UK Visa Application in Nigeria 2021: Requirments & application process


Visa application to some people can be easy to do while to some people find it hard to do the application on their one, they will rather contract it to a third party called the agent who will help them fill and fill their application online for a fee.

At times a third party agent Might be lucky to file for you and you will be successful and be given a visa and times the visa would be denied

The write up will walk you through all you need to know about applying for a valid UK visa all the steps you need to take for the application.

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Types of UK Visa

UK visa comes in various forms, we have the immigrant visa for those who plan to stay for a longer period in the united kingdom, for you to grant this kind of visa you have to give them a reasonable reason why you should be granted, Another time of visa given is the tourist visa, this classification of visa is for a short term and the last type of visa that could be given is the student visa.

For you to apply for UK Visa application in Nigeria you need to meet some requirements, some of the requirements needed are listed as follow:

1.      You will need a valid passport issued by the Nigerian immigration service.

2.      You will log on to the site and fill the visa application form and subsequently submit online

3.      You will need a passport photograph with white background, it must have a resolution and size of 45mmx35mm wide

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4.      Payment of the Visa fee at the designated bank and generate the required pin

5.      Letter of intent or invite to be in the UK

6.      A copy of the data page of the passport, photocopy of the data page( 1 data page)

7.      A letter of invitation to be in the UK, it can be a letter of invitation by a relative, a letter of admission to signify you want to study in the UK.

8.      A bank statement showing your proof of funds and the statement must be current 6 months within the application period.

9.      If you are travelling alone a copy of your birth certificate for adult 18 and above if it’s a minor a copy of the childbirth certificate to include the parent’s birth certificate.

10.  If you want to meet up with your spouse, a certificate of marriage from the federal court must be presented

11.  If you are travelling for the purpose of the conference, seminars you must present the letter of invitation for you to apply for the Visa.


12.  A copy of your recent Utility bill must be 3 months currents to the date of application

13.  Details of your bookings must include your flight details

14.  Marriage certificate

15.  Health certificate to show your health status that you are fit to travel

How to Apply for UK Visa in Nigeria

1.      You can apply for a UK Visa via Teleperformance, The Teleperformance centres are located in Abuja and Lagos, they are in partnership with the UK government, they help in handling visa issues on behalf of the UK government

2.      You can also visit the United Kingdom immigration website to make inquiries about visa application, the document you will submit, class of visa you want to apply for and the cost of visa you are applying for.

3.      After you have visited the official website and you have gone through the requirement, you can now go ahead to fill your application form online.

4.      After you have filled the application form, a pin will be generated for you, the pin is called GWF number, once you generate the pin make sure you keep it somewhere safe because you will make a reference to it later while filling your application form online.

5.      You will receive an email after submission and confirmation, after submission of you will get your visa application date and application centre and location for your invitation

6.      After you have gotten your location, you will be given documents to be presented at the interview date

7.      After all this, you will get the application centers for your interview.

8.      Once you have booked your application on the Teleperformance website, you will be required to submit your documents, but failure to register on the website may deny you your application.

9.      On the date of your application at the united kingdom embassy, you are to go with the following documents on the date of the interview. See the documents below:

  • A copy of the online application printed out and to be taken to the interview venue
  • A copy of the print out confirming the appointment date
  • You go along with your international passport
  • Other documents as stated in the application must be brought along with you on the interview date.

Normally all things being equal, the application the process takes about 2-4 working days.

We hope you find this write up interesting and you find it easy applying for your UK Visa when next you intend to apply.

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