Top 10 most beautiful beaches in Nigeria


A beach is a form of land along a body of water made up of loose particles.  Particles you can find in a beige include sand shingle gravel and pebbles. You’d probably see some rocks around there.

Evening sun beaches are unique. They have human-made infrastructures like bars, shacks, lifeguard posts, and some hospitality venues. Most of these can also be found seen in Nigeria beaches.

The beaches in Nigeria are listed below beautiful Jodi don’t rank highest in Africa because Nigeria is not renowned for its coastlines.

Nigerian beaches radiate with golden sand and beautiful seashells, which are perfect for picnic photoshoot sunbathing and others.

So the perfect time to pay a visit to beaches in Nigeria is it during the dry season. That is because it is when the water has reduced.

Now all you have to do is to grab your popcorn, sit back and relax why I list the best beaches we can boast in Nigeria.

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Top Beaches in Nigeria

If you’re looking to plan the beach wedding a bit party or looking for a cool spot for picnic swimming and sunbathing, then you’ve come to the right place.

1. Lagos bar beach

So one of the most popular beaches in Nigeria is the Lagos bar beach and is located along Ahmadu Bello Way Victoria Island Lagos State.

This Lagos bar beach can also be called Victoria beach and is located at the very center of Victoria island. It was originally one of a collection of sandy bars that formed naturally, shielding Lagos from the stormy Gulf of Guinea.

2. Elegushi beach

Now, this is one of the best beaches where you can find cool fun in Nigeria. I’ve been there with a couple of friends and I enjoyed every bit of my stay there he has enough groove, it has a party in it has adventures it has a lot of side attractions. mention there is no way you going to be looking for beaches in Nigeria without mentioning this beach.

This beach is located in ikate, Lagos it is on the peninsula. however, there is a gate fee of N1000 so you would want to go to the beach with your cash.

3. La champagne Tropicana beach

This beach is located in ikegan, ibeju, Lekki, Lagos State. This beat is one of the best in Lagos that offers canoeing hiking swimming ocean fishing hunting and relaxation it is just an hour’s drive from Victoria island.

This place is a five-star resort where you can fill nature in the form of a freshwater lake in Savannah and accessible mangrove Forest and extensive sandy beach fresh air and warm Atlantic Sea. People who come to this place involving playing football beach volleyball snorkeling and horse riding.

4. Tarkwa Bay beach

This beach is located at tarkwa bay Lagos island. This is a well-sheltered beach along Lagos harbor. You can easily locate this place by taking a boat from Victoria island.

This beach provides a fun outing with safe swimming conditions, even for the little ones. On the beach, visitors can get deck chairs and an awning for a comfortable, casual style.

5. Ibeno Beach, – Akwa Ibom State.

The Ibeno Beach in Iben Akwa Ibom State is one of the Longest Beaches in West Africa. The beach is an eye-catching sea coast that spreads over the Atlantic to James City. Ibeno beach is ideal for relaxing and leisure, as water sports facilities exist. Each year there are increasing numbers of visitors to the beach.

6. Unwana/Ndibe Golden Sand Beach, – Ebonyi State

The golden sand beaches of Unwana and Ndibe are situated in two different locations but both are under one local government which is the Afikpo-North Local Government Area. One common feature of the two beautiful beaches in the Golden Sand.

This place is an ideal place for relaxing and other leisure activities. If you’re searching for a picnic beach, collecting shells, sport fishing, sunbathing, sailing boats, canoeing, this beach is for you.

7. Patigi Beach, Rivers Niger

Another beautiful beach in Nigeria is Patigi beach. The beach is located on the banks of the River Niger and is not so much classic but the elegance lies in the scenery and other things on the beach that one participates in. This is an ideal place for the fishermen to enjoy.

8. Calabar Beach, Cross Rivers State.

When we’re talking about Nigerian tourism, Calabar is a destination. Indeed Calabar is a haven for tourists. And one of Nigeria’s best seashores is Calabar beach.

The beach is a big one, and perfect for family-friendly ones as well. You can go with your kids, as well. Most meals are on sale and you can also stroll around and enjoy the serenity. The beach has a car park. Cruising, sailing and other sports can be undertaken on ships.

9. Lekki Beach

There are several beaches around the Lekki Peninsula, the main one being Lekki Beach, a few miles from the center of town. Lekki Beach is another beautiful beach of Lagos and remains popular among foreign tourists.

Beach shelters created from palm fronds and umbrellas, available for sale, keep the sun at bay, and to provide a place to enjoy local traders snacks or refreshments.

Location: Lekki-Epe Expressway, Lekki Lagos.

10. Eleko Beach

Was first opened in 1989, Eleko is the newest of Lagos ‘ Beaches, about 30 miles from Lagos, down the Lekki Peninsula.

There are no vendors on Eleko Beach and there are no distractions, only serenity, perfect for those looking for privacy.
Location: km 56, Lekki-Epe Expressway, Lagos


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