Top Mobile Payment Apps in Nigeria (2021)


The world is fast evolving into a global community and everything is gradually going digital. Nigeria is not exempted from this as many of our sectors are also gradually revolutionizing, and teams as well as individuals, are coming up with different methods on how to make our day-to-day activities more seamless.

The financial sector has also followed suite and gone are the days when the physical banking system, was the only reliable platform to carry out financial transactions. While some mobile payment platforms have equally proven to be not only secure, but also a convenient and most importantly, fast system of transacting money

Below are the top five mobile apps that you can rely on to carry out online payment transactions in Nigeria.

  • Paga

Paga is an online payment platform – compatible with both Android, and iOS devices. Users can carry out simple everyday transactions like tariff payments, and cash transfers seamlessly. The Paga online payment platform graced us in the year 2011, and has long upheld the reputation of not only letting its users carry out the aforementioned financial activities, but also rendering some basic banking services like deposit accounts (completely online) – where its users can save money.

  • Kudi

As the name – which is more commonly used amongst the Hausas, connotes, Kudi is an online payment platform that was founded in mid-2016. At its launch, Kudi was primarily a chat-bot that carried out simple financial requests such as sending money and paying bills, but it has evolved overtime to a technology-driven financial company that provides services not just to Nigerians, but to Africans at large.

The Kudi mobile app avails you the platform to send money to love ones, and make utility payments such as cable subscriptions and electricity bills. Although, the mobile app is only available for android users for now, much efforts is being made to get an iOS version.

  • KongaPay

KongaPay was created by one of the Nigerian e-commerce heavy weights, it was primarily for getting cut deals for digital products. Now, KongaPay is even better, as you can not only buy digital goods at discount prices, but also carry out other basic financial transactions such as making transfers and cable subscription payments.

What makes the KongaPay platform even more appealing, is the incredibly seamless registration. All you’ve got to do is sign up on the website:, and begin your experience of stress-free online banking transactions.

  • Quickteller

Probably the oldest online payment method known in Nigeria, Quickteller should be number one on my list, but whatever, I make the rules. The online payment service provider can do pretty much anything that can be done online – when it comes to bank transactions of course. The wide-usage of the Quickteller app is due to straight forward procedures that are very easy to understand. You just need your banking card details, and the system literarily guides you every step of the way.

  • OPay

OPay – quite similar to KongaPay, was also launched by one of the popular online platforms. It is a product of the Opera Group and provides a mobile payment platform for sending/receiving money, paying bills and even making transportation reservations. The OPay platform also avails its users the opportunity to order food and groceries online, after which they can also make payments for them using the same platform.

This has definitely given it an edge over most of the other payment platforms. You can also transfer money from your OPay mobile wallet to your contacts and regular bank accounts.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

The OPay staff is also comprised of a passionate team of professionals who provide excellent customer service on a sophisticated mobile interface, with tons of efficient financial services to choose from.



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