22 Things to Take to NYSC Camps


Do you have plans of going to NYSC camp or have you already received your call up letter, and you need a guide to help you on your journey? The worst thing that can happen to anyone is to forget to take an important item with you.

It would even be worse for a corps member to arrive at camp only to discover he/she left something behind that could hinder one’s registration. So before you get too excited, read through this article so you will be able to know what you need to take with you to camp that will make things easier for you. The following items are necessary to make your three weeks in orientation camp stress-free and easy.

There are two sets of lists you need to make, the compulsory lists which you won’t be able to do without and the essential lists which you could probably be able to do without, but they are necessary all the same. The items in the compulsory lists are as follows;

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Things to Backpack for your NYSC Camp

When getting to orientation camp, you will be given your NYSC uniforms which you are expected to wear for the period of your stay in camp. Before these clothes are handed to you, you will need to have done your registration, and for that, you will need;

NYSC call up letter

it is just like the acceptance letter you receive when entering the university. It is an essential item on the lists because without this letter you can’t be cleared and no clearance means no camp. Your letter is a startling fact that you’re a student and not an impersonator. It should not be laminated, and photocopies should be made.

Final year school identity card

What’s the function of an id? For easy clarification. This document proofs that you are a graduate from the institution stated on your certificates. It would be best if you also had photocopies of it.

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Statements of results or certificates

You will need the original and six extra photocopies. The original statement is to clarify that you were a student of the institution.

Passports photographs

You need to have as many as possible all of them recent and taking with a white background. This is because for every registration you do in camp you will need a passport.

Medical certificates of fitness

They don’t want people dying on their neck, so you need to take a doctor’s report with you to certify that you are physically healthy and fit. Remember is a camp you are going to expect a lot of strenuous activities so.

Other than these compulsory items, you will still need a few other things. These other things you will need to make up the essential lists is essential because nobody will fault you for not bring them, but it’s advisable to come with them. They include:

File jackets

I think this should have been a compulsory item. It is of utmost importance you come with more than one as you will need a place to store your files.


You weren’t thinking of going to camp without writing materials where you? The orientation camp is not just about the fun you will also need to take down notes once in a while.

Round neck T-shirts

They should be white, and they are the only clothes allowed to be worn on campgrounds. Though you will be given two white t-shirts in your kit, they probably won’t be of the best quality, and you don’t expect them to last the entire three weeks in the camp, do you? It would help if you also came with white shorts, socks and sneakers.



You are allowed to pack whatever colour you want, no one going to check under your dress. Pack as many as possible, because you can never tell what might happen.


These include sanitary pads, tissue papers, soaps, slippers, etc.


They will only give you white shorts and shirts but not towels.


You never know when it will come in handy. Treated mosquito nets: it depends on where your camp is located. But it’s advisable to always come with one.


They are essential. It would help to reduce the risks of getting infections from the bathroom.

Hand sanitizers

Given the fact that we touch and make contact with other people and surfaces, we tend to contact germs. Hence the importance of a hand sanitizer.


Except you plan on being stranded on camp, it should be the first thing you pack. You should always have enough money on you as you never know when you will need to spend it.

Phone chargers and power bank: It’s essential you keep your phone battery full at all times and having your phone charger with you is the only way to achieve that.

Waist pouch/purse

it is handy. You can easily store your money and phone there while you do other things, without fear of losing the money or the phone.


These are meant to supplement the food gotten in camp. They include kinds of stuff like cereals, beverages, drinks etc.


These include items such as bedsheets, pillowcases, wrapper/blankets, and so on.

Flashlights/Electric lamps: You must bring a flashlight with you when coming for ease of movement in night.

Holy book

This should be the first thing you pack if you are a true believer—either the Bible, the Quran, or another holy book of choice.

There are other things that you can bring with you to the camp; these are just the basic things you will need to make your stay more comfortable.


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