Top 10 Amazing tourist locations in Nigeria


Tourism can occur either for business or for pleasure. It only happens when a country like Nigeria has amazing tourist attractions.

Miss tourism is very crucial to a country’s economy because it helps in developing commercial activity and it creates more demand for others.

Tourist attractions don’t stop at the generation of wealth it also creates jobs and plays a vital role in the country’s development.

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Vacations and tourism I want people to enjoy doing in civilized societies only. Reason being that it colors our life but really what is life without fun?

Also in a very serious country but a struggling economy like ours it is very crucial that we have some sightseeing spots we visit in the country.

The thing is where would you love to go to because Nigeria is very much blessed with different tourist attractions.

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Top 10 Amazing tourist locations in Nigeria

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These different sources of tourist attractions in the country in our meant to be a huge source of income generation but because we don’t really understand the capacity of what we have we are not able to manage our resources well that is why foreigners will be able to tell in Nigerian about a tourist attraction in its own country and he has never been there before.

Now I’ve made up a list of the best tourist spot that you wouldn’t want to fail to visit.

1. Olumo rock

Just one visit to this rock and you’re ready glued it will leave you wondering about the aesthetics of nature and how wonderful God is.

Olumo rock is situated in Abeokuta town of Ogun state. ‘Abeokuta’ which connotes ‘under the rock’. The entire town already has a fair share of rocks heels clips and mountains and this particular Rock being the most thrilling of them all.

2. Obudu mountain resort

Want to behold a worthy site? Then Obudu mountain resort is the place to be.
The right time to visit this mountain you will fall in love and you will need to come back again and again.

This is not just a mountain resort it has a variety of beautiful landscape view using cable cars has cool temperature it has canopy walkway and waterfalls.

3. Yankari national park

One of the best tourist destinations in Nigeria is this Park. The current insecurity state in the northern part of the country shouldn’t even deter you from visiting.
This is because this place is a rare game park.

Several endangered species of wild animal which cannot be found anywhere else in Africa and still existing in this Park. you’ll be shocked at the varieties of animals in this Park. This animal is presently under control they are being taken care of so you have nothing to worry about.


4. Waterfall Arochukwu

This place is located in an ancient town you probably won’t think of it while looking for an attraction that’s why most people miss it.
Missing out this tourist attraction will be very regrettable.

Especially for people that cherish nature, customs and traditions. Things that will spice up your visit there are beautiful natural wonders, several structures for cultural heritage, waterfalls and caves.

5. Idanre hills

This particular attraction consists of unique valleys that have isolated hills and mountains of over 3,000ft above sea level.

Let her traction is richly blessed with ecosystems of both flora and fauna. He has an interesting part which would attract you and that is the part of unreadable letters which is believed to be mysterious handwriting on The Rock and it cannot be deciphered by anyone.

Also before I forget there is Arun river that is believed to have a natural healing power to cure all manner of diseases.

6. Chad Basin National park

Just as I have emphasized insecurity and not shouldn’t be an excuse for you to miss visiting this place. it is regarded as the heaven of various pieces of the pale artic.

Thousands of tourist foreign ones come over to Nigeria just to see the rare species that this place keeps.

7. Old Oyo national park

If you have a passion for archaeology and ancient things then this is the place to be. This is where culture blended with history in a very attractive manner.

This park is home to 10 savannah mosaic woodland and high forest which is the characteristics of the amazing ecosystem it has. It is also the best place for adventure sightseeing and offers a relaxation spot people say it is the best place for bird watching.

8. Nok village.

This is located in Kaduna state NOK culture and art is very prominent in the whole world and it originates from this village this is a home to extra-ordinary artworks such as sculpture paintings figurines and Stoneworks. It is really beautiful and stunning and makes you wonder how things like if were made to be.

9. Osun Sacred Grove

People regard this Grove as the ancestral origin of Yoruba cultural traditions. This dense Forest that houses the sacred Grove has been said to be the last remnants of ancient high forest in Nigeria.

10. Ikoogosi warm spring resort

Ikoogosi warm spring resort is a very popular place located in Ekiti state. This place is a natural wonder. just imagine the combination of cool and warm water making it very sparkling.
how awesome do you think it would be?

When you’re in the water but chilling and want to get warm there are parts that are warm and soothing.
This place is surrounded by the beauty of nature in the form of hills.

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