Top 10 E-commerce Stores in Nigeria (2021)


This write up will focus on how we buy and sell online, we will be looking at the various platform where we can use to perform this operation. E-commerce stores are online stores where you can use to purchase several items online.

We have so many E-commerce stores online but for the purpose of this write-up, we will be looking at the top 10 e-commerce stores in Nigeria.

To make use of most of the e-commerce stores you need to sign up to own an online account with them, where you will be given a dedicated username and password which you will use to login and perform your purchases online,

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Top 10 E-commerce Stores in Nigeria

E-commerce stores can be used to perform several functions such as you acting as seller and listing your goods or items for sale, you can also act as a buyer where you make a purchase for goods online.

Buying and selling on e-commerce online store can be done with the use of an internet-connected phone and laptop.


Jumia is one of the leading e-commerce stores we have in Nigeria. Jumia is an online store where you can purchase varieties of items and goods online.

The items you can purchase on jumia falls in different category ranging from Electronics, home, and appliance, books, fashion for both man and woman.

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Jumia is an international e-commerce store with stores in different countries of the world and has over 2000 staff working with them.

Several Global Brands like Samsung, Apple, Microsoft, Zara have identified with Jumia and you can easily get their products on Jumia.


 Konga is another leading online e-commerce store we have in this country, it as been in operation for the past 3 years in this country. Konga becomes a favorite among online shoppers who shop regularly online.

Konga was launched in July 2012 and it has grown to become a leading online store in Africa. It offers a range of product that falls into several categories like fashion, electronics, household appliances, books, and so many others.

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Kara. is also among the new online stores we have in Nigeria, it performs trading business under the name of Royal coast Technologies Limited. With the use of technology, they have been able to project the online space with their method of fast delivery.

They also offer products that fall under different categories such as fashion, electronics, household appliances and so many other more.


 Ajebomarket is an online store that has carved a niche for itself in providing men’s fashion online. It provides quality online men’s fashion wear of top quality to its various customers. They have different categories where their products fall under and they are as follows Men’s shoes, Clothing, Watches, and Accessories.



 Obiwezzy is an online store that focuses on providing gadgets to its customers online. It is Nigeria top online gadget stores where you can get top quality gadget at a cheap price online and all its product comes with a Warranty.

Their range of products falls under Phones, IT gadgets, PC and Accessories e.t.c.

 Jiji is an online store but operates differently from every other e-commerce stores. Jiji operates as a classified free online classified site that provides a platform for both sellers and buyers to meet and transact business.

Different items are listed in different categories on Jiji and they can be found easily with little effort.

Basmall is one of the fastest growing online stores we have presented in this country, Basmall provides both retail and wholesale shopping to its customers to purchase a various range of products from their stores.

Their product categories fall under Electronics, Mobile Phone, Radio Communication, Security and safety equipment.


 Printivo is an online market place that provides service in the area of printing and graphics, their service is different from other e-commerce stores that provide physical products to its customers.

Printivo helps Nigeria marketing and business materials, and also web designers to provide free template and design for their various jobs. With printivo you get beautiful designs for your products.


Mall4shoppers is one of the fastest-growing e-commerce online stores in Nigeria, their mode of operation is different from other e-commerce stores online. Mall4shoppers serve as a link between the customers (buyers ) and the supplier(sellers)

Mall4shoppers help customers to buy goods from international stores in the US and UK on behalf of the customers and help them to also ship it to their doorsteps.

Customers can also buy themselves and contact mall4shoppers to ship in for them.


 Pointek is one of the fastest moving online stores we have in this country, it is a leading wholesale and retail store that major in providing consumer goods in the area of Electronics, Phones and Phones accessories.

They are in partnership with various brands such as Samsung, iPhone, Nokia, Sony, Infinix and so many others.

We hope you find this insightful and informative about the top 10 E-commerce stores we have in this country Nigeria.

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