Top Restaurants and Eateries in Lagos


You would agree that Lagos – being the most populous city in Nigeria, could be quite a difficult place to get by, amidst all the hustling and bustling. However, it still remains the entertainment heartbeat of Nigeria and maintains its rich culture. The culinary sector gets a fair slice of that cake as one can enjoy an array of both local and foreign dishes, including spectacular street food, fine contemporary dining and a host of other delicacies.
Here are the Top Restaurants and Eateries in Lagos that you would definitely want to spend some of those extra pennies on.

Seven Eagles Spur

The Seven Eagles Spur is a South African family restaurant that renders excellent service through professionally trained waiters and chefs, who provide first class meals that anyone would love to relish. Though Spur outlets are predominantly known as steak houses, they also serve a variety of dishes that are family-friendly. It has a cosy ambience with its interior laid out in booths and round tables of four or more.

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Spur outlets aren’t very popular in Lagos, but its outlet at the Ikeja City Mall definitely makes up for this lack, as they serve the best, sizeable cups of delightful milkshakes that come in several flavours such as strawberry, banana, chocolate and kiwi. Spur’s signature beef burger is also served alongside fries or salad – depending on your preference, and its coupling with a glass of any of their rich milkshakes is a combo you wouldn’t trade for anything in the world.

The staff are pleasant and its meals costing wouldn’t drill holes in your pocket. You can also enjoy features such as reservations, takeout and even buffet services! The Seven Eagles Spur is definitely a must-go.

Ocean Basket

Did I hear someone mention seafood?

As the name of the Restaurant connotes, Ocean Basket is home to the best seafood dishes you would find in Lagos. Seafood is generally known to be quite costly, so it is therefore not surprising that the Ocean Basket is one of the most pricy places to eat on the Lagos mainland. However, its rich array of seafood platters which include prawns, fish, calamari, calamari steak strips, and mussels would leave you craving for more.

It also has an aesthetically pleasing space with several curative features such as pastel furniture, white chalk boards with hard written food notes, enchanting chandeliers hanging from the ceilings and the rooftop dining area. This captivating experience definitely makes every penny spent worthwhile, and a standard seafood platter would be ideal for a party of five or more. If you however decide to come alone or with a fewer company, you don’t need to bother about stuffing your faces up as smaller sizes are also available.

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Kaldi House

The Kaldi House was first launched by an East African couple solely for roasting coffee, but it has expanded over the years into a casual restaurant. If you love to try out foreign food then this is definitely for you, as the Kaldi House brings the best of East African cuisines here to the West. You can get a host of East African cuisines such as the famous “injera” – a spongy flat bread, served alongside vegetable sauces and stews, then eventually top it off with their signature stellar Ethiopian coffee.

Asides coming to have a belly-fill, you can also learn one or two things about the coffee-making process, as the East African couple would be more than delighted to give a tour of the coffee roasters.

Bukka Hut

Now moving to our tasty indigenous dishes, the Bukka Hut – though not a street food vendor as the name implies, serves our very own Nigerian meals with unique flavours which makes them absolutely irresistible! Their infamous Ofada rice is definitely the best pick and it is served alongside its rich Ofada sauce that is prepared using fermented locust beans, popularly known as “iru”, assorted meat, smoked fish, palm oil, Bell peppers and Scotch bonnet peppers.
Now that certainly did leave your mouth watery, didn’t it?

University of Suya

Not craving proper meals but just something spicy to snack on?

You definitely can’t go wrong with the University of Suya as they offer barbeque chicken or beef, grilled over an open fire from the early hours of the evenings to late at night. The barbeque chicken or beef is tastefully seasoned with a Northern spice mixture popularly called “yaji”, alongside lots of onions, cabbage and other vegetables. The Suya is best washed down with a chilled drink or perhaps yoghurt, to temper the peppery spice on your taste buds.


We are what we eat, so never hesitate to take care of your stomach – I don’t joke with mine. Yes I know that there are a lot other popular kitchens not featured in this post, I only just listed the ones I’ve tried personally, and obviously was satisfied with.


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