Top 5 Computer Professional Bodies In Nigeria


Are you a computer professional in Nigeria that is presently looking out for a professional computer group to join?

Or are you are an Information Technology expert who needs an association to help negotiate your brilliant ideas and thoughts with the relevant authorities?

Even if you are a student presently studying a computer-related course in the higher institution, this article will be quite helpful to you as it will expose you to the various computer professional association and groups in the nation Nigeria.

This article will also help you to know the significant roles that these professional bodies perform.

Are you ready? Read on!

What Are Computer professional Bodies In Nigeria?

These are unions or groups of specialists in computer responsible for the making of professional rules, standards, regulations, and stands as an independent voice for computer professionals to the government, to the public, and to other professions.

These groups of experts are known for their unity and harmony in the defense of the interest and concerns of the group members.

In Nigeria, there are several of these groups established to sort out matters of concern to their members.

However, some of these groups are listed below:

  • Nigeria Computer Society
  • The Nigerian Association Of Computer Science Students
  • The Institute Of Software Practitioners Of Nigeria
  • Computer Professionals Registration Council Of Nigeria

Let’s take an indepth look at these computer bodies.

1. The Nigerian Association of Computer Science Students (NACOSS)

This is a body that represents all computer science students in several schools across the country, this body is also responsible for those students who are studying computer-related courses in Polytechnics, universities and other schools.

The Nigerian Association Of Computer Science Students is, therefore, the student arm of Nigeria Computer Society.

This association of students has other legally recognized local chapters residents in different higher institutions present across the six geopolitical zones that are present in Nigeria.

2. Computer Professionals [Registration Council] of Nigeria (CPN):

This particular computer group is responsible for the management, supervision, and control of the computing profession in the Nation.
Some of the main duties of this organization are:

This body is responsible for determining the level of skills and knowledge individuals who want to become part of the computing profession.

Also, this body is responsible for the task of improving the laid down principles and rules from time to time.

Furthermore, this body is vested with the responsibility of creating and maintaining a record of persons who want to be registered members of the computing profession in Nigeria.

After this, The association then publishes the names of these interested individuals from time to time.

This association also involved in the creation of programs and the implementation of computer program accreditation in various computer colleges or schools in Nigeria.

3. Nigeria Computer Society (NCS)

This is a notable computer institution in Nigeria.

Established in the year 1978, the Nigeria Computer Society is an association that has all other computer professional bodies under it.
Initial, ly, when it was established in the year 1978, it was named Computer Association Of Nigeria (COAN) but in the year 2002 after COAN merged with several other stakeholders and interested groups of people, the name was changed to Nigeria Computer Society (NCS).

The sole aim of this society is to move forward the computer science and Information Technology sector in Nigeria.

It was also created to ensure development in the application of computer systems in various professional practices like Education, Government parastatals, the military, and the IT industry.

4. Information Technology Association of Nigeria (ITAN)

This is a group of companies and institutions that are into I.T related products and services.

Also, the companies under this association are mostly those involved in the teaching, practice, and application of Information Technology in the Nation.

The ITAN was established in the year 1991 with the purpose of promoting computer literacy and penetration in the Nation.

Also, this association helps negotiate with the Government on behalf of its members on matters concerning the development of IT.

Presently, this association has more than 350 companies registered as members.

5. The Institute of Software Practitioners of Nigeria

This is an association of those who are involved in computer software and other related services in the Nation.

To be more specific, this body of individuals is more concerned with the role of how to grow the software part of the Information Technology industry in the Nation Nigeria.

This group was inaugurated in the year 1999 with the sole aim of advancing the Information Technology industry in Nigeria.

Following the noticeable development in the computer software category in Nigeria, this body is in charge of facilitating businesses and trades that have to do with computer software.
The group also encourages research in Nigeria’s software technology.

This body is also a good place to get concrete information about the Information Technology Industry in Nigeria.


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