Top 10 websites to read business news in Nigeria


There’s always a lot of news on the internet it might be relating to celebrities, lifestyle, fashion, sports, or any other kind of news but there are people who are passionate about business and love getting updates from them. The internet has made an easy to reach platform for all people most especially Nigerians to get what they seek easily.

There are some of these blogs that have an already established presence online where you can easily gain information. and there are several Media houses in Nigeria that report businesses and news on a daily basis. It is also very important that you embrace the internet to gain access to this information.

Blogging and ownership of the website have taken a boom recently especially in Nigeria as what people are now getting conversant with the internet. There has been a major shift in the transition from newspaper to websites and blogs can I search people have to adapt in order not to be left out in the latest trend.

The world has become a digital marketplace and in order to get information relating to entertainment sports or business you have to go online to find them.
even though most people in Nigeria love reading entertainment blogs because of the audience which consists mostly of young people.

However, there are still people in Nigeria who loves focusing more on businesses and finance than entertainment. Educative websites still gain massive followership and large audience due to the interest of the readers.

Business blogs in Nigeria have you come highly sought after because people want to gain information on the things happening currently in the business landscape. While some people interested in news about the newest startups in the country, some others are more interested in financial statistics.

There is a new startup that comes into the economy and disrupts the whole market that they are focused in and people would want to know more about them, this kind of information is always available on a business news website.

Top 10 business websites in Nigeria

Some people also go to business news websites to get information regarding the latest government policies that might affect businesses positively or negatively. Business news website always throws more light on what is currently happening in the business world.

Here are the top 10 business websites in Nigeria:

Guardian newspaper

This is one of the biggest Nigerian daily newspaper that has the slogan of conscience, nurtured by the truth.
This guidance newspaper gives a report of day-to-day information in Nigeria with several other categories like politics, magazines, and most especially businesses.

Nigerian guardian newspaper has a high reputation and has become very trusted regarding business reports. Why you can easily get a newspaper copy of it is also available online in form of a website. any activities that are relating to business in Nigeria can be found on this website on a daily basis and are known to be one of the most respected newspapers in Nigeria because of their worthiness.

This is a business blog and website that helps make information regarding the financial aspect of businesses to reach the readers. This website gives information that regards premium invoicing services two business owners in Nigeria. This business website has a blog section that contains a topic that covers entrepreneurship freelancing, customer relationships, and small business management.

SME digest

This is a business website that has a user-friendly experience for the users. There are topics that are being covered on the platform that involves insurance entrepreneurship and business startups. Is a business website is a serious one that is always regularly updated with posts and pictures.

Ventures Africa

This is a business website whose editor-in-chief is one of Nigeria’s most prominent business blog on is known as Uzodinma Iweala. This website handles business news topics like innovation and the newest policies.
This business website is being owned by the son of Ngozi Okonjo Iweala (Nigeria’s former finance minister).


This website provides a lot of useful tips and helpful services that are related to enabling a business freelancer. is a business website that focuses on the techniques and tools that are needed to grow a business.


This is one of the top Nigerian newspapers that are published on a daily basis and available online. This website also has a business section that is currently updated regularly. The company is based in Abuja Nigeria.

This is a business blog that has high-quality content in terms of businesses and it doesn’t just stop in Nigerian scope it goes beyond spreading its tentacles to African business empires.

SMEbiz info

This business website is a dream come true for a lot of people in Nigeria that seek information that is related to small-scale businesses in Nigeria. The content helps in providing guide articles tips that can help entrepreneurs on a daily basis.

This is a business blog that exposes the readers to several topics that are based on how to start some businesses. This website also has different articles that are related to making use of social media to broaden your audience, recycling businesses, and fish farming.


This is one of the best to Nigeria business blogs for small and medium scale enterprises in Nigeria. this business news website contains the dos and don’ts of businesses, especially for the Nigerian ecosystem. This blog also goes an extra step to have a one-on-one conversation with the leading entrepreneurs in Nigeria.

There are still other business news websites that are devoted to keeping Nigerians updated especially in the field of business and they are websites like,, and 

While some of them are built-in forms of websites some are basically business blogs but what they have in common is keeping the readers updated on business information and news that come out regularly. So you are looking for the latest news on private grants, government policies, and news, just know you can easily find them on the websites listed above.


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