Top Fashion Schools in Nigeria, Lagos and Abuja


Fashion, is one of the many trends that has come, and still advancing. Since man discovered a need for bodily protection and beautification, fashion has become an important concept to him.

Over the years, the need to pass on skills to the next generation has become of huge importance. As we all know, “knowledge not passed down is bound to be lost”. For this sole reason, the creation of fashion schools where people could be taught the in and out of cloth making, the requirements of a cloth maker, values to be adopted by cloth makers and lots more.

In this article we are listing 10 fashion schools in Lagos, and Abuja (5 each) that its experts has been able to combine current conventional practices with individual creativity, and over the years, passed this knowledge to past apprentices that are currently doing well on their own. If you want to enroll yourself or someone else into a tested and trusted fashion school in Lagos or Abuja, this article is what you need to read.

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Top 5 Fashion Schools in Lagos

  • Zaris Fashion Style Academy

This is one fashion school that has passed the test of time; they’ve been among the leading fashion schools in Nigeria for over 8 years, and has won many awards in the fashion industry, including the prestigious the West Africa Fashion Academy Award in 2015. They currently offer 5 different fashion courses, you can visit their website to learn more, and enrol.

  • House of Henri Fashion & Art Academy

Apart from having 6 courses dedicated to teaching fashion, the House of Henri, sets up each course in to different learning programs/patterns, that way you can learn any fashion course without completely neglecting other important daily activities. Just select a program that suits your lifestyle category, apply for a course, and an easy to follow timetable will be presented. For more information on courses, and registration plan, visit the website

  • MartWayne Fashion School

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The story behind MartWayne founded by Tope Williams Adewumi is indeed very intriguing. After getting through numerous disappointments from her designer, she found a lasting solution in doing it herself. This prompted her to abandon her accounting career, and dive into the fashion world; she trained in South Africa, and came back to Nigeria to establish her fashion business. Notable for proving fashion can be a viable business, MartWayne is the best place to learn if you wish to make your career as business oriented as possible. Visit for more info, and enrolling.

  • Zapron Fashion Academy

Zapron fashion is a household name in the Nigerian fashion scene, and one of the best fashion schools based in Lagos. Courses are well organised, and very detailed, it doesn’t matter if you have zero experience in fashion, and design, the courses they offer is very simple to follow, and comprehensive. Zapron fashion also conducts business classes for all its students, as it relates with the fashion world for more, and enrolment visit


  • GMYT Fashion Academy

Unlike most fashion academy in Lagos, the GMYT fashion academy deals in everything fashion and art related. From all types of cloth wears, to shoes, to beading and jewellery designs, leather crafting, etc. If it’s related to the fashion world, they have a course on it. Aside the abundance of fashion courses you can learn, they also offer business classes to help students efficiently monetize their fashion skills. You can check them out by visiting

Top 5 Fashion Schools in Lagos

  • Legsapparel

When it comes to listing the big names in fashion in Nigeria, it’s hard not to include Legsapparel. Fashion courses are well organised, and divided into groups from basic to specialised programs. You can select a program, and enrol by visiting their website on They also have branches in Lagos, and Port Harcourt, if you have a relative that wants to learn fashion design in these states.

  • The Fashion Academy

The key quality that makes this fashion institution stand out is the presence of over 20 professional fashion tutors – this gives a guarantee of learning from the best in the fashion world. Courses are also well organised, from beginner level to advanced programs. If you intend on learning from the best hands in Abuja, the fashion academy is the right choice. You can make more enquires on

  • Ella Bernard Fashion Design School

This is a very nice fashion school to attend especially if you’re living, or is close to Garki Area. They are also involved in sewing of clothes, and other tailoring activities, making students get credible on-field experience while learning. For more enquiries, and registration, you can call their office on 08091006867.

  • Hudayya Fashion House

The Hudayya Fashion house, or Hudayya Couture certainly warrants a mention when talking about top fashion schools in Abuja. They’ve earned their place as one of the fashion heavyweights, with a career spanning over a decade. If you need the best hands with seasoned experience to guide you into the fashion world, taking a fashion course at Hudayya’s fashion house is the best decision you can ever make. You can get in touch with them on 09098999994.

  • Kathy Anthony Fashion Academy

When choosing the best fashion school to learn from, it’s important to leverage on level of experience, and past results; Kathy Anthony has these qualities. Present for almost a decade now, her works has been worn by the best models, and won multiple awards. For more info, and enrolment, call on 0814456417.


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