How To Do Union Bank Cardless Withdrawal


Union Bank is one of the innovative bank in Nigeria. It has a strong Network and good customer care service.

Besides using your ATM card to withdraw money. You can still do that without ATM. This is called a cardless. How to do Union bank Cardless withdrawal.

Withdraw Money From Union Bank ATM Machine Without ATM Card

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  1. Dial *826# on your registered phone. That’s the phone that you gave to bank that you use to receive alert,
  2. Follow the prompt message and generate a Paycode Pin.
  3. Visit any Union bank ATM machine.
  4. Press enter
  5. Select cardless withdrawal option.
  6.  Enter the code sent to your phone, then wait.
  7. Your cash will be given to you.

Union Bank Cardless Withdrawal Using App

And this is the steps that you can use App to so it.

  1. Download the union Bank Mobile app on your phone,
  2. Install the app and register.
  3. Through the app generate a unique transaction code
  4. Go to a nearest union bank ATM machine and press enter.
  5. Select cardless withdrawal option.
  6. Enter the unique transaction code pin and your mobile number.
  7. Then wait for your cash to be dispensed.


And now even if you are a new or old customer of Union bank. I will still show you how to do Union bank cardless withdrawals.

How To Perform Cardless Withdrawal For Union Bank

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Now for new customer,

  • Download the Union Bank Mobile app
  • Enter your account number.
  • Use the one time password-OTP sent to your phone number.
  • Enter a new pin, preferably a pin you can memorize and remeber.
  • Enter username and password
  • submit it.
  • Then return to the homepage and enter login details to confirm registration.

And for existing customers of union bank.

  • Enter your username and password.
  • Select a new. pin
  • enter a new transaction pin
  • Confirm pin
  • Click continue and after pin is confirmed click OK and return to home page.
  • Then login to Union Bank mobile app
  • Enter the name of the person you wish to send money to. And the beneficiary name and phone. Bank will acknowledge by sending a code to your phone.
  • Send the code to the beneficiary.
  • Once the beneficiary receives the code. He or she will go to union bank ATM machine,
  • Click the enter button.
  • Select cardless withdrawal option,
  • Input the code and the phone number.
  • Once the transaction is confirmed, the cash amount will be dispensed.

And the above are the steps one will take to carry out cardless withdrawal on Union bank ATM machine.

How to make Access Bank Cardless Withdrawal


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