingurmi Duguma area and Bade Nguru Wetlands.

This pack does not have as much prominence as others see it among tourists due to the several inhabitants of the park which makes it very common and that has led to the loss of appeal from The tourist who visits the parks to see rare animal species.

However, one thing this national park does have is that it possesses some basic facilities which assist in making your visit more comfortable.


3. Kainji Lake national park

Niger State in Nigeria has a National Park known as Kainji national park which is the home to to game reserves that are surrounded by the kanji lake. This particular location has a wonderful variety of wildlife.

There are rare animal species like warthogs, hyenas, hippos, baboons, and others in the game reserve. You should also be aware that there are several activities that are available for tourists such as wilderness treks and boat cruises.

If you’d go to this game reserve once in a while because you’ll be able to feel and enjoy the true beauty of African nature.

Whatever scenery that you want to witness while in that state you should just ask your tour guide and make a request. Yes, it is that simple.

4. Afi mountain wildlife sanctuary

This particular sanctuary in Nigeria is specifically made for rare animal species for their protection. If you would love to Lauren amazing things about endangered species in Africa then this sanctuary may be the right place for you to visit.

The sanctuary gives you the opportunity to research but conditions and kind of like these species possess in this sanctuary.

It is the cross river national park authorities that manage the Afi mountain wildlife sanctuary. This sanctuary also protects one of the oldest rainforest habitats. One of the best areas for rainforest in West Africa as a whole is the Cross River National Park and that is why this particular location might be the best for you to visit.

This wildlife sanctuary contains unique species of birds and plants which will keep you engrossed while you are there. List national Park also houses up to three-quarters of the primate species that are in Nigeria.

You can also find endangered species of wild animals which include the African forest elephant in this national Park. You can also pay a visit to Cross River National Park to get yet another experience of the wildlife nature that exists in Nigeria.

5. Yankari National Park

The Yankari national park is yet another game reserve in Nigeria that is renowned for its population of baboons, wild African elephants, buffaloes that are situated in the south-eastern Bauchi down around gagi river.

This national park has inhabitants or it’s Savannah woodland and includes hippopotamus, waterbucks, crocodiles, oribi, amazing species of monkeys, roan antelope which are amazing.

The Yankari national park is one of the best game reserves you can find in Nigeria and it also has accommodation for tourists in the park’s territory. there are many hotels campgrounds that are available in this national park where people can easily have other activities or Safari drives wear out leaving the amazing nature.

This is one of the best and would always remain the best National Park you can pay a visit in Nigeria and the rest of Africa.

Have fun seeing these amazing places while in Nigeria!



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