Top Vacation Spots in Nigeria


Everybody loves vacation, the only blemish – we can’t have it throughout the year (unless you’ve won a lottery or something). However it may be, when going on vacations, picking the best spots is really important – and that’s what this article is all about.

The choice of vacation spots or resorts can make a world of difference as regards your holiday experience – whether good or bad.

In this article we’ve compiled a list of five best vacation spots and resorts in Nigeria. Obviously there are other nice vacation spots in Nigeria than listed in this article, these are just a few that stick-out or appeared because of notable customer recommendations. If you’ve used other resorts, and the experience was equally pleasant, you can let us know in the comment section below.

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Top 5 Vacation Spots in Nigeria

We’ve made picks from different states in Nigeria, in case you’re planning a tour, it’ll be a convenient list to start with.

  • Obudu Mountain Resort (Obudu Cattle Ranch)

If ever there was a perfect vacation spot that’s got everything in Nigeria, it’s the Obudu Mountain Resort located in Cross River State. From having the longest cable ride in Nigeria, to the canopy walk, to a water park down the hill, horseback riding, the bonfires during festivals, and the fresh mountain air – the list is endless really.

If you’re ever looking for where to get away from the city noise, and go somewhere cool and calm, this should be the first place on your list. They have a fitness centre, and a tennis court, so if you’re a fitness enthusiast don’t worry about spending a week or two here –you won’t go out of shape lol. They also have a business centre with internet access, so if you every need to do some stuff online while on vacation, you don’t really have to go through much hassle.

  • Whispering Palms Resort

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This is one of the oldest resorts in Nigeria – among the firsts really. If you ever think of connecting with Nigerian history, this is the place you should look at. The close proximity to the Badagry slave route will make it a selling point for you if you’re into if you are a fan of history.

They have games for children, and allow pets too – everybody is welcome. There’s also the beach, pool, and spa, you don’t have to search much for relaxation spots. This is the best place in Lagos to go if you’re hopping to escape from the all the stress of the city.

  • Yankari Games Reserve and Resort 

This is a great spot for vacation especially if you have kids. The wide life park, Marshall Caves, and gorge is just the beginning of it really. The temperature of the warm spring is naturally regulated, it doesn’t matter the weather it’s always safe to go there.

Customer service (according to reviews) is wonderful and there are different suites to choose from (all are budget friendly too). If you are looking for a nice cosy place to go for vacation with family, the Yankari Games Reserve and Resort in Bauchi State is a place worthy to look at.

  • Zenababs Half Moon Resort

Though often rated as a 4 star hotel resort by most hotel review sites, the reviews from actual customers are much higher – they actually went there. The serene environment located in Osun state is a really nice choice for a vacation getaway.

Quality of food, and staff service won’t leave you disappointed at all. There’s a well-functioning fitness and gymnastics centre, as well as other facilities for recreational activities like tennis, volleyball, basketball, etc. Other notable ad-ons are the excellent internet service, working intercom, and TV sets in each room. There’s also a playground for kids – it’s not an all-adult affair there, kids are welcome too.

  • Ibom Hotel and Golf Resort

There’s a lot to be said about the “Pride of Uyo”. Let’s start with the serenity of the environment which comes as a result of the hotel being surrounded by a massive 174 acres of land with palm, and forest vegetation.

Moving on to the quality of customer service, you hardly can write a bad review about them – they are always spot on. If you are a golf player or enthusiast, the 18-hole world-class golf course can easily become common place for you. All round, I’d say considering the type of facilities they have to offer, this would be a great place for a honeymoon.


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