Top Christmas Business Ideas in Nigeria



On this post will be looking at several ways and businesses to make money from in the Christmas period.

Of course, you’ve seen a lot of Christmases and most people use it as a period of celebration but one thing you don’t know is that wise people and entrepreneurs also use it as an avenue of making a lot of money. I could write a thousand words about Christmas and my experience is about it and it won’t still be enough because of the holiday the festivities the fun, the food, and others. Christmas is a special period for Christians and even non-Christians.

There are several activities that are associated with Christmas. And why most people spend a lot of money during this period because of pressure and the urge to impress a lot of people what you don’t know is that it is a period where entrepreneurs make a lot of money too.

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For Christians, Christmas is a period where remembrance of the birth of Jesus is being celebrated. Notwithstanding the religious background, many people see it as a festive. Even for non-Christians, they take time to Bond and rejoice with her family and friends and exchange gifts.

Some special sets of people that are money-minded also use this period to make a lot of money.

The celebration of Christmas is always wonderful because you have to decorate your house and give gifts to family and friends and also your loved ones. Most people make a lot of expenses during this period of the year and that is why is that an opportunity to latch onto it and make extra income.

However, what you should be looking at is what people need at this time of the year. You need to be creative enough in your thinking so understand the varieties of business ideas required to earn money.

I’ve made a compilation of several businesses to use and earn extra income during this period.

1. Sales of greetings card

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a lot of people buy greetings cards for the Christmas period and exchange it with their friends the customers and relations so there is a high demand for Christmas cards during this.

as if you look at it very well you’d understand that you have an opportunity to make a lot of money by selling these Christmas greeting cards. a very easy way to do this is to go to the market and buy already designed greetings cards on wholesale prices and resell them. if you don’t want to do this and you want to go through the whole process yourself then what you should do is to design it on your system then go to a printer print it out and whatever format you want and sell to people.

2. Sales of decoration items

do you know the reason why everyone lights up during Christmas period? It’s because of the designs and decorations. Offices, homes, churches, and workplaces.

A lot of places get decorated during this period with Christmas-themed artwork symbols and others that represent and convey the message of the Christmas season.

Starting up a decoration program for this purpose does not require to start up if you have good marketing and business skills you can easily make a lot of money decorating during Christmas and New year especially if you have good customer service. Here are some Christmas decoration items that you should know if you’re going to go into this business;

• Garlands

• roping

• swags

• ribbons

• poinsettias

• Christmas tree ornaments

• bells

• candles


• candy canes

• stockings

• wreaths

• snow globes and angels.

you can also involve yourself in the selling of decorative symbols like condos which might represent Jesus as the light of the world. to easily reach a lot of people during this period you can get your stand at the gate of a church to sell Xmas items. in Lagos State, you can easily get items like this in popular markets like Idumota, Yaba, and oshodi markets.

and you don’t have to worry because these items come very affordable.

3. Sales of gift baskets

If you have the knowledge about the weaving of basket then you can make a lot of money selling gift baskets during this period. Mostly in the US people who want to make a lot of money from this buy groceries and fill the gift baskets up and wrap it. So they make an extra income selling it. What you should include in this basket are things like bottled beverages, special drinks, canned goods, and others.

but you just need to do is to be creative about the things you want to fill the basket with. This gift basket is very useful for places where they exchange gifts because Christmas Is characterized by giving out.

4. Sales of clothes

during this period lots of people go shopping for clothes because they want to look good for family reunions, religious events, parties, and others.

People always want to wear the best clothes for Christmas. So what you should do to take advantage of pieces to sell t-shirts, Ankara fabrics, Christmas hats, polos, jeans, fashion wares, you can also go the extra mile by customizing some of them with Christmas themes.

if you can’t afford to get a selling space like a shop then you can leave it all matters is you make sales to your friends, families, church members, neighbors, and others.

To make this easy for you, you can easily dropship products from Amazon, eBay, jumia, and the rest of them.

5. Food sales

One thing I loved about Christmas while growing up is I ate a lot of food and varieties at that. Most people mistake the reason for the celebration of this period to be enjoyment, eating, and dining. to make a lot of money using this you just need to know how to prepare Christmas delicacies that do not require a lot of expertise and these are meals like;

• rice (Jollof rice, fried rice, white/coconut rice)

• Egusi soup

• bitter-leaf soup

• catfish pepper-soup

• peppered snail

• roasted whole chicken served with pounded yam

• fufu and eba (garri)

what you should do is to ensure that the food has lots of fish and meat to go around. You should also ensure that you make the meal extra special. you can make a lot of money doing this for your family members your colleagues, friends, and clients.




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