Top 10 Places for Vacation in Nigeria in 2022


Vacation is one of the most beautiful experience for a family, it helps you get together and relieve long term stress. We can also refer vacation to as a long time away from work having flock together with partners or individuals.

It is ideal that children visiting a new environment learned a lot and get amazed along with their parents during their visitation to a nice environment. It is advised to spend the vacation with your family in nice places.

Top 10 Places for Vacation in Nigeria

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Vacation helps a lot of people detect their real self and improve in there career performance. There is a saying that says “hard work without play makes Jack a dull boy” after a long term in office or perhaps distance away from your family or your home, it is a good idea to have a nice time better still a vacation after this periods.

1. Obudu Cattle Ranch, in Calabar

Obudu Cattle Ranch is a very nice place. It has a golf course, night-time bonfires and a horseback riding. It’s nice to feature like a water park and a very nice swimming pool.

The hotel suite are modern and full of comfort. This is one of the best places to enjoy any of the Nigerian meals.

2. Yankari Games Reserve

This one of the wildest Animal logged in the country. Children are excited about coming here. Glancing through wild animals here will amaze you.

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The reserve has the likes of elephants, hippos, baboons and more than 50 species of wildlife including fishes and birds.

3. Okomu National Park, Edo State

This place is referred to as the rain forest and a favourite Center for family panic. This park has a forest with elephants and other 33 species wildlife including varieties of birds.

The accommodation available here is quite Amazing with Suitable air-conditioned.

4. Tinapa Business Resort


This Amazing business resort is situated near Calabar Free Trade Zone.

This is a nice place for a family vacation, because it helps the children’s arcade, with its eight-screen cinema, and it’s modern restaurants. It is a great place for a family vacation.

5. Ikogosi Warm Spring Resort

Nigeria is blessed with natural endowments and Ikogosi is one. This place is referred to as the natural warm water spring flow that has the Coldwater side by side.

The warm and cold water meeting point is quite Amazing.

6. Idanre Hills

This hill is present in Idanre in Ondo States, this mountain requires a lot of energy to climb it.

It requires over 650 steps to get to the top of this Amazing hills along with with side five resting places.

7. Ikeja Shopping Mall

This is one of the top attractive Malls in Nigeria. This mall is basically for shopping and entertainment.

8. Owu Water Falls

This beautiful natural waterfall is located at Owu Isin Local Government, Kwara State. The waterfall drops from 330 feet through its Rocky landscape that forms an ice water pool.

9. The Palms Shopping Mall

This is a perfect place for tourism. Good for those that want a nice place with their family.

10. Lekki Leisure Lake

Lekki leisure lake is situated in the Island arear of Lagos. A visit here will make you have in enough fun.


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